Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Okay, only going to upload those retreat layouts. Not much to be reported since yesterdays blog. So a layout only day, seeing how i promised and such.

i know the 'cow' one is really plain, not my style at all, but everytime i added something it just seem to ruin it, so just left it as it was, though did mount forth pic on chipboard and sanded edges.

There's not much too them really, just some quick and simple ones. Is hard to go over the top with creativity when your working in a metre by metre area with ten tonne of talking goin on round you.

I do like them though, and am quite happy with the work i was able to do while away. and since i went over my quota (3 LO's) then am definetly in on the Rocky Retreat next april, shhhhh, was going anyway, just trying to scare me into more work lol. And here is the final one, a double for Nick's Easter parade at kinder.

I did come home with a heap of little OTP items. Some made in classes, some were swap items and some were just little knicknacks made to fill as many criteria on the challenge list as possible LOL.Not going to upload all those though, will try and do a link to embellished where i had them uploaded in the forum last night.


now if i was really clever i'd know how to make one of those neat little links hidden in the word, sorry though, you just have to settle for the big chunky link above LOL.

well thats me done for today

till next time,

take care and scrap heaps


At 8:59 PM, Blogger Shirls said...

hi. came across your blog link from somewhere else. just have to say i simply love your work!!

At 4:44 PM, Blogger Julie said...

hiya shirls, thanks heaps for the lovely comment.


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