Monday, August 21, 2006

Glorious Weather!!

Well what an awesome weekend it has been here. The suns been out and shining, the sky's been crystal clear and it even seems like the birds are extra chirpy lol. So now that we have already been away for our snowtrip I am well and truly ready for summer to come. Nothin beats a lazy summer day, and with the weather we have been havin the last few days I am sooo lookin forward to it and all the fun that summer brings - camping trips,mangos, river cruisin', bbq's with friends,mangos, lounging out the back after dinner in the evenings , and more mangos lol - SO CANNOT WAIT!! It was great to get outside and have a bit of a play with the kiddo's. Quick game of backyard cricket with Nicholas, pushin maddy on the swing (though she can swing herself, lazy little bugger lol) and Rylan, well he's a bit of a crazy kiddo and just loves to run around with the occasional squel thrown in LOL. And since i only had to work three hours on Saturday i feel like i've had a whole weekend to myself......and it was awesome!!!
Managed to get TWO layouts done on the saturday night - which is really good for me, and then got two more done yesterday - one of which was for a one hour challenge done last night over at Embellished (and since was done at night couldn't get a GOOD pic to share sorry)
First one i did Saturday night was this one of maddy goin down the snow run on her butt, lol i have no idea why she didn't have a board but she thought it was heaps fun and well.... i thought it was heaps funny to watch.
Second layout was the one of Rylan being rylan and running away from me when i get the camera out - he really does not like the cannon - must look scary pointed in his direction or something. But he's cute so will forgive him LOL.
The third layout was done quickly through the day yesterday, me playin at 'clean and simple' again - really liking it at the moment. Just about Nicholas and his sudden infatuation with the Playstation. And the last one is of my little man rylan again - this time with his face full of spaghetti lol. The title 'Mangiare' is Italian for 'eat'. The pix just reminded me of all the times i heard 'mugia, mungia' while eating spaghetti at my grandparents place, really good times with everyone gathered round the table (and i mean everybody, was always a crowded table), its something that i want for my kids to experience at my own table while they are growing - lol, maybe not sooo much the spaghetti, but definetly the good times. So yes, definetly a busy little weekend for me.
So thats about it from me, was a lovely lovely weekend, though it seems like the flu has decided to do one last round though before the finish of winter, both maddy and rylan were pretty crook with it last night - both struggling to get to sleep....and both crying. You just feel so helpless as a mother at times don't you? all i could do was give a little nurofen and a lot of cuddles - and i must admit at like two in the morning its a real struggle to give those cuddles. But oh well, its what we mums must do, and they are both lookin really good today,will see what tonight brings - only sleep hopefuly.

Thanks for stopping by guys, much appreciated and will chat again soon.


At 9:55 AM, Blogger Carole Janson said...

Wow Julie, all your layouts are just unreal, they all really stand out, I love the top one and the way you did the stars, just lovely.


At 10:36 AM, Blogger Jess said...

Great layouts Julie! I think the last is my favourite - I'm into clean and simple at the moment. Hope the kids are doing better today - mine have come down with some flu-ey thing too, which means Angus (the baby) also has asthma. Joy.


At 12:10 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Great pages J1. Love the snow one.

At 5:36 PM, Blogger Alanna said...

Stunning LO's!! Love them all!!

Alanna :)

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Nicole Rayner said...

The layouts look unreal Julie, the top would also be my fav. Great work.


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