Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What a week

Well what a week and a bit i have had here. Some of it has been awesome with some exciting news and other days i have been so down i just can't seem to shake it.
Would you believe it all started with a layout i made up one night. At first it made me sad, then it made me really angry ..........i can't really explain it too well, its just how i feel about this issue. Why do some decisions have to be so black and white. Here i am on my side of the fence determined not to budge and there is steven over on the other side, equally determined not to budge - and worst of all, there can be no comprimise this time..... it either is or it isn't.
I have told him how i feel, exactly how i feel ....laid it all out for him and he has done likewise and told me his point of view. The sad part is we can each see where the other is coming from but we can't seem to find the way to fix it. It has seriously gotten me so down this week that i can't sleep at night and my moods are just so whacked through the day..........How do you find the way to meet in the middle when there is no middle to be found??? It is starting to put a strain on us, just when we were doing so well. The move has been an awesome thing for us relationship wise, we no longer have the arguements that we used to, we no longer feel like just two people living in the same home - we feel more 'together' than we ever had for years. It scares me that we maybe heading back to the point we were once at. Yet i still can't seem to let it go or give in. This is something that is sitting very solid in me, and even though i know it is starting to cause probs i still cannot let it go. I don't believe one party has the right to call final judgement on something that is permanent - and that goes for either of us.......hence our problem. Maybe time will be the trick to it, maybe after a little more time for one of us to get over the emotion behind it then maybe a decision can be made. Here's hoping anyway.
So that has been the biggest thing for me this week, its kinda good to get a bit of it out.
As for scrapping, well i have done a little so will share some layouts - but some of them are older ones that i never got round to uploading.

This is my layout in the current SC for their 20:40:60 challenge - colours were a little bit bright in the mag - a lot more subdued and distressed in real life. Was a great kit they sent out and i had heaps of fun playing with it.

These two layouts are from a crop i attended over the weekend. The first one was for an impromptu one hour challenge we held and the other was for a 30 min photo swap. The pic of my three kiddo's was scrapped by the talented Ali Russell - LOVE IT!!
And these two are just ones that i've done a little while ago but never got round to uploading. Just some quick and simple ones for no particular reason.
Well thats it for today - sorry for the downer post, but i think i really needed to get a little of it out and its helped a bit i think.
thanks for stopping by, take care
Julie xx
editing to add - well maybe there is hope for middle ground after all. I have had a chat with an awesome friend and being that she is not emotionally involved with the matter she was able to chuck some extra thought my way and i think she may have given me another tactic to approach with. Thanks heaps Ali chick, really appreciate (and needed) this arvo's chat ...... you really are the voice of reason at times ;) Feeling heaps better now and hoping for a more positive outcome when i chat about it to steven later.......wish me luck!!!


At 3:11 PM, Blogger Chris Millar said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're having this internal battle Julie! Sounds like a common ground can't be reached on this one but it also sounds way to important to just let go of. I suppose you could try and work out who's happiness is being compromised and work on fixing that - because I truly believe that happiness is the key to everything! (sorry, getting a bit carried away there!LOL)
Well, your scrapping certainly hasn't suffered! These are awesome layouts Julie!! I loved the one in SC!!!

At 5:56 PM, Blogger Kelley said...

Good luck with your chat later Julie - I hope you resolve the issues you have together. Glad Ali was there to help be your voice of reason!! Sometimes you really need someone to lean on!
LOVE all your LOs too - You are so freaking inspirational gal!!!

At 5:57 PM, Blogger Karen L said...

Sorry to hear also that you have had a tough week Julie - life isn't always easy. Thank God for good friends - so pleased to hear that the chat with Ali has helped a bit. Hope everything sorts itself out real soon with both of you feeling as if your are being heard and your feelings are validated. Would have to agree with Chris - your scrapbooking is amazing and I feel privileged that I have had the opportunity to meet you, take a class with you and also just watch you create. Looking forward to scrapbooking with you tonight.

At 11:08 PM, Blogger Anthea said...

good luck Julie, I wish you all the best in a compromise.

those LOs though are gorgeous!!!

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Mardi said...

Julie...I hope everything sorts out for you...Im not sure what the problem is...but it is obviously upsetting you a great Im sending ' make it better' vibes..and some (((hugs))).

You are the scrapping queen at the everything you are doing...
Mardi x

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Julie said...

Hope that things all are going ok Julie. I'm glad to hear that Ali's chat helped put a different light on the matter. Loving the pages here. They are awesome.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Carole Janson said...

Julie, I am so sorry it has been difficult for you, I hope everything works out for you I really do, but on the Scrapping front you are so on fire, I love what you have created, you blow me away with your creations.

I have just had a catch up on your blog, and you have done so many layouts, and the designs on each one are stunning, love them !!

Good luck with everything Julie, I so wish you all the very best.

Carole x

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Joanne Bain said...

Hi Julie
I hope you manage to work things out and find your common ground.
Your layouts are stunning as always.
Chin up and think happy thoughts. Well if you can anyways.
Best Wishes

At 9:08 PM, Blogger Carolyn said...

i hope you are having a much better week Julie and all matters are sorted out for you and your hubby:-)
I truly love all your layouts, they are very inspirational to me!


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