Friday, June 30, 2006

ITS FINALLY HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well its finally here, the weekend of the Scrapanalia retreat. I have never been to one before so am not knowing what to expect, not even knowing what to pack for it LOL. So much stuff i would love to take - JUST IN CASE!! - and not much room to put it all. So have set the limit, and will only be taking my tote, a couple of shoulder totes and my embellishment case - THATS IT!! - if it doesn't fit then it stays home. Am serious, will not be leaving extra bags in the wagon of stuff that MIGHT be needed, nope not at all, if it doesn't fit it doesn't come. OKAY, if i say it enough times then i might listen to myself LOL. Am not quite excited bout it yet, more nervous about missing something, hopefully once i hit the road today around Two - ish, then the excitement will build.It about a 2 and a half hour cruise down the freeway, so plenty of time to drive down with the stereo cranking and build up the excitement levels, well am hoping so anyway.Here's a pic to show you just how much is going, if its not in here ITS NOT GOING, lol still trying to convince myself. And seriously, if i don't get at least THREE OR FOUR layouts done this weekend i will be banning myself from all retreats in the future, so that should be a big incentive for me to get something done.
Well thats it from me for the rest of the weekend, better get going now have heaps still to get ready and have got to seriously clean out the car, is looking like a major junk heap lol, oh well one of the perks of having little kiddies i guess, everything looks like a junk heap myself included at the moment LOL.

okie, till next time
take care and scrap heaps!!


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Ali said...

Well you better get at least 4 done missy...YOU ARE coming to our retreat!!!
Have a great time...will miss you heaps!!!!!


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