Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Well i am just in such a great mood, i have had a fantastic last few days (touch wood). So much good happening round me and i love seeing everyone, myself included, just soo happy. I believe when your feeling good you attract good, so am trying to keep this mentality for as long as i can.
First there was email from Ali for DT possie at Embellished, then couple of days ago there was two emails from Scrapbooking Memories mag wanting two of my layouts, then there was the sudden burst of activity at Embellished, then another email from Scrapbook Creations mag also wanting two of my layouts (not same two thank goodness), and then this weekend is my first ever scrapbooking retreat. Just sooooo much good going on and its hard not to be caught up in it and just feel great, excited, overwhelmed, craving more. Ever heard that saying..... When you smile, the world smiles with you..... well thats it, when your positive and showing it, then the people around you reflect and absorb that positiveness. Well i'm absorbing it from all directions at the moment lol. The kids are in good moods in the morning as i'm in a good mood (21 day challenge to thank for that one), Ali is just brimming with excitement for the site, you can feel it through the screen and its infectous. Steven's in a great mood as there's no work friday due to a stock take thingy (hey whatever makes you happy no matter how small hey?) and do i dare say he's actually looking forward to the weekend with just him and the kids, hmmmm might need to be a little worried there LOL. this will be a great opportunity for him and the kids to spend alot of quality time together, lol being serious here.
Am well into week five of no smoking and going well, no longer sitting back after a layout thinking 'smoko break' so those habits must be nearly broken, well lets hope so anyway. And have even dropped about two kilos somewhere along the way in last couple
of weeks, might not seem like much, but was really worried about putting it on when i quite smoking so good to see thats not gonna happen.

Well thats all for today, will leave you with my first two entries in my journal for the 21 day challenge. Am going really well for it, but real test will be next week i reckon, when Maddy's back at school and we're all back to early rises again. Oh well, will cross that bridge when i come to it i guess.

till then,
take care and just keep smiling


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