Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Swim lessons

What a bit of a hectic last couple of days. Maddy's school class has swim lessons this week and so i volunteered to help get all the kiddies dressed and organised after their lessons - WHAT WAS I THINKING?? What a terrible, terrible task - never have i seen such disorganisation - and that first day i think maddy was one of the worse LOL. She somehow managed to lose her school pants!!!! Told her to sit in change room and would go and see if i could find them. Yeah right, within a couple of minutes out she came and was walking round swim centre in her jumper,knickers and socks (which of course were now soaked), eventually tracked down pants, got her dressed and ready to go. Never, EVER again will i volunteer to help with swim lessons.
On a more posititve note though, Maddy is doing fantastic with her lessons. She has always been a water kid, whether pool, beach or river, you cannot keep her away. So these lessons are very important for her. And since this is only for a week with the school, I have decided to sign her up for proper weekly classes at the centre. What she has picked up in just two days has been amazing to see, so with a little more one on one she should be full on swimming in no time. Here's some pics of my little water babe:

Love the first pic of her here, she really is doing
fantastic and trying soooo hard to learn

Well thats about it for me, besides working and picking up wet things for dripping kids, not much else has happened. Though i did manage to scrap a really quick and simple layout for nicole's challenge this week on Monday night. So I'll leave you with a pic of that.

till next time
take care and enjoy the simple things.


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Ali said...

Great Layout Julie...priceless!! Those pics o fMaddy are just too cute. She looks like she is really enjoying it.


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