Monday, August 13, 2007

Bit of a share coming up..........

Monday morning - worst part of the week for me at the moment I think. Usually Steven lets me sleep in Sunday mornings so I tend to be up late Sunday nights before I'm feeling tired. So come Monday mornings, the alarm goes off, hit snooze, alarm goes off, push the snooze limit one more time and then, well alarm goes off and I'm running round like the proverbial headless chook yelling -"we're late, we're late - let's get to it". So its a hectic morning, kids are rushed, I'm running round kitchen fixing breakfast then lunches, finding Nick's shoes (cause he NEVER remembers where he put them), doing kids hair and then bustling them out the door - only to pull up in front of the school just as the bell's going ...... mind you the bonus to running late is that I can always find a carpark right out front near the school crossing. But I hate the late and rushed feeling of the morning, makes me grumpy and I don't feel like I've given the kiddo's a really good send off for school if that makes sense. Really need to work on fixing this up and getting some proper sleep the night before - sadly it seems I must give up Sunday morning sleep ins - Steven will love this I'm sure, he'll be the one to get the sleep in then lol.
Not much else has happened here in the past few days since we've been home. Taught a class Thursday night and then again Friday morning, Saturday was ........well a normal Saturday lol, full on and hectic and then yesterday we headed up to the Botanical gardens with the kiddo's to meet up with Ali, Glenn and little lukesta - kids had a total ball running round and letting all their energy out. Didn't take my camera up with me though - do I dare say it?? ....... but I really just couldn't be bothered to worry about taking photo's ..... shocking isn't it LOL. Just wanted to sit back and enjoy some peace whilst the kiddo's ran rampant instead of trying to keep up with them to snap some pix ....was great for a change.
With the get away last week - I hadn't scrapped for about a week, so since we've been home I've been feeling the need to get into my room and make a dent in all the holiday pix taken. Last time we went away to the Gold Coast -2005- I had planned on making up an album just for the trip layouts ..... never happened. Think I did like three, maybe four and that was it. Really want to get it done this time and have a whole album for this latest trip. So it gave me the perfect excuse to get in and scrap at nights and here's what I've come up with.
This first one is the counter part of the layout I did a little while ago about being too scared to get up on the ferris wheel. Well I did it at Seaworld - YAYYYY!! Man was this one high, went up like 60 metres in the air, scary stuff lol. But I did it and here is the layout for it.
This is just a super quick and simple one. Only had to add the pix, tittle and journalling strips, everything else is the background paper.
Now I absolutely love this layout - the pix are just beautiful. Showed Steven when I had finished it but he said he didn't really like it, was too plain. That's ok though, I love it and am really happy with it - yes is simple, but I felt it needed to be.
Just another simple one, love the photo of Ry and just wanted that to be the focus of the page.

Okie, this one did not turn out like the image in my head lol, don't you just hate when that happens. Love the cherryArte paper, and knew it would be perfect for the starter page of the album, but just couldn't get it to quite gel, oh well maybe nextime lol.
Looove the photo in this one, took it whilst waiting to get onto the giant ferris wheel. It's right up close and personal, you can see the difference of texture to their skin - Ry, soft and smooth and steven all rough and sharp - really do love it.
This layout totally cracks me up, just makes me smile or laugh everytime I see it. As soon as I saw this little fish in the aquarium the first thing I said was -"Oh my gosh, it's ry as a fish" lol.

Just the round, soft chubby look to it made me think that - so hence this layout. Totally love it!!

Now I mentioned last post about Ry loving to hug all the characters and not too worried about his mummy taking 'nice, posed' photos - well this is the layout for that lol. He is just the cutest sometimes isn't he?
This next layout is a Scrapgenie layout using the Office Supplied range by Imagination Project. The soft, earthy colours to this range are just gorgeous, and there is a large assortment of ledger styled papers and embellishments.

Layout is just about how since our move up here away from family and friends I've had to really rely on myself and the need to make routines up and stick to them, about finding my balance. Man it's been hard to do so, but i've gotten there finally i think.
Now these next lot of layouts were going towards my For Keeps Elite Team entry, started them back at the start of July. But I have made the decision to not carry on and complete my entry. I just don't think my mind is totally into it and I know that I wouldn't be able to give it all i have to produce my best. The other thing to it as well is that I don't like the whole worrying and thinking about it once I have entered, happens to me everytime I've entered - this would of been the third year - so decided to just not put myself through it.

I did enter Masters, but to be honest I haven't really thought about it since I sent my entry off. Maybe because I'm not holding out any real hope for it, not sure really - just am not worrying about it.

Well thats all for today then. Time to go put Ry down for his nap and then finish off the laundry, did the housework this morning so this is all I have to go, yayyy!! - lol, the smallest things make me happy ;)

Just popping back in to add some tags that I have forgotten to add to my last couple of posts
Thanks to Karen, Cat and Carole for tagging me as a 'rockin' girl blogger'. I am so happy to read that you ladies think my blog 'rocks'. The idea originated from Roberta Ferguson and now I have to tag 5 girls that are rockin'!!!! I'd love to tag Lisa, Lusi, Maz, Mardi and Kelly S. I always love checking out these ladie's blogs, they all produce some awesome work and love to read the stories they share - I think your blogs 'rock' guys!!!

take care and will chat again soon

Julie xx


At 10:50 PM, Blogger Julie said...

awesome pages j1 I took think your rock and always check in here for your new pages.

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Karen L said...

Julie, you never cease to amaze me with all your gorgeous layout. You sure have been on a roll. How gorgeous and inspiring are they. It was a pleasure to tag you - always love coming and checking out your blog and I think your layouts "rock"

At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are awesome Jules! You could have BLITZED elite team!! Maybe next year?? I will be looking for your name in masters anyways!

Love your style!


At 12:58 PM, Blogger Anthea said...

Oh Julie! I LOVE your style, I am loveing these LOs!!!

At 10:42 PM, Blogger Terri H said...

Julie these LO's are just yummy!! I love the simplicity to them & yet they radiate the love you have for your family. Job well done chicky!!

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous isabelle56 said...

comme elles sont belles tes pages ! j'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais -

At 3:59 PM, Blogger Joanne Bain said...

Hi Julie
You truly are a rockin girl blogger. Your stuff is fantastic. Huge congrats on making the SM top 100 you most definately deserve to be there.


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