Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well am slowly but surely falling behind again.
Yesterday was Day One of Embellished's 21 Day Challenge, somehow i must of missed that post, but i'm sure it will be okay to take today as Day One. Will be doing my entry for it tonight after work so will share next post i promise.
Am supposed to be getting my gear ready for this weekends scrap retreat at Lancefield. Have no pics sorted as yet, no idea what items i'll be taking and there's no way i can get some swapp cards made in time - this last one not entirely my fault, only got email with these final details last week, so really wasn't time to do the swapp cards anyway. But thats ok, have never made a trading card before and would hate to be handing out some really crappy ones LOL. Oh well, i guess i still have two and a bit days to organise for this - wish me luck, will be needing it i think.
Still have yet to do the samples for my classes at Hobbysew, but am hoping that they will just be an arvo job when i get back from retreat, there's not much to them. Also have to finish last couple of layouts for the Chatterbox comp, was sooo wanting to have this finished before going away but i don't think its meant to be. But i better be getting it done the first week of July or I know i will miss the deadline.

Well there is one thing i managed to get done last night, this layout :
I love this pic of Luna Park in Saint Kilda, i took it on our last visit there way back in like November last year i think. It is such a fun place to visit, unfortunatly there seems to be a major price hike every so often and this place, whilst free to get in, is just such an expensive place to visit now. Quite sad really as it has a lot of fun memories for us all. Oh well, some things are just destined to change i guess, so now i will have to keep an eye out for other really fun places for us to visit.
Well thats about it from me, hopefully by next update i can scratch a couple of things of the TO DO list - fingers crossed hey !! .

till then,
take care and laugh at least once every day,


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