Sunday, May 07, 2006

Couple of rushed days revisited......

ok, well its been a couple of days since i struggled to set up a blog account. I guess the hard thing now is updating it regularly.
Well Friday was a busy, pain in the butt kind of day. My sister's car was run up the rear end by some young kid on a mobile phone, silly boy actually said he was on the phone when he got out. To make matters worse, neither of them have insurance......(shaking head)....... why are some young kids just soooo stupid, mind you my sister is not that young - she's 25 - she really should know better. So she asked me if i could take her car round the auto repairers on friday to get some quotes for her as she couldn't miss work. Do you know what a hassle it is to have two young kids (nick and rylan) in a car driving round to various places?..... boy does she owe me.
On the up side, my mother did offer to watch the kids for a few hours friday night so that steven and I could go out on our own - we went out for tea and then got bored so went and picked the kids back up...LOL how sad is that?
Also did a photo swap over the net with my friend Ali, so that we could have something to scrap that night. Well Ali got hers finished that night - man, i have never seen anyone scrap as fast as she does - and posted it to Embellished's gallery. WOW, did she do a fantastic job with Rylan's photo, here's a pic of her layout -

I think she did an absolutely fantastic job with it, it's so bright and fun, truly my style of scrapping. I must admitt i did struggle scrapping her picture of Luke, was trying to capture a little of 'Ali style', but i guess the only one who can do perfect 'Ali style' is Ali herself, LOL. I am happy with how it ended up looking though, and Luke is such a little cutie. Here's a pic of my layout -

I only just finished mine tonight, just not a quick scrapper i guess. I liked the nice and soft colours i used here, makes a great change from the brights i'm always using, just hope Ali likes it.

Had to work after lunch today - from 12.30 till 8.00 - and the whole time i was there i just wanted to get home, settle into my desk and just scrap. I like my job and the hours are perfect for me but lately have noticed a bit of an undercurrent there. Just seems like someone is always bitching about someone else, why do some ladies just never quite get out of highschool mode? I just don't get it i guess. Oh well, not working till tuesday night, hopefully am looking more forward to it by then.

At least i finished one layout in the last two days, looking forward to working on something tomorrow. Did find some great news while checking emails tonight. Have an email from a lady in Euchuca regarding my layouts. She would like me to come for an interview this Thursday about the possibility of a Design Team position. Sounds good, would only have to get over there about every 4-8 weeks, attend a crop session once a term and teach an occasional class - ok all sounds good except for the CLASS bit, would have no idea how. Not sure if i want to do this or not, but hopefully decide by thursday.

Well its REALLY late and i should be in bed, boy will i pay for it in the morning when the kids wake me early, oh well i might learn one day.......

till next time, take care and scrap heaps


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