Thursday, June 22, 2006

Did another trip to Echuca today, to get some practice on teaching classes -watched one being taught by Helen. Was good to see that they are all pretty relaxed and laid back, not to stressed over what is taught as long as they have something to attend. Sat down with the owner, Karen, to plan some class topics - we did pretty good i reckon, have planned right through to the end of the year. Will be doing a structured class every third thursday of the month - they have just a coffee and crop session on first thursdays - don't think am so nervous now to teach. Have the class topics, have met the ladies, now just need to produce some samples and class plans and will be set to go, first class will be the 20th of July and will be doing an Altered monogram class - should be HEAPS of fun.
Have done a few layouts lately but unfortunatly cannot share as they are for either the CBX comp or for Scrapgenie Design Team work. So really i don't have that much to update with in that area LOL.
Also haven't taken any pics lately so can't even share a cute pic with you all. I don't seem to have done all that much lately have i and yet i feel that i have been on the go non stop, am feeling totally buggered. Have these huge dark circles round my eyes, i seriously look like a raccoon, lucky i wear glasses so is not too noticeable to others.
Think i should just sit down at my desk, pic out a pic i love, or hate even, and just scrap something for me, maybe somehting about me, just something that i want to do. Just go a little crazy with it, try something a little different, maybe thats what i'll do over the next couple of days, really take my time with it, no rush needed. Will see what happens.

Well thats it for me today, no layouts to share, no pics to shared and nothing else really exciting to share lol, so will say goodnight then
till next time,

take care and kick back


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