Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today's update probably won't make much sense, i can't make much sense of anything myself today so goodluck to me trying to explain it all.
Yesterday started of sooo good for me. I got Maddy off to school in time, i had an acceptance email from both SM and FK, the boys were really well behaved......and then i went to work!!!

Most of the people i work with are just fantastic, really great people who do their best. Then there are a few young kids that think its not that necessary to do so much work, and feel free to roam round the store wherever they want. Well lately there has been some unrest so to say.....we have had to have a staff meeting to discuss the 'bitching' levels going on at work. Sure sure, fair enough. She feels the young kids are being picked on only for the fact that they are young, easily intimidated type of thing...LOAD OF CRAP!!! Wanna chat.....FINE......but you can still work and chat at the same time, not just stop and do nothing. WEll anyway....last nights group managed to include all three of these young kids (talking like 18 boys) so knew was not gonna be a productive night, didn't realise how bad it would be.
Suffice to say by the end of the night i was in a filthy mood, mumbling away to myself like some crazy woman. I just wanted to get out and go home......YEAH RIGHT!
ONE OF THESE YOUNG ***********KIDS HAS GONE IN TO HAVE A WORD TO MANAGEMENT ABOUT MYSELF AND ANOTHER LADY HAVIN A 'BITCH'. UNFRIGGEN BELIEVABLE!!! won't go into it, don't really know what got said, i know she rambled alot. I think i got her goat up though because i disagreed with her. "apparantly" one of these boys has had a 'vast' improvement, uhhh..... he was the worst of them last night - i swear this kid rules the roost at the moment, i dare to disagree and BANG warning issued and told this type of talk is shit stirring. WTH!! what did i just miss!! And its just played on my mind all day that she has this impression of me being a 'trouble makier' i guess. Any one who knows me, knows that thats not me. I'm just really really upset, not sure if i'm making a mountain out of a molehill or what, but just a little dumbstruck - guess i was last night too or i would of just kept my mouth shut.
So have just been alternating between being really really angry bout it and being really upset bout it. And then I'm angry at myself for letting it get to me, for letting it make me angry towards everyone else around me.
Does feel better now to have gotten it out, and besides this i have really been enjoying my job. Maybe i just needed a mopey day. Not working till friday, so hopefully by then i will have picked up some of my old enthusiasm for it, just have a feeling though that its gone now and i won't be able to get it back. Bit sad really, I really did enjoy it and i'd be hard pressed to find another job with such perfect hours (no need for a sitter as steven's home when i start) and at such a fantastic pay, nearly $20an hour. We'll see what happens friday i guess and whether i can get over it or not. Please tell me i'm not being a sook and you all would be pissed as well.
Anyhoo, thats that, I've gotten it off my chest and its helped heaps. Maybe i will try and scrap something tonight, i tried today but just couldn't get totally in to it, was a little challenge between ali and myself - to use the set sentence as a title on a layout with pics of some of the ladies from Embellished, just couldn't get it go the way i wanted, i do like the end result though.

......................well looks like will have to upload a pic next time, didn't think to do so at the start and well won't let me now - GREAT DAY ISN'T IT?

take it easy till time,
chat then..........


At 9:58 PM, Blogger ~Cat~ said...

ahh Julie, I don't think your overreacting at all! I know I would be mighty pi$$ed if I was getting into trouble for someone else's slackness! Hope friday night is better for you :)

At 10:23 PM, Blogger francineA said...

Julie dont be too hard on yourself...nothing worse than running it around in your head,, i do that often..i hate upsets in my life,,wish it would run smooth everyday,,lol,,but no it doesnt..take a deep breathe, and be thankful for the job you obviously love doing..keep your chin up and let this ride,,as it will and hopefully in a few months you will look back and it will just be a small glitch in your life...
love love love your work!!!! keep it up..


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