Friday, July 07, 2006


Well i have done my first official layout for Embellished as Design Team member, and i think it ended up lookin alright. The kit I used was the Winter Chill Kit, it had a selection of Chatterbox papers, not normally my thing, but these papers are just gorgeous. They really are outdoing themselves with their new range - Chatterbox that is.
There was a little cardstock accordian album thingy in there as well that i had fun with. Made up a little Travel guide about our visits to Victoria's snowfields - had some real fun with this.
Have managed to get through a few things on my to do list. Rak list has been updated, just need to email it out to members, have kinda caught up with the 21 day challenge - have done the journalling pages, will go back and do the quote pages over time. Have sent of the Raks that i have been meaning to send for a little while now - they were pretty cool, so i hope they like them, also posted out J2's prize today for the secret item challenge i hosted. Layout for For Keeps was also posted. So am narrowing down that list slowly, really have to get those class sample done though, and that chatterbox comp deadline is drawing nearer. So am hoping to buckle down Sunday and at least get a couple done.
Today also happens to be steven and I's fourth wedding anniversary, he's got somthing planned but not letting on about it. Just that i have to be dressed up a bit, so i would guess we are going somewhere 'nice' for dinner. Cannot wait to see where he has chosen. Is good to be back to this stage considering a short time ago i was not sure which way our marriage would go. I guess when you want something fixed then you do what it takes to fix it. I have been trying so hard lately to contain this 'Tal' temper than i have, is good to be able to discuss things rationally instead of the yelling that used to be my solution. Still plan on us seeing someone, alittle professional finetuning wouldn't go astray.
So anyway thats about it for today, have to go and start getting ready, washed my hair this morning and then plaited it so is gonna take forever to get it straight. LOL the things we do hey?

till next time
take care and have fun.


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