Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Ever noticed the harder you try to do something the less likly you are to get it done. Well thats the trouble i seem to have had the last few days. Have these motivations to scrap, some great ideas in my head but try as i might i just can't seem to get it together. And it doesn't seem to be just scrapping related either - the house is looking shabby, theres a couple of piles of washing to be done and folded, the car seriously needs a good clean for this weekends getaway. And it all just sits there waiting for me LOL, seriously though if i was motivated enough i would of got it done. Just feelin a little mopey coz i can't seem to shake this really stubborn flu, has been a good week now and still it lingers.
And then guess where this weekends getaway is to? The snowfields here in Victoria, hmmmmm snow and flu...seems like a good combination LOL. The kids are all pumped to be going and it will be little man rylans first visit up the mountain. You should see him in his snowsuit....he is just the chubbiest little marshmallow ever..........and he hates it, he cannot seem to walk properly in it due to all the padding, will so have to share pix after the weekend. Bit nervous about taking my new camera up,not sure that i should or if maybe i should take my little kodak up. The Cannon will take some absolute awesome pics though, any ideas??.........should i take or not, can the cold wreck it in any way??
Okie so these are the layouts from the last few days, not DT ones, just for me layouts. The first one with all the flowers was for the challenge posted on the Freestyle blog - sillouette challenge. It was originally on a goldie coloured background but went a little too far with the doodling and wrecked it, so cut everything out and used this red pp from Daisy D's as the background - nto quite the same effect as the original but i still like, its a fun layout and not only do i like but so did maddy, she loved the idea of having wings i guess lol.
The second layout is using another one of maddy's 'dancing' pix - can you tell i really loved them. Again not quite going the way i wanted so just kept it simple and tried to let the colours be the focus - not too bad a result. The third layout was another really quick and simple layout, not much on here which is unusual for me, but really really like the way it ended up....is very clean and i'm not a clean scrapper,so i like...maybe should do something like this everynow and then to mix it up a bit. I find if Iscrap the same techniques over and over then I lose a bit of zest for it all, so am trying to mix it up a bit. Time will tell if this works.
Maybe when i'm feeling a little better my mojo might return - should anyone happen to have a little excess then please, feel free to share.
Well thats all from me tonight guys, is late and i'm tired. So till next time, take care and will chat soon..........


At 10:16 AM, Blogger Ali said...

I still think your work is great!! But we do have days where it just doesn't happen for us....I have them all the time...!!!! I am sure you will be back at FULL-SCRAPPING-STRENGTH when you are feeling better also....
CHEER UP....I know it will come back!!

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Askinstoo said...

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At 7:25 PM, Blogger francineA said...

i love your simple style at scrapping..im usually a cluttered scrapper but i also love to throw in a clean and simple layout..
keep going your doing great,,i know the feeling of a lack of inspiration hopefully it will return for you..

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Julie said...

Loved your new ones J1. I hope your mojo returns soon. If it ends up here I will send it home.


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