Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Keepin Busy.....

Well has been a busy week for us here. We had a friends birthday party to go to on Saturday night. Was a costume party - kids were easy as they have some dress up stuff already. I finally decided on a costume - Charlie Chaplin, not very out there but it came together well. Was funny lookin by the time i did these big eyeliner eyebrows and actually a bit scary with how guyish i looked LOL. Managed to get someone to take a pic of the three of us together, not easy when kiddo's are running around like maniacs lol. But it was a great night, heaps of people and heaps of the funniest costumes as well. Clown was a hit with the kiddo's, actually i don't think the poor guy got a minutes rest from them all night - well until the kids crashed for the night anyway.

Nick also had an kinder friends birthday party to go to last thursday, it was his first 'school friend' party he had been to so he was heaps excited. They had it at the local hungry jacks, which is brilliant i reckon - all contained in a small area and then someone else cleans it all up.......definetly will have to look into it for when the kiddo's have their birthdays coming up.
Then Sunday afternoon was a friends son's birthday over at Kidstown playground. This is one awesome playground......think is supposed to be biggest in Australia once finished. Kiddo's were buggered by the time we got home, which was good for me as they all crashed pretty early that night.
Maddy has a school friends birthday to go to tonight - she is sooooo excited by it and has given me specific instructions to buy the 'best ever ' birthday present.....hmmmmm.....will see what i can pick up later on for her, hopefully its pretty cool.
So yes has been lots of birthdays this week.Its kept us all busy and made the week go a whole lot quicker. Managed to get some layouts done at nights. Love this pic of Rylan, not sure what the look is about but is just soo looks like a 'busted' look lol. Was done for the new Orange challenge posted up at the Designing with Colour blog ( will add it to my blog links when i remember lol). Used the orange Heidi Swapp tape to frame the pic, seems to draw you straight to the pic.
Second layout was a quick one i did for Nick. Was looking through my gallery at Embellished and realised I hadn't done a layout for him in quite a while. Started out as a take on the round three Idol challenge - Minimalist theme - but kinda exploded lol, i like the result though - very Fun. Embellished Idol is still going strong, the ladies are just producing some stunning work and the round three layouts are just unbelievable, each and everyday I'm amazed at the standard of work uploaded to the gallery. WELL DONE LADIES - YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Last layout is another Scrapgenie one. Really likin this one, its the cutestpic of Rylan and Chevy (friends dog). He soooo fascinated by dogs at the moment and just chases after them whenever he see's one callin out 'DO DO' - sorry not sure how to spell it to sound the same, is supposed to sound like dog but with no G on the end - he's just the cutest. Love the papers have used for it, very funky and the colour scheme is sooo versatile.

Well thats about everything i think, sorry for the long ramble guys. Take care and will 'chat' again soon...........


At 2:56 PM, Blogger Chris Millar said...

Always love seeing your work Julie! Such gorgeous creations! Your kids look adorable!

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Micaela said...

Loving your latest layouts Julie. I would never have guessed that was you as Charlie if you hadn't said! LOL!

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Ali said...

Why hello there
You all look adorable!
Love those layouts!
We are missing you up here!!! Chat soon
Ali x x

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Mardi said...

Love your layouts Julie...especailly the one that just kind of exploded..LOL
...amd that picture of Rylan with the dog is just stunning.
It sounds like you have been keeping incrediably busy..and having lots of fun.
Mardi x

At 7:13 PM, Blogger Joanne Bain said...

You all look so cute Julie..can't wait to see the LO's for these pics. I never would have pictured you as Charlie Chaplin
Have a great day

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Anthea said...

gorgeous work as always Julie!!!

it is good to keep busy when hubby is away, I hardly sleep when Shane is away, I stay up all night to scrap, then get up early with the boys the following morning.
If you ever need a chat I am on msn ;)

At 8:04 PM, Blogger Julie said...

Loved the pages and pics J2. The page that just exploded is great.


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