Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Man talk about having a hectic weekend, only just now starting to recover from lack of sleep. Had the midnight madness crop friday night so didn't get home till about 12.30. Wasn't a bad night, work wise, got two layouts done - which really isn't bad for me. I'm usually too busy gas bagging to scrap much, so was really happy to get the two done, will share them at the end.
Saturday day, steven and i helped move my sister's things into her new unit - ok, so really steven did all the moving LOL, i helped by keeping the kids out of the way. Took them down to the park by the lake for a play and a bit of a kick with Nick's soccer ball. Then had to come home and get ready for the 30th that night. Was good to get a little dolled up, not something i really get the chance to do much so was different, felt good too. Thought i would struggle with the no smoking at a pub,drinking and surrounded by heaps of smokers. But nope, still have not given in and must admit there really was no temptation there. Was having a blast on the pool table, discovered the secret to winning - KEEP DRINKING - so you can just imagine how good i was at pool after a few hours LOL. Lets just say was not well later that night(or rather early next morning).
Got woken up Sunday at 6.45 to get ready for our trip to Science Works Museum - we had to meet up with every one else at about ten, so had to be on the road by 7.30. Steven did a fantastic job of getting all the kids dressed and ready while i stood in the shower trying to get some life back in me. Man if i ever see a Cruiser again it'll be too soon, those little drinks are very deceptive. Was able to sleep all the way to Melbourne though, so by the time we got there was feeling heaps better, with a bit of help from a macca's brekkie run lol.
The Science works was fantastic, they kids had a ball being able to touch and play with all the gizmos.
And there was just heaps to see and do. Was a bit dissapointed that we didn't get to see the planitarium or lightning show, but with rylan in his pram, it just would have been too difficult, and was worried about him being in the dark with all the noise, so maybe next time. Funny thing is though, Maddy has a school excursion there in about two weeks, and have volunteered to be a helper, so hopefully we might be able to do the things we missed sunday. We decided to all head over to Crown Casino after finishing up at the museum, was not a great time there. Kids (all 8 of them) were tired and cranky by then and starting to muck up, so parents decided to start heading home, but stopped off for dinner at La Porchetta near the Vic Markets first.Was a lovely place, lovely HUGE meals and even the kids all behaved for us adults to enjoy it. By the time we got home it was about 11pm.
So its been a pretty action packed weekend here, hopefully this one coming will be a lot more slower paced. Well thats about it for an update, time for me to hit the sack, will leave you with a pic of the layouts from friday night.

Take care and rest much


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