Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick Catch Up

Well its been nearly a week since my last entry so an update is well and truly overdue. Think I'll start with the most recent and then work my way backwards - till i get to a stage i just no longer remember LOL.
First up, today is now officially TWO WEEKS since the no smoking started - YAY FOR ME - I've been told the first two weeks are the hardest so hopefully its all smooth running from here on in. There have been a couple of days in there where i forgot to put a patch on after a shower, so have gone all day before i've realised i haven't and by then not worth putting one on for a couple of hours. These days give me a bit of hope for sucsess, obviously am over the wanting stage and almost past the habit stage if i'm not thinking/craving them without a patch on. But not about to get too cocky yet, has only been two weeks after all and this a ten year habit i'm trying to kick.
Friday night just gone i took part in my first ever Cybercrop at - and
let me tell you, I have not laughed so hard in a long time, i think we had around 15 people take part and they were just the best bunch of ladies to have a gas bag with. There was not a whole lotta scrappin goin on to start with. This was my first layout for the night - quick, simple, bright, funky but most of all FUN FUN FUN. It really is soooo Maddy and is a spot on indication of her personality, so whilst to others it mightn't be much to it to me this layout is precious as i think i truly captured the essence of maddy here.

The second layout for the night was a sketch challenge, this one took me a lot longer than the half hour the previous one did lol, but it was so worth it. Papers are by Daisy D, must admit
never really noticed them before but this kids range are just gorgeous and are really easy to use. This one is about my littlest little man, Rylan. Little bugger always makes it virtually impossible to get a good pic of him, but will let you on a little secret i've discovered since having kids - the best photos you'll ever take are those spontanious ones, the ones where you haven't planned for or prepped the kids up for - its the ones where you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. The angles are wrong, the lighting not quite perfect, parts slightly cut off - but i tell you what, the end result is enough to melt your heart and you just cannot help but be in awe of what you captured. The bottom left photo is one such photo for me, i absolutely love it and it just brings out the biggest smile from me when i look at it (doesn't hurt either when the subject is one that you just adore LOL).
And last for the night was the challenge of an altered cd. Was not going to do this one, was late by the time had finished the second layout so left it at that and went to bed. Couldn't even get motivated the next day, till Miss Ali came along with a great motivational technique - Good old fashioned kick up the butt lol (hmmm think there was even a small bribe involved as well ;0)
Was going to share a pic of my altered thingy but well silly thing won't let me upload the pic, not sure why, will try again when finished here but if not will share next time.
Also finally recieved my prize from the scrapgenie design team comp that i won like two or three months ago - yes i know, i a very impatient person LOL. But let me tell you it was more than worth the wait. WOW is all i could say as the courier plonked three huge boxes on my front door. And they were just chock full of all the scrapping supplies you could need, only prob now is where to store it all in an organised manner. ok was going to share a pic of this as well but still not letting me upload anymore pics, maybe there's a limit or something.
Well thats about it for now, have plenty of things that need to be done that will keep me busy, PO'd with this blogger thing for not letting me upload my pics so am going to go and clean to vent a little LOL

till next time
Take care and be spontanious,


At 9:00 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

Wooooo Hooooo WTG Julie 2 weeks :o)
sooo proud of you, its all down hill from now on :o)


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