Thursday, May 11, 2006


YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT I DID TODAY???? Had the meeting lined up in Euchuca for 11am and so made plans for Nicholas to be picked up at lunchtime from kinder. So I dropped him off and reminded him that Nana would be picking him up today, kindy teacher looked at me and then said ' you won't be coming back later Julie?' ......OH CRAP!! what have i forgotten i asked. You won't believe it, I had totally forgotten that today was Nick's 'Mothers Day Morning Tea', I just couldn't believe it, I felt like such a heel and then to make matters worse I was saying so sorry to Nick over and over and then started tearing up and then trying to hug him closer so no-one could see the tears and then making Nick upset and so then tears running more - I FELT LIKE SUCH A SHITTY MUM!! I didn't even have the store's phone number to try and change the time and didn't know what to do and then Nick - god bless his little soul - asked could nana come to morning tea. When i rang her she was more than happy to come along but I am truly just so angry at myself for missing something this special for us both - whats worse is that when i picked him up this arvo from MIL's he come running up and said ' mummy - heres the present you didn't get today'. MAN those simple little words just twisted the knife deeper.

Since i dissapointed my little man so
much today, here's a couple of pics
of his
gorgeous smile to try
and make up for what i did

today......... doesn't quite do it
though does it???

As for the meeting, well must admit that that was a success. She did seem to like my work and also said that she would like for me to teach classes as well as being part of the design team. Hmmmm that sounds great in theory, but I have never taught anything before so am really nervous about this side of it. I have seen some of the things other people have taught at classes and their work is awesome, am so worried that mine won't even compare or worse - no-one would even want to
attend. Now how embaressing would that be???
Oh well, one step at a time i guess. The owners do seem really supportive though and while i wasn't really that excited about the opportunity i must say that it would be a great learning experience for me and definetly would help overcome these silly fears that i seem to have about my work. I guess we truly are our own worst critics.

Well thats about all i have today, if someone would like to award me Lousy Mother Of the Year Award then I accept it with head bowed in shame. I have MUCH MUCH grovelling to do to make it up to my spunky little man.

Take care and hug much.......


At 6:22 AM, Blogger Nicole said...

great news about the job Julie, you will have heaps of fun once you get over your first class fear.
as for missing the mothers day morning tea, please dont feel too bad at least Nicholas had his nana there. you wont forget about it but you will be surprised how quick he will. im sure he was happy that someone was there to share his morning tea. there were probably some that did not have anyone come.

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Ali said...

Nicky will get over it much quicker than you. Don't worry about it...I am sure that there were lots of other mothers that couldn't make it due to work or other commitments....Doesn't make you a bad mum, just a very busy one. have three kids to run after and well let's face it....Our memories just keep getting worse and worse...
I am very excited for you about the classes and DT spot. Your work is great, you should never doubt it.
Chat soon, I am sure
Ali x x

At 11:25 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Thanks so much guys for the pick me up. You both are fantastic ladies and I am so happy to call you both my friends.



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