Friday, May 19, 2006


How fast are the weeks flying past, we are already nearly half way through this year. I guess its just life - the more fun you have the faster it goes. And man, I must be having fun. My little girl Maddy - my own first baby to have held and cuddled close is now in her first year of school. Nicholas - feels like only yesterday that he would struggle to climb into my lap for kisses - is now a 'big boy' and doesn't like to be kissed goodbye anymore when i drop him off at kinder. And Rylan, surely i was only just pregnant and struggling to walk with my huge belly, is now over one - talking and walking and finding his own personality.
WHY IS TIME MOVING SO QUICKLY? It seems like some cruel twist of fate, to be given a gift so precious only to find that you do not have the time to enjoy it. We have built so many precious memories together as a family, yet there are so many wasted moments in there that should of been captured and enjoyed instead of being passed over for what we think at the time is important. And now that the time is passed, you realise what you thought mattered, really didn't at all, and that moment you gave away can never be returned. I guess hindsight really is a wonderful thing. And so while i still have some time up my sleeve - i'm sure it will be many, many years before my children find their own place in this world, I will take this hindsight and use it. I will make the most of all opportunities presented to me, and will build on the memories we all ready have.
I want to get to a ripe old age and realise that i have no regrets, that there is nothing i would of changed. So yes, i may have to work, or clean the house or do whatever other mundane chore may arise but if an opportunity comes to do something that would be of more importance to me or my family then i will grab it with both hands, and bugger whatever anyone else thinks.
I have a beautiful family that each day brings me great joy, I have some beautiful friends - some of whom i have never met in real life - that inspire and support me, and in the end, really, what else do i need. I am so thankful for what i already have.

If you read all that, then i thank you, it was something that i have been thinking alot about lately and i guess i just needed to get it all out and clear the air. My life really is good at the moment so i have no idea why this sudden bit of sadness. Lets just hope that i take my own words in and use them.

Well its late, and its pretty cold here. Think i might go to bed and snuggle up in the doonas - maybe even stick my freezing feet on steven's just to be cheeky ;)
Before i go I'll post a pic of the layout I did yesterday of maddys swimming photos.
Till next time

Take care and be happy


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