Thursday, June 15, 2006


Yes I know, I have been very slack!! But to be honest i really haven't had the enthusiasm lately to do anything, let alone blog. Have just wanted to curl up under a doona on the couch, unfortunatly being Mum to three little kiddies prevented that. Just cannot believe how tired i have been lately though,all i want to do is sleep, even if i have just woken up from sleeping,I have these huge dark circles under my eyes, i truly look as if i haven't slept in months - WIERD!! Should be getting enough, have even started going to bed at a decent hour (before midnight) and still, am struggling to keep the eyes open and the mind functioning.
Anyway not much to report on really, has been a truly shitty week and am not going to relive it sorry, just so not worth it.
I think the highlight of the week was a dress up day at Nicholas' kinder on tuesday. Was fantasy theme and of course Nick chose to dress up as a pirate - he is hooked on them. After much OP shopping i was able to come up with this totally gorgeous outfit, not that i'm biased or anything LOL - HE'S SOOO SPUNKY!! Loooooooove the little vest with the fringing, snug fit on him but he loved it as much as i did - bargain to at just $1 !! Did a layout tonight using one of his pirate pics, will share it next blog though.
Maddy has footy day tomorrow, so has to dress up in team colours. Scoured the shops today for collingwood items, managed to get her a beanie, scarf and wincheter all for under $20 - Not bad i reckon, all has logos on and such, can't wait to get some pics of her dressed up. Been trying to teach her how to chant footy style, you know, that mindless screaming guys do at the footy - 'GOOOOOOO PIES!!' don't think she'll ever get the hang of it though, she's coming out with a whispered version,and is too shy to really put some oomph into it LOL.

Well thats about it for me, hopefully things are on the up and up round here. Slowly getting some scrapping enthusiasm back - Yes Ali,did get a layout done tonight LOL, will share in morning in the gallery.
If you ever find yourself feeling slack, just give Ali a shout out, She's fantastic at giving you just the right kick up the butt to get going again LOL. Thanks Ali, was much needed.
Ok time for bed for me

take care and kick back,

PS- am really having probs with posting pics, couldn't upload an extra one last time and won't let me upload any this time - If anyone knows what could be wrong PLEASE help out this computer illiterate person - would really appreciate it


At 6:39 AM, Blogger Nicole said...

hey Julie, sorry you had such a bummer week, i hope the weekend is looking sunny for you :o) ((((HUGS))))

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Ali said...

Morning Miss Dag!!
Glad you got some scrappin done!!I had probs with pics on here at one was when i was trying to put multiples on.....try one at a time...and let it position it anywhere...stoopid Computers!!! Am looking forward to seeing the layout of Nicholas....Chat a bit later,
Ali x x x (sloppy ones...LOL)


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