Thursday, July 20, 2006

I do not even know where to begin on an update for today, its been both good and just absolutely terrible.
First off, even though was up so early ended up running late as Nicholas was not well, he woke with a pretty high temp. Rang mum to see if she could watch him for the day, no probs there - just that she lives down other end of town. So dropped Rylan off at daycare, then Maddy of at school and then down other end to drop Nick off. Only just made it to Echuca (45 mins away) with like five minutes to spare before class - not a great start for a first class.
Then mobile rings bout half hour into class, was so embaressed i just shoved bag under table and kept goin with class. Then mobile rang AGAIN within another 20 minutes, so thought better take this call. Well was Steven, he was home from work as he had a phone call from the daycare (first call i missed) informing him Rylan had Measles and to come pick him up STRAIGHT away. So here's me, on the phone at my first class, determined there was no way he had measles and how on earth could he catch it when he's cooped up at home with me all the bloody time - in the end steven said it didn't matter- he was home, he'd go pick nick up, look after rylan and get maddy at three thirty from school. He can be such a godsend - and i can be an ass.
As for the class, it went really well, was heaps of fun but at the same time alittle chaotic at times lol. The ladies are all at different experience levels, so some needed less attention than others. Have changed next months lesson plan as the ladies would really love to scrap a layout, apparantly has been a while since they have, mostly been doing OTP items. So thats all sorted now, its a pretty simple one they've chosen from my album actually - don't think they are into the 'overdone' look on most of my others LOL.
Okie back to the boys now. So i get home and have a looksie - and i mean a real close looksie - and sure enough both boys are covered in a really fine rash on face, tummy and back - i sooo swear it was not there yesterday. Nick is really sensitive to light as well - steven said last night he asked for his lamp to be turned off at bedtime - this lamp never gets turned off!! Rylan is fine apart from rash, but nick has a pretty high temp and complains about a sore head and back, so i guess it has hit him pretty bad. Might give doctor a call in morn and just check out proper procedures for measles - apparantly theres not a lot that can be done, but better to check and double check i reckon. They are all in bed now, so is pretty quiet here, thank goodness as i am feeling like total and upper crap - wonder if adults can get measels?? have a terrible headache and my joints are really aching.
I am not a drama lover, am far from it - i cannot stand drama or conflict around me, yet somedays it seems to just hunt me out. Sometimes i wander just how many mirrors i broke in a past life. I guess we all have our fair share of bad days - anyone wanna nominate to take mine LOL. Well thats about it, the class was a blast - hopefully the next class day is alot smoother.

till next time,
take care


At 9:13 PM, Blogger Ali said...

Ohh Julie,
I feel so bad for you that you have had such a bad day. Your poor little guys. I hope they are feeling better soon. Tomorrow is another day!

At 6:22 AM, Blogger Nicole said...

what a bummer of a day :o(
i hope your boys are better soon & i hope your feeling better toady (((Hugs)))
the good part is you got your first class out of the way:o)


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