Friday, May 26, 2006


Well another Friday here, not working tonight or tomorrow night, so I have a whole weekend to enjoy - and at the moments it's looking pretty packed.
Have the midnight madness crop at LSS tonight (that is if not cancelled again), tomorrow steven and i are helping my sister move into her new unit, Steven is already running bets on how long she stays out of home this time - NOT NICE STEVEN. The Sat. night we have a friends 30th to go to. Mums watching the kids for the night (well half of anyway), I went out shopping yesterday for a new top and accessories (will be feelin pretty funky), so am really looking forward to catching up with old friends. Most of us (friendgroup) from highscool will be there, haven't spoken to some in years so will be just fantastic to catch up, see what we're all upto.
Sunday we are taking the kids up to the Melbourne Science Works Museum with a group of mates (four families, be like a convoy lol). We all went not long ago to the melbourne museum together and just had a blast, so much more fun when you go with a big group, so hopefully have just as much fun this time as well.
Well seems like soccer fever has hit, everywhere i look its all about the World Cup and it seems to have invaded my home as well. Its all I hear from Nicholas, soccer this, soccer that - he loves his sports, its always one straight after the other (football not long ago, cricket before that). Here are some pics of him. He is such a cutie.

They had the friendly match on last night between Australia and Greece, let him stay up a little longer to watch it all. Had to go out and do the shopping when it started so i missed about half of it, but apparantly Nick was a bit of a crack up at the start. He was unsure of which team he wanted to go for, so would be yelling out 'go greece' and then five minutes later would be yelling out 'go aussies'. Wish i had been there to see it, by the time i got home he had settled on the Aussies or the 'yellows' as he called them. Hopefully they don't broadcast the World Cup at like two in the morning, or if they do then at least show repeats through the day. Nick is hooked and told him there would be heaps of soccer on soon, so hopefully he will get to watch it.

well thats all I have to update with at the moment, hopefully heaps more after the weekend. till then

take care and party hard LOL


At 1:48 PM, Blogger Ali said...

He is just so darn cute!!! The layout you did is fantastic!!! Luke has started to kick the ball...might have to scraplift this idea!


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