Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Catch up time ..........

What a flat out couple of weeks it has been here. So much has been going on and now for the life of me I don't know what it is LOL.
First up, all our guests flew out Sunday week ago. It was absolutely fantastic to be able to catch up with everyone from back home. The house is heaps quieter for sure but I'm kinda missing all the company we had. Meeting and cuddling Brylie was definetly a highlight of the visit from my mother and sister. LOL, just wanted to add from my last entry that yes the first week had me feeling clucky, after two weeks though I'll just say that I'm very happy to be a mummy to slightly older kiddo's and am definetly comfortable in our decision of no more bubba's - you kinda forget over time just how much time little one's need, ours are a little more self sufficient now a days which is kinda great in a way.
So the guest flew home and school holidays begun. so whilst the house was a little quiter there was still the mayhem that comes with three young kiddo's in a house day after day. It has been great having them home though - the key is to definetly keep them busy!!! We've been out and about a bit and that is helping in all of us keeping our sanity LOL. They are back to school this coming Monday, and to be honest, I think Maddy and Nick are really looking forward to it. LOL - I think, they think, that I'm a little boring.
Other news - My Cannon suffered a mishap and has now been sent to Sydney for repairs that could take up to FIVE WEEKS!!! Not happy Jan!!! From what we could gather Maddison tried to stick the memory card in backwards and ended up bending some of the prongs that slide into the card. I could of attempted to straighten them myself, but better to be safe than sorry I thought, so off it was sent. Did not realise just how important my camera was to me. Not just for photos and such, but also in getting pix of work to share for DT posi's and such. The super sweet Ali lent me her little point and shoot though, so am starting to catch up on all the things I needed to do. So prepare for a bumper layout share LOL.
The July kit at Embellished is about to be released ......and it is GORGEOUS as always!!! The papers are just beautiful and the extra's the girls have included in this one are just awesome. Seriously, you have got to check it out. I think I managed eight layouts and a fairly large OTP plus there is still some bits of papers left over if I wanted to get a couple more out - so definetly some value for money there. Here are some of my layouts for the kit:
This is the OTP item that I made up using a sheet of the Jenni Bowlin shaped paper. Originally when I folded it in half it look like a file so was gonna go with that but then somehow I ended up with this photo holder. There is about a two inch gap from the back and front piece to sit the photos I want to scrap in there. I thought it was pretty cool, just need to add an extra sheet of chipboard to the back to brace the back a bit better and then its down to the shoppe to display there for a little while.
Finally got my hands on the new love, Elsie papers - well the Roxie range anyway. Total fun playing with these. But can be easily overdone if your not careful, the patterns are so bold and full and quickly make a page seem full. Really LOVE the embossed cardstocks in the range. Here are two of the three that I've done with them - keeping the last one back just for now.This last layout was a just for fun layout. Headed down to the shoppe Sunday night for a scrap session with the girls - Ang, Jo and Al. Had been a little while since we'd gotten together so was really just a great night - full of chatting and scrapping with great friends........what more could a gal need!!!
Was tagged by Lali so will do that this entry as well - sorry it's a little late Lali.

Four of my favourite jobs -

1 - Scrapbook teacher (easily number one fav I think)
2- Nightfill for a supermarket (no-one to disturb me, do my job and go home ...great pay as well ;) )
3- Manager of a dine-in resturaunt ( ok this was stressful at times, but I like being my own boss to an extent LOL)
4- Macca's chick as a teenager - learnt a lot about the real world from this job

Four of my favourite local places

1 - Botanical gardens here in Rocky - heaven on earth seriously
2- Beach at Emu Park - very close second to the gardens
3- Stocklands shopping centre - great place to just sit back with a coffee and people watch
4- My scraproom ...... my own little retreat for sure

Four of my favourite foods

1- Lasagne - definetly has to be homestyle
2- Cheesy vege pasta - my own little recipe that I just adore
3- PIZZA!! great chill out food
4- snickers - another great chill out food LOL.

Four of my favourite places in Australia

1- Bright VIC - gorgeous little town set in the VIC alpine region
2- Apollo Bay VIC - another gorgeous little town in VIC - has both mountains and ocean, my two favs
3- Gold Coast - love the fast pace action there
4-Blue Mountains - absolutely stunning there.

Now for who I tag:
Hmm, might tag the Embellished DT girls for this one

Melissa and

Have fun girls,
and with that I'm bowing out for a shower. LOL, late morning here is all I'll say.
take care and will chat soon

Julie xx


At 1:57 PM, Blogger Karen L said...

So good to catch up on all the news Julie - wow more amazing layouts- I don't know how you do it. They are truely inspiring. Hope you get your camera back real soon. I know how awful I would find it if I didn't have mine. Looking forward to catching up with you in classes again real soon.

At 3:28 PM, Blogger Lali said...

You are about as good a blogger as I am NOT LOL, love all the LOs and that BTP very clever and it looks great. Hope you get your camera soon.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger ~Cat~ said...

WoW Julie, look at all those LO's!! Fantastic work, love popping over here to check them all out, your an awesome source of inspiration :D

At 7:31 PM, Blogger Chris Millar said...

More gorgeous work from you Julie! Enjoy the school holidays!

At 9:46 PM, Blogger Jodie said...

oh ur work is just AMAZING i love it, love the elsie stuf!! :D
too cool

At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Lusi ;) said...

Hi Julie :)
Just stopping by to say how much I adore your work! Have a fab day :)
Lusi x

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Melissa said...

Great to hear you had fun with your family Jules!
LOVING all your latest work!

At 10:14 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

Love these pages Julie, even more stunning IRL.

At 1:10 AM, Blogger Colleen said...

Wow! Amazing layouts!


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