Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Wonderful Mothers Day

What a fantastic Mothers Day we all had today. Was woken to the smell of freshly cooked bacon and eggs, bacon done nice and crisp just the way i like it.There was plenty of hugs and kisses from the kids and steven and then they pulled out the presents. All i can say is wow, only rarely do i get gifts and today i felt like a little kid on christmas morning. All three kids made something at school/kinder/daycare for me. Maddy made a flower in a pot out of brightly coloured construction paper, Nick painted a cute little box that had a little bag of smellies inside, and Rylan (and daycare carers) made me a little cellopane bag with smelly bath crystals in it.

Steven and the kids also bought me this gorgeous hinged photo screen, its a beautiful reddy/brown stained wood. Now to get it filled with photo's - am thinking of doing most of them in black and white with the odd brightly coloured one thrown in, should make a great visual impact. Although am not sure how long it will last, Rylan took a fancy to it straight away and has already pulled it down on himself once today. Have put it beside the front door, think it looks great with the maroon door and light coffee coloured wall.

Another gift that steven and the kids gave me was a gorgeous layout that they made together. I absolutely love it and think they did an awesome job with it, am going to get a nice frame for it and hang it near my scrap desk. Here's a pic of it :

They used some of my favourite products on it - theres chipboard, prima flowers and a beautiful photo. Steven even searched the net to add a really lovely 'mother' quote to it. Maddy already loves to sit and scrap beside me, am wondering what my chances are of converting both Nick and his dad to getting into it as well. Could you just picture the Heard family sitting down to scrap together at the dining table - cute thought but not likely to happen any time soon LOL.

We put in a visit to both our mums - ended up staying for dinner at my mothers. Made up a pamper box for my mum - it included some pretty flannie jammy's, a coffee mug and coaster set, a box of Nescafes cuppacino and a box of chocolate peanuts. Would of loved to have made her something special but she's just not into it, and i know she would never truly appreciate it. Stevens mother on the other hand loves getting handmade items. Last year i gave her a set of altered frames and i know she loved them. Many times when i came across someone who knew her they would comment on those frames she had told them about LOL. This year i made her a pot of flowers that i had seen in the latest issue of Scrapbooking Memories. They had a huge range of ideas to make for mums but i loved this pot as soon as i saw it and knew i just had to make it. Heres a pic of it:

Well thats me done for today, hope you all had a really lovely and relaxing Mothers Day.

Take care and enjoy whats left of this special day.


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