Friday, October 20, 2006

Some more pix.............

Hiya guys, have been slack in keeping up to date I know. So this will probably end up a really long post, sorry guys.
First off Maddy had her junior school sports today and she did absolutely fantastic!! Those long legs of hers were a great help lol. She ended up winning most of her events.......she lacks a little co-ordination for the throwing events such as discus and shotput but definetly made up for it in the running, hurdles, three-legged race and the highjump, highjump by far her best event for the day. Was soooo proud of the kiddo, she put all she had into the day and was just so excited. Even nicholas got in on it - he was invited to take part in the three legged race as they were one short. He and his partner did fantastically the first stint but took a tumble second time round. Was just a great day and I'm sure we won't hear the end of it for a while from Maddy.
Have been keeping really busy through the week, just so much to do and seems like so little time to do it all. Was ask to take part in the 20:40:60 challenge for Scrapbook Creations and have done the layout for it now - was a really cool kit they sent out. Am also working on another challenge/feature for them so that has been fun as well. Cathy at Scrapgenie has decided to do class kits so have had some fun playing round with them, need to get my butt into gear though and do a couple more for her.
Have also started the Elsie Challenges at Embellished, have only just posted up the first challenge so take a looksie if your interested, the girls there are gonna make this a blast for sure.
So have done the first example layout for that as well.
So have definetly been keeping myself busy. Have ordered a skip bin for the week so will be making a start on the shed over the much to be done in there, but am just gonna be ruthless - if i don't need it and it can't be donated to the salvos or anything then in the bin it goes. We really need to cut this household's contents by half for the move in January and it'll not hurt to do so. We seem to have accumulated so much over the years and a lot of it is not needed - so out it goes (also see this as a good chance to get rid of the old stuff and replace it with much newer stuff when we get up there lol...............but shhhhhhh don't tell steven lol).
Both the boys have managed to take a couple of big spills in the last couple of days, Rylan has the biggest lump ever on his forehead and Nick has one as well on the side of his head.............I guess it's true what they say..........boys will be boys!! But they both got over it fairly quickly and are back to playing at top notch speed like they normally do.
Well thats the quick update for now, have to get going soon to pick up Maddy from school. So take care guys and will chat again soon...


At 3:21 PM, Blogger Ali said...

Great pics of Maddy Julie!! I won't tell Steven...shhhhh..
So cannot wait for you to get up here!!! HURRY up!!!
chat soon
ali x x

At 8:14 AM, Blogger Nicole Rayner said...

They are great pics of Maddy arn't they?
I love a good clean out everyonce in a while, it feels so good.LOL...
Getting closer to the move. Getting excited?
Talk soon,

At 10:53 AM, Blogger Mardi said...

Hi Julie....great action shots of Maddy...I can see a layout coming up there..which reminds me I have some photos of Briony at school sports that I still havent scrapped.
Good luck with the clean out...its a great feeling....thinning out clutter!
Looking forward to seeing your 20:40:60 layout..
Mardi x

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Joanne Bain said...

Hi Ya Julie
Those action pics of Maddy are terrific...I hope all went well with your clean out...good excuse for new furnishing I reckon..Must feel good to know your move is getting closer though
Have a great day

At 7:40 PM, Blogger petamb said...

Great sporting shots, its always fun to get some action pics..
Have a great day

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Tammy said...

Great photos Julie, hope the clean out went well. I will be doing the same in a few weeks so we can get ready for our big move in January too.


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