Thursday, July 13, 2006


Today is shaping up to be a great day for me - besides one small mishap with Nick at kinder everything else is running smoothly - touch wood LOL
Will start with the mishap first i guess - had just gotten home from doing groceries this morning when i get a phone call from the Kinder teacher - Nicholas has banged his head on the bridge there and has a bit of a gash, nothing major but will need to pick him up as a precaution. Apparantly head wounds bleed.......ALOT...did not know this, so freaked a little to walk in and see my poor little man sitting there with blood matted in his hair and spatttered on his clothes. Took him up to the local hospital to get him checked over, but all is fine, just a small scrap and YES..... head wounds do bleed alot. So he's been getting heaps of cuddles and kisses, and nick being nick - he is hamming it up LOL, nothing like playing the sympathy card is there?
But i started the day in a good mood, this morning went smoothly and kids all got to school/kinder/daycare on time and organised. Went down and did the groceries, out in record time, subbed a couple of layouts this morning checked emails after lunch and had an email back from Jannah at Scrapbook Creations saying she would love to have them both and would actually like to use the 'day dreama' one for a projects lesson - YAYYYY!! But what has really put me in a great mood is what she wrote in her email - " Please let day dreama be mine! I love it. Julie - you have reallyblossomed these past few months! " it just makes me feel good to know that my work is getting noticed, i know that that can sound kinda shallow, but it just makes me feel happy and i can't help that. I am a big doubter of my work, and no matter how many times i hear someone say it looks great i will always find a fault. Think its time to just chill out and do what i do, if it wasn't good enough then people wouldn't say so. Bit of a wake up call i guess.
Anyhoo, i promised yesterday to show you the two layouts side by side to compare the differences , so here they are:
Very different aren't they - but i love them both, just need to do one for maddy now.
Well better get going, is time to head down and pick maddy up from school, best not to be late or no car parks and then a huge walk LOL.

till next time
take care,


At 3:22 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

congrats Julie
you do Awesome work
never doubt that my friend :o)


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