Friday, July 28, 2006

Am feelin heaps better since last chatting - am over it so will not go into it again.

Bought the new For Keeps mag today, have a double in the babies gallery (bye bye baby)- am lovin the way each layout gets its own page, really gives you a chance to soak the whole layout in without being distracted by others on the page, and it just looks soooo much neater as well i reckon.
Have also decided in the last couple of days that i will enter the FK elite team comp, is nerve racking but if you never try then you never know. I was tempted by the SM masters one but just feel they put too many requirements on the entries - i suppose this is a way to weed out the truly determined - and i wasn't that fussed year maybe. I have enough to keep me busy at the moment anyway. Still have some paper lines to get through in the kit from Embellished, Cathy from Scrapgenie has posted me some more lines to play with as well and i have GOT to do a couple more class samples for Hobbysew - supposed to stay about two months in advance, plus the paper kit she gave me last time. Then lets not forget the little things as well...... i have two circle journals sitting here waiting to be done and posted, i have a few rolodex cards to be made up, swap items to be posted and still have yet to write up the instructions for the project layout going to SC - lucky its not due for another month yet lol. I did manage to remember to post out the layouts for SM and FK yesterday, so theres a couple off the list now. I either need heaps better organisation skills or i need a way better memory. Its not that i don't have time to do these things its more that something will pop up in my mind and i'll do that instead - like this FK comp, finished a layout for it last night and just love the way it come up, for once i am really happy with the way something turned out. So thats one down and four more still to go.... at least there's still plenty of time for this one.
Might make this weekend a catch up weekend, do all the little stuff thats waiting to be done and get it all posted out monday, over and done with then. Although am working most of the day saturday (at this stage anyway) so will have to be a catch up sunday.

Okie quick rundown on the layouts - first one was for a impromptu friends themed photoswap challenge on Embellished - heaps fun and really like the way it turned out - thanks for the pic lorrie, your a champ!!
Second layout was for another impromptu challenge between ali and i -had to use the sentence "friends are the 'embellished' part of life" as a title on a layout- is for the scrapping friends theme callup at FK, so hopefully one of us makes it in - fingers crossed here.
Third layout was for a photoswap at Embellished. Find it really nerve racking to scrap other peoples photo but am really happy with how this one turned out. And loooooove the Doodlebug silk flower i've used (from scrapgenie), they are just gorgeous.

almost forgot to mention - Ali, little miss sneeky lol - scrapped one of my pics i took the other dayand uploaded on here, it looks absolutely fantastic - LOVE IT!! so thank you ali.
here's the layout here if you wanna see:

Also got my layout back from Jodee for the photoswap - and she did a fantastic job with the pics of Rylan that i sent through, she included so many of the elements that i love -THANKS JODEE, LOVE IT!! will give a link when she has it uploaded to the Embellished gallery - speaking of which.........has been looking totally awesome lately, the work being uploaded is just brilliant and it has been great to see all the different styles of scrappers we have at embellished and how those styles are just constantly evolving. The DT entries are looking fabbo so far, cannot wait to see all them once the deadline hits - not long now ladies!!
Well thats about it from me today, am working tonight so most likely no scrapping till sunday then, oh well such is life and a break might get the creative juices flowing again lol - can only hope so.

take care
and chat soon


At 7:03 PM, Blogger Ruth said...

Wow your lo's are just gorgeous.Love the colours in the first one with the b&w photo. You are so clever.

At 5:34 PM, Blogger francineA said...

wow you have been busy and i love your layouts,,,,gorgeous work!!!
Keep it up..but gee you have so much on your plate i dont know how you keep churning out such great wrk..your amazing!!!

At 12:49 AM, Blogger Kelley said...

All Gorgeous LOs!!!! LOVE them all!!! You are so clever!

At 4:46 AM, Blogger blogaccount54 said...

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