Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Change of lifestyle

Well, I've done it. The time has come to make the change I feel and so with that thought I have have given up smoking. Had my last one early Monday morning and then bought some patches for a little extra help. Must admit there's no real temptation to sneak one in, not one for cheating- I've made my choice and will do my best to stick with it. The kids have been fantastic about it, they understand that mummy might get a little cranky and their behaviour has been absolutely fantastic, they really are doing their best to help. My other support is the lovely ladies (and glenn, LOL) from Embellished, they truly are a great supportive network, always have an encouraging story/remark to share. Big HUGE thankx to Ali, she chats with me everyday, encourages me to keep going, I always look forward to our daily chats. So I do it for my health (those pics on the packs are just the grossest), for my children(hard to ignore when your four year old says he doesn't want his mummy to die), for my fantastic friends and i must admit there is another reason for this decision. :

I have wanted the cannon 350D for ages now. So all monies i save from not smoking will be going towards my camera. Hmmm, maybe i should alter a money tin, sit it somewhere i will always see it - might even be a good incentive to add all loose change to it as well. Will just have to see i guess, never seem to have much time at the moment, although i will say, that the house has never been cleaner than the last three days- house work really is a good distraction.

Have decided to go ahead with the Chatterbox comp. Had a hard time trying to decide on a theme, but have got one now. Did my intro page for it last night, but unfortunately the rules state it cannot be published in any form, so cannot share it just yet.

But i did get round to scrapping the pix from the Wunghu fete Ironman challenge. Also got my puzzle piece done for Jodee yesterday (part of a swap at Embellished). Really seem to have settled into a steady routine lately. Clean house in the morning, little scrapping and chatting online while ryskie down for his nap. Then lunch then little more scrapping, cleaning and chatting. LOL might seem pretty basic but am really enjoying it, i normally feel like i have to be in ten different places at the same time. Must be just a calm week for me, certainly helps with the no smoking. Well thats it for me, its late, I'm tired and just cannot shake this bloody headache. Will leave you with a pic of the Wunghu layout.

take care and be positive,


At 8:05 AM, Blogger Ali said...

Well Done Julie. You are doing a fantastic Job!!!
I really can't wait for you to save all that money up and see what you can do with the new camera.... You will have to do photo shoots for us when you come up to
chat later today,


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