Tuesday, August 01, 2006


OMGOSH was yesterday a great day for me...........and i sooo needed it lol. I had another layout accepted into SC - the sookie lala one about rylan, also had a layout accepted that wasn't mine LOL, but it was about my little man so thats ok - ali has the original so they forwarded the email onto her. I absolutely loved the layout when she first did it and i subbed it for some call up back then, hoping to surprise her when it got accepted, well never heard anything back and forgot about it till yesterdays email.

I then had another email from SC about another totally exciting offer...............but i won't share just yet till its confirmed LOL - but i thought it was really exciting and have been smiling since i read the email.
I also found time to scrap a layout yesterday - just a really quick one for Nicole's 'Black Pearl' challenge at Embellished. You had to google a name generator that would give you your Pirate name and then scrap your interpretation of it. Well my pirate name is "Pirate Prunella the Fashionalbly Late" -LOL ....almost suits to a tee. So this is the layout i scrapped for the challenge, i think it is fantastic and it was HEAPS of fun to do - little tongue in cheek humour never goes astray lol, and as i said when i uploaded it.....if i could of found a frumpier pirate wench then i would of used her, but i don't know......those legs kinda do look good on me LOL!!
The first layout (FINE!!) is the matching one to go with the other maddy layout i uploaded the other day, the first was the happy layout, nice cheery colours to emphasise it, this one is the grumpy layout with the black background so is not so cheery. Between the two, they show her extremitites really well and i'm happy with how they both turned out.
And the last good thing yesterday - before i had to leave for work, was that i had a box of goodies show up from Scrapgenie for some more DT layouts - AND MY GOODNESS WHAT A BOX LOL. I'd take some pix to show but won't for two reasons - 1 if i laid it all out for pix it would probably get trashed by little man and 2 I'm too lazy lol - it would take a few pix to get it all and i just can't be bothered doing it. Will start sharing my layouts for Scrapgenie here though from now on.therewere a couple of really awesome things Cathy included that i can't wait to use. The first was one of the new Prima kits, with gorgeous flowers, rikrak and jewels in a see through container - is BEAUTIFUL!! There was also some really funky AMM chipboard monograms and a new ribbon stack from Prima, plus a couple more packs of the spotted flowers from Doodlebug. Theres too much to mention but suffice to say there's enough there to keep me out of trouble for a while lol. So hopefully i get to be a busy beaver for a while.
So in the world of scrapping all is going really well and its all very exciting.
Home life on the other hand is not that crash hot - am really finding my self to be pretty grumpy last couple of days, i'm not too sure what its all about. The littlest thing seems to pee me off and it really is just piddly little stuff. Am wondering if it has something to do with starting the final stage of the quit patches - they are the tiniest little thing ever and you kinda doubt they are doing anything at all, on the other hand you don't really want them to be doing much coz the course is almost over, so who know - is prob me just being tempermental - it happens.
Two other 'family' things happened today. First is i had to take Nick to the dentist as he had a sore tooth, well news not good. He apparantly has a couple of other teeth that need fillings and the one they worked on today is pretty deep so they've put a temporary filling in for the time being - something to do with trying to build up tissue or somesuch. Here i was thinking i was doing the right thing by letting them brush their own teeth at night - the whole responsibility thing - and all along i was ruining their teeth. Have made another appointment for Maddison to have a checkup next week with Nick as well - Fingers crossed her teeth are ok.
The other thing for today is that my tax finally came back YAYYYYY!! Mind you though, they sent me a check instead of transferring electronically - i must of buggered up my account n's or something. Anyhoo so i have a pretty cool check sitting there but alas, i cannot spend it....I'm using it to clear up all our little crappy loans, like GE cards, credit cards and such. There's nothing i really need to buy so feel i should do the right thing with it instead of wasting. And by clearing all these little things up it clears the way to put extra money aside for our holiday to QLD next month.
Well thats about it then, if you read through all that, Thank you., once i start is hard to turn me off lol.
take care and chat soon......


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