Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED AND POSTED MY MAKE IT MEANINGFUL ENTRY!! Thats all its been about the last few days and to be honest was really getting sick of it. So thats it, done and posted, they can make of it what they will, I at least have a gorgeous album that i absolutely adore, with the exception of a couple of pain in the butt layouts in there LOL.
What else have i been up to?................hmm, have fallen behind in the 21 day challenge again, so hopefully get it up to date within the next week. Did scrap a layout last night about Rylan, loved the way it turned out and was a really quick one to do. Have also scrapped another layout tonight about little man Nick, total opposite of the rylan layout. Where rylans is soft and sweet, Nicks is bold, bright and busy - love them both. Will upload them both together on next post so you can see how different they are (haven't got a pic of tonights one yet).
Haven't really been upto much in my day to day life. My routine seems to be set in concrete at the moment. I get up, i dress, feed and organise three kiddies in the space of an hour and then drop them off at school/kinder/daycare depending on the day. Come home, clean a little, scrap a little, sit at the comp a little (um yes... a little...) and then its time to go and pick maddy up from school. Some days it only me and Rylan home, other days its Rylan, Nick and I, some days i have to work that night. Slight twists to it i guess but basically is still the same. Am getting quite bored with it really - or as we say here - am starting to get itchy feet. This is usually a sign to start some sort of planning as a big road trip is not far off. Here's hoping anyway, probably couldn't afford a big trip at the moment, but never say never i guess. will just wait and see how it works out over the tax season.
Still playing with the cannon, slowly working out what means what - is still set to autofocus for the time being though LOL. Would love to take the kids out and get some really fantastic pix, but unfortunatly weather is really crappy here and not game to take the camera out in the rain,it might catch a cold LOL. So just have to settle for taking some not so good indoor shots.
will try and insert some pix throughout the posts, you know me, its all about having photos lol, so fingers crossed all goes to plan,

till next time
take care and chat soon



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