Saturday, September 30, 2006

I Love GetTogethers!!!!!

Not too sure where to start so will just start rambling and see where i end up LOL. First off we have a Grand Final BBQ today, should be fun - even if it is about footy (sorry guys, am sooooo not a footy person). Is a fantastic chance to get together though with friends, and will be Steven's last opportunity to do should be an AWESOME day today.
Maddy had her face painted while we were out yesterday, they did a pretty cool job with it and I of course had to take a pic of it when i got home. Had a play with the pic in photoshop and came up with this, thought it looked pretty funky and was the first photo that i scrapped at the crop i went to last night.
So have attended my could very well be my last midnight madness crop..........unless anyone wants to offer up babysitting services lol. And it was such a fantastic night. The ladies are just a laugh a minute and its not surprising that we never get much just a shame that it got moved back to once a month instead of it being fornightly like it used to. But yeah, definetly a great time last night and i manage to get a couple of Scrapgenie layouts done that I liked. Just have to scan them so will share next time.
If anyone's got the new For Keeps mag then flip to page 20 i think it is, have a layout in the sports star gallery......Little Nicholas with his skateboard - he was pretty proud of himself lol. Oh and i also got a couple of emails this morning from Basic Grey. They accepted a couple of layouts into their gallery ........ thats probably not a big deal, but i was heaps excited lol.
Will be hosting the October DT challenge on the Embellished forum , all details will be posted up Sunday evening but here's a little teaser just to get you all interested lol. So come and have a looksie, there are always heaps of challenges and comps going on there. And HEAPS of great company, they are an awesome bunch of ladies and are always gasbagging lol - seriously, join in on one of our Cyber Crop nights and you'll see what i mean LOL. But I'm getting off topic - not a hard thing for me to do lol. So full details for the DT challenge will be posted up Sunday night, have a looksie, have a go at it and post in the gallery so i can then have a looksie.
Round one for Idol finished up at Embellished and the votes have been cast. Congrats to the ladies that got through to the next round.......your work was AWESOME!! So the next round topic was to scraplift a choice of the four given layouts. All four layouts were pretty awesome - here they are HERE if you wanna see the originals. Not only did you have to scraplift though you also had to go with a 'Ten things i am thankful for' theme, so this made it all very interesting then. I really wanted to have a go at this one and of course i chose the Elsie design, surprise surprise LOL. So i sat at my desk and just went for it, didn't let myself stop to think about it too much and this is what I came up with...... is very pink for me - but i like.

Well i think thats everything for now, better go and start getting ready to head out soon. Thanks for popping by guys, take it easy.................and hope you all have an AWESOME WEEKEND........even with the footy on LOL!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006



Well school holidays are drawing to a close..................only four more days.............. YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! okie will try not to be too excited LOL - has been great spending some extra time with them but sometimes its possible to spend a little too much time together lol. And Maddy really has been missing school, she has read her reader that many times she knows each page by heart without opening the book.
With only four days left of school hols that also means only four days till Steven takes the Rocky
plunge. He finished up at work today so we are planning on spending heaps of time together as a family before he leaves Monday. MAYBE we'll spend that much time together we'll be happy to have some time apart lol.........we'll see.
Today was also my little sister's birthday......... she turned a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUISE!!!!! Yes i know that may seem a little wierd to some people, but i come from a large family (am oldest of 6) and there is a wide range of ages. Throw in the fact that my other sister is now expecting her first child (she's 18 months younger than myself) and it seems a whole lot weirder again LOL. But you get that with my family, weird as they come.But its been a bit exciting with all the news at the moment.

Have scrapped a couple more layouts - they are uploaded to my gallery here at Embellished if you wanna have a looksie (have already uploaded a few pix so don't wanna overdo it ). Will share this one here though. Was for a challenge Ali set in the forum at Embellished ....... challenge was to start with a number. So my number was three - for my three kiddo's. Tried to take it a little further into the layout design.....almost got there. There's three pp's, three flowers, three photo corners, six chipboard items for title....or two lots of three, three journal strips, the only thing that let me down was that i switched a piece of the rikrak for some HS tape, so almost.

Well i think thats about everything covered for now, thanks for dropping by, leave a hello if you wanna and i'll chat again soon hopefully.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

D DAY LOOMING.........

The days are just racing by aren't about a week Steven will be off to Rocky and the kids and I will not see him for like nearly four months. I think its all starting to sink in now and i must admit i am scared to death of being on my own. We have never been apart for more than a couple of days and four months will be the biggest trial i have ever been through i think. The really sad bit is that he will miss Nicholas' fifth birthday in November and this has really upset Nick. He cried the other night when he's dad tucked him into bed, said he promised to save his daddy the biggest piece of cake for when he got back again. Its very very hard.........but i know this will be something that we won't regret and hopefully January won't take too long to roll up. The good thing is Steven finishes up at work this Wednesday so will be able to spend four full days with us before he heads off.
There's not much other news to share. There is a costume party for a friends birthday that we were invited to in a couple of weeks and even though steven won't be here i think i still might go. Be good to be with friends and it sounds like is gonna be a great night. Prob is though that i have no idea on what to 'dress up' as .................any ideas anyone??????? Have the kiddo's sorted out, Nick of course will be a pirate and Maddy is going as a fairy princess...............better get a move on to decide what i will be. Since Steven is missing it he has promised to dress up for her on Grand Final day - think he said he was gonna go as one of the american presidents......something to do with him and his mates dressing up as them years ago for school break up.....who knows!!
Well thats everything covered i reckon, weather has been really crappy here so that means scrappin time. Have managed to get three done in the last few days, will share my FAVOURITE one with you. I LOVE THIS LAYOUT!!!! Is not much to it really, but is such a gorgeous pic of Rylan and i just love the 'messy' look of the scraps.............and the new MM cheeky jigsaw letters are just sooooo funky - LOVE THEM!! The other two layouts are up in my gallery at Embellished, they are HERE if you wanna see them.
thanks for dropping by guys ................i have a feelin you all are gonna be my outlet for sanity in the next few months so thanks in advance. Take care and chat soon...........

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A little layout sharin'

Okie so here are the Scrapgenie layouts that i promised to share in last post. Am really pleased with how most of these ones turned out (couple still little plainish), am getting into the challenge of only being able to use certain products. My two favs would have to be the 'Rock Star Look' and Leaf Spinner' ones, they were the last two that i did and just seemed to come together so easily. So thats them finally scanned, emailed and uploaded LOL.

Not too much to update on round here, am on Day three of school holidays so the nerves are starting to get to that rattled stage - only eleven more days to go lol. Its not too bad really, its just i don't understand WHY kids get so much enjoyment out of annoying the crap out of each other and in turn annoying the crap out of me. Put them on their own and each are saints, put them together and its just one thing after another. Even little man Rylan gets in on the act sometimes.........he'll walk up to either Maddy or Nick and just take whatever they have right off them.........and instead of taking it back off him they stand there yelling out "MUUM, MUUUUUUM...HE WON'T GIVE IT BACK AAAAWOOOOO" (my attempt at typing crying LOL) Like i said only another eleven days to go, wish me luck that i don't go grey!!

Here's another two layouts - one's just a 'because' layout and the other is a challenge layout. Ali put up a challenge on the forum at Embellished (check it out, always heaps goin on there) to either use a full layout sized pic or scraplift a journalling style. Printer was low on red ink so prob wouldn't get a large pic printed properly so took the scraplift challenge. Decided to scraplift Elsie's style of journalling, she's always so over the top, carefree, bright, funky and FUN with her journalling so that is what i tried to capture on this layout.....not too bad an effort.

Well thats it for me today guys, thanks for dropping by and will catch up again real soon.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Well not too much to update from the last three days, have kinda been lost at my desk scrappin away when i could get the chance - kiddo's start school holidays this week so prob won't get a lot of time to sneak off to scrap. Have been quite productive this week i reckon, I've scrapped these three layouts plus four for Scrapgenie and the 'fathers son' one from last thats eight in not quite a week, not a bad effort at all.............used to take me days to get just one layout done lol. The 'such a poser' layout is only a 9x9 layout though, this is the first time that i have scrapped this size and must admit it was fun, could be quite easy for me to over do it though if i'm not careful, but definetly fun - think i'm gonna do a whole album this size with my favourite pix.

So the news that i was gonna post the other steven has given notice at work!! in roughly two weeks he will be heading back up to Rockhampton to find a job and save up to move us all up to rocky by January next year. BIG huh?? Couldn't believe it when he said he was gonna, he's not normally a decision maker,thats usually my department, but i don't think i could of decided on something this big and well i think he just took the choice out of my hands - am glad he did though. So am both excited and nervous, wish it could be a simple as snapping fingers and it would all be done. Lets just hope it all goes well and steven has no trouble finding a job up there. Is not too bad though, his boss has told him he'll keep his job open for him till the end of the year, so its good to have that security behind us.

So yes.........a little sudden isn't it? Must admit our friends and family have taken it well, we already have some self invites happening lol. We have always said that one day we would move to Queensland, never thought it would be that far north but i must admit, even though we were there just a short time, we all seem to have fallen for the place.

okie well thats about everything for today.......will share the scrapgenie layouts next post.

take care

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Man do i so wish i was still on holidays.............................I seem to have come home to crap!! And its the kind of crap that just doesn't make sense. All i know is that at the end of the day........ a GREAT friend of mine has been hurt - and this upsets me..... greatly. This is a person totally undeserving of the events occuring around her, a person that will offer you her trust wholeheartedly and stand beside you with help if ever needed. And whilst we may not of been friends for years, this is a person that i will be PROUD of to call my FRIEND for a long time to come. You know who you are missy....................... so CHIN UP, STAND PROUD and keep being the awesome person you are - know that you are surrounded by love and friendship! Things have a funny way of taking care of themselves and KARMA is a mysterious marvel!

And when all else fails - remember this, from the mouth of a wise red head " MEH.........."

But we go onwards and upwards..............we continue to live and to create..............and create i have. I have managed to get three layouts done in the time we've been home. Unfortunately i can only share one with you, haven't taken a pic of the second one and the third is my final entry for the For Keeps comp.
This layout here was made for a challenge posted up at EMBELLISHED had to use lyrics from an Australian artist. The pic is one of many taken while on hols and thought it fit perfectly with these shannon noll lyrics - love the WRMK papers.

Will have to get off my butt and get a pic of the other layout to share - have used the new BG gypsy papers for it and really like the way its come up, will try and share tomorrow guys.

Had my class over in Echuca again - i absolutely love teaching these ladies, they love learning new tricks and techniques and they just seem to absorb it all with no probs.......they are just the best group ever......always sooo willing. Today's class was based on Journalling - all the little tips and tricks I could give them on handwriting - my all time fav journal strips and the different styles of doing them - different styles you can apply to your writing - and of course had to include Doodling. So after having a muck around with all of this for a while we put it to use by creating a layout that incorporated all of these - made up a little pocket for the layout as well in case they still wanted to hide their handwriting - am plese to say that none felt the need to hide their handwriting!! GOOD ON YOU LADIES, YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!!

Well thats it from me tonight guys, if you read it then thank you. i did have some other good news to share but i think i might hold off till a bit of a brighter day.

- ooooh nearly forgot - if you have the new copy of Scrapbook Creations turn to page 108 and you'll see my grumpy little man - this pic is such a crack up, he looks like a little frankenstien lol. Funny thing is though, he was actually in a good mood, so i have NO IDEA what he was going on about hey?

okie, thanks guys, will chat soon.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Well we are home....... what a week it has been! Am not sure where to start actually, it has been pretty jam packed.
Meeting up with Ali and her family was awesome, we had so much fun spending time together and it was just soooo easy to get along, to feel totally at ease. We spent heaps of time getting out and seeing all that Rocky and Yeppoon had to offer.It really is a beautiful place up there and it would be easy to get used to the lifestyle.
Both our little men - rylan and luke - got along together brilliantly - there is only nine days between them, and it was just tooo cute to see them playing together soo well.So overall it was an awesome getaway, great company, great place. These are some of my favourite pix from the week - was hard to choose just twelve from the nearly 700 i took, but these are the ones that appeal to me.
There's a few layouts to be uploaded as well but haven't as yet taken pix, hopefully by next post.
Well just a quick update for now, Steven and I spent all of yesterday and this morning driving home so am just totally buggered so might just have an early night.
Take care and chat again soon........