Friday, July 21, 2006


Well the boys seem a bit better this evening, Nicks temp rose slightly but no where near as much as it has the last few days. Took them down to the doctors today to try and get them in to Dr Russell - he is brilliant with kids and the only one i will take the kids to see. At first they couldn't get into see him till nearly four this arvo but when the nurse saw Rylans rash she though it best to wait in the reception area for a quick ten minute gap to open up - we only had to wait about half hour so that was pretty good i thought.
Definetly NOT the measles, but it is a viral infection that has caused flu like symptoms and the rash. He didn't put a name to it, said only that it would run its course within the week and to keep fluids up. The reason Nick was really crook while Rylan wasn't is because poor poor Nicholas also has Toncilitis at the same time - hence the confusion with the oncall nurse last night on the phone - I was explaining so many symptoms to her and she just could not come up with something to tie it all together. So nick has this foul foul medicine to take, he's normally good with taking meds, but farout it was a struggle to get it down tonight - we had to actually hold him down, not something i enjoyed doing but something that had to be done. But it seems the boys are on the mend, the rash fades in and out depending on the heat in the room but should be gone in a couple of days.
Some other exciting news in the last few days is that Rylan had his first haircut!! it had just gotten soooo long and it really had to be done, but i was sooo upset afterwards. These are the before and after pix - Nick got his cut at same time,BIG DIFFERENCE THERE AS WELL. I did end up taking Rylan back today to get it cut a little shorter as was looking a little bowlish to me round the ears, looks heaps better now and he looks sooo grown up - will try and get a pic to share next time.
Here's a pic I took of Maddy today after school. She has soo much enthusiasm for anything she does - She ABSOLUTELY loves going to school and yet at the same time she ABSOLUTELY loves to get home in the arvo.I can't wait to see what i can come up with for it.

The layout is one i did for her Wednesday but couldn't get round to uploading till now. I just love this colour combo, the colours are not quite right in the pic - think granny smith green and cherry red. I think they look fantastic together. And am soooo loving the spots at the moment - hence the reason why there is only one sheet of pp used here, didn't want to cover the spots LOL. Love the pic here as well, she just seems to be giving me some beautiful photo opportunities lately. Normally is virtually impossible to get a natural looking smile from her. This is actually a DT layout for Embellished SS, pp is part of a pretty funky looking "Miss Preppy" kit. The other 90% of the layout is Heidi Swapp (they should sooo make me a representitive LOL) and is also available from the shop at Embellished (and always at 20% off RRP).
Well have managed to get two layouts done today, one is for a photo swap and the other is a Scrapgenie DT layout - so unfortunatly i cannot share this one - but will share the swap one once Clare has recieved the original. And its only Ten so i really should be able to get another layout done tonight. Will see how i go. Well thats all there is for now, seems lifes getting back to normal....well as normal as possible round here LOL.

till next time,
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