Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Started out great

Well I must admit, the day started out great, think it just slid from there lol. Maddy had school and Nick had kinder, so was able to come home, put Rylan down for his morning nap and scrap. Finished the second layout I need for the meeting with Hobbysew on Thursday, they had asked me do a layout about myself and a heritage one as well, and to also bring over any others I had done and any OTP items.
Found the layout about myself to be challenging, its very unnerving to put myself in front of the camera instead of my safe place behind it. But once i started it kinda just came together, was quite happy with the end result. heres a pic

Photo's a little bit dark, but you get the point. Realise I'm really stuck on these journalling strips, I seem to use them all the time, really should learn a new trick.

The second layout - the heritage - came up looking ok as well, kept it very simple as not totally sure how a heritage is supposed to look. Here's another pic -

Really like the colours in this one - papers are Wild Asparagus, they have such a wide range and so many cute papers, don't use them heaps though as they cost a bit more than other papers.

So there was my morning, at 2pm I had to pick up Nick from kinder, was late as I couldn't find my car keys, Rylan put them in the bin - AGAIN. So got home and started another project, an altered frame, then down to pick up Maddy. Then..... DOWN HILL BIG TIME........ I cannot understand why children feel the need to annoy the crap out of each other, but Maddy and Nick seem to think its fun, even Rylan got in on the act for a while - walking around bugging the other two - really was kinda cute and funny in a way. Least it stopped the other two for a while LOL.Never have i been so happy to see Steven get home form work, kids always calm down when he's home - makes it look like I'm over exagerating about things.

Fast forward to after tea. Was in the lounge room and Steven calls out theres something wrong with Rylan - SO NOT A GREAT THING TO BE YELLING OUT AT TOP OF LUNGS - so go running down there and he says to watch Rylan - who's just standing there. So Steven walked off and called him. Rylan then starts to walk off and........falls down. So he get back up, takes a couple of steps and....down he goes again. So I kept an eye on him for about half an hour and still no change - falls down after a couple of steps. He's not in pain or anything, no crying - just falling. So off we go to the hospital and end up waiting for about an hour and a half in the waiting room. During this time Rylan starts walking around slowly, doing ok just limping now and by time finally get into the doctor no limp at all. So frustrating, really did feel like a bit of an idiot, over - reacting idiot. But oh well, least I know that he's all ok and it's put my mind to rest.

Certainly a bit of a mixture day, I had everything thrown in - Calm,peaceful - then noisy,cranky to frantic/panic then finally... back to calm and quiet (kids in bed for this stage LOL)

Well its late, I need to get some sleep. Take care and chill out,


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