Sunday, May 21, 2006

The great Ironman challenge - NOT!!

Well had plans to go to an all day crop today at LSS, but unfortunatly it was cancelled - again. So we decided to head out to Wunghu instead for their primary school fete (Wunghu is a little country town about 20 mins from here). Now i know I can hear you think thats not that exciting, but one of steven's mates was entering the Ironman Championship and i just knew it would be a great laugh. And boy was I right. His mate is the kind of guy that just throws himself into anything and today was no exception. Here are some pics from the fete:

The first event was a 'drag' race, the contenders had to race down the track, dress in female clothing and then race back across the finish line. So they line up, theres a bit of pushing and shoving on the line, the horn blows and there off. Still pushing, pulling to try and gain the lead, there's a lot of hip and shouldering and then they reach the clothers basket. Theres a mad dash to try and dress in clothes that are about two sizes too small, such a crack up. Leeroy grabbed a pink hula skirt and bra, he was soooo pretty lol. then the dash back to the finish line, with leeroy just making it across first. YAYYY, first event down and with a win for lee.
Next event is the food eating contest. How gross is this, they have to scoff down a tin of COLD spaghetti, can of coke and a cold(and stale) jam donut - YUK YUK YUK!! Again the horn blows and there off, and let me tell you I have not seen anything this gross in a long time. The faces on some were priceless, many stumbled at the cold spaghetti, they just could not get it down, again first place to lee - and by a very big time margin too the bloody guts!!
And the last event was the so called mini triathelon - run down the track, grab a bike and pedal back. Sound easy? not likely! The bikes they had lined up were small kids bikes and the track was lined with all the primary school kids armed with water bombs. This event was hilarious!! There was slipping and sliding and all contestants were soaked, but EVERYONE had a ball. Well everyone except leeroy, he took a big spill and really hurt his shoulder, he ended up coming into town this evening to get it checked out at the hospital. Turned out nothing broken or fractured, just very very sore. Other than that, this really was a fantastic day, and it was good to spend it with my family and friends.

Did get a chance to do some scrapping last night. This first layout is of a pic of Rylan and the car that Steven and I bought him for his first brithday. Used some Heidi Swapp tapes as a border for the pic and then just added some letter stickers for the title -too easy! Love these tapes too by the way, just so simple to use.

This second layout i did was for Ali's sketch
challenge for this month. Photo is one of many that i took of Rylan in his new jumper the other day.This one is probably my favourite of the bunch. He was standing near a big bird cage just staring up at the galah on the other side. I think it truly is a beautiful photo, then again, I may be a little biased LOL. Was a great sketch design and this pic fitted it perfectly. Used the BG holy cow rubons for the first time, and i just have to say, they are really fantastic. Never have i used a rubon so easy to transfer, and they have such gorgeous designs as well.

Well thats me done for today. Am tired because i stayed up really late again -WHEN WILL I LEARN?? Till next time

Take care and Play Hard..........


At 9:03 AM, Blogger Ali said...

Well it sounds like you had a busy day Jules. Loving both those Layouts!!!


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