Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saying Goodbye.....

Well Steven has left - he left yesterday morning just before i took the kiddo's to school. It was hard to say goodbye, the boys were okay with it, they gave their daddy heaps of cuddles. Us girls took it a litte harder.......maddy seems to understand it all a little more and was crying as she gave cuddles, me ......well i'll just say that i was a bit of a mess. They say that what ever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...........well i think that i'll be the strongest i've ever been by the time the four months are up. The last couple of days haven't been too bad, the kids are just being fantastic, they are trying to help out heaps and don't even seem to be argueing that much between themselves, what ever pep talk steven gave them before leaving seems to be working a treat........ mind you its only been two days, so we'll see how long it lasts. Managed to get a couple of quick shots of them all together with their dad before we did the mad dash to school, was a little late .....oopsies.

So have been keeping busy, house is as clean as its ever been............ but am sooooo over house work lol. Am working on a layout at the moment, its giving me a bit of grief - doesn't seem to be coming together to well, but will just keep going with it i guess. If i don't like it then will just stick it in the back of an album lol. Don't you love the times when it all comes together so easily, seem to have used up all those for the time being though. It's like the wells dried up, just cannot seem to get into it. And because am so stubborn i just keep scrapping and not really liking what i'm doing......bit silly huh?
I did scrap these two layouts for Scrapgenie.............there not too bad i guess, the surf one of Nick is a little plain. Saw the curls idea in a mag and really liked the look, so thought i would just convert the look to waves........so did not pull it off lol, but i'm eager to try it again on another layout and hopefully will work better next time round. Liked the way the flutterby layout was coming together but then it just kinda fell flat if that makes sense, it need something but just was nothing to add so its staying as is.
Round two of Idol over at Embellished is going fantastic, the layouts the ladies are coming up with are just AWESOME!! You have got to check them all out, each one that is uploaded is just brilliant and the spins that they each put on them to make it their own is just fantastic. Okie, won't be lazy, here's the Round Two Gallery to have a looksie. AWESOME JOB LADIES, bring on round three i reckon.......and won't that be an interesting theme!!! Cannot wait to see their interpretations of it.
Well i think thats about everything from the last few days, thanks for dropppin by and will chat again soon.


At 12:07 PM, Blogger Chris Millar said...

That must have been so hard Julie! Hopefully the 4 months will go very quickly.
Love both your scrapgenie layouts, top work!

At 12:53 PM, Blogger Terri Brown said...

Your a brqaver womant hen me Julie. I dont think I could bare to part with Justin for 4 months *sigh* Loving the Lo's btw.

Stay strong you have friends all around you.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Mardi said...

Julie...if it helps ..Im crying for you..I couldnt bear my DH to go away that long...but Im sure you will manage and grow from it.
Love your layouts... and the waves on the surf one looks fantastic.
Mardi x

At 3:56 PM, Blogger Joanne Bain said...

LO's look great Julie you have nothing to worry about there...Hopefully the 4 months will fly for you. I agree the idol gallery is fab..
Have a great day

At 4:31 PM, Blogger Ali said...

We will make sure that Steven chats several times a day!! That is what kept me sane when Glenn and I were apart last year....
You know we are all her to help keep you sane and in control chooky.
The layouts look great and what is that paper on Nick's layout?
Chat soon..
Up for a challenge tonight???
Ali x x

At 11:58 PM, Blogger Julie said...

Love the layouts J1. Looking great as usual. I'm sure the next few months will fly by.

At 9:03 PM, Blogger Carole Janson said...

Hi Julie, it must be so hard with your DH going away, you kids will really miss him, but hopefully it won't be for long, and you will all be together again. Love your layouts for Scrapgenie, just gorgeous.

At 11:23 PM, Blogger Anthea said...

oh Julie! I know how you feel, I never clean so much when he is here, and when he is gone I am always cleaning, and staying up late, I hate sleeping alone!

gorgeous LO though!

At 3:29 PM, Blogger petamb said...

Love your layouts, The Flutterby LO is beautiful...
Hopefully the 4 months go really quick


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