Monday, April 16, 2007

Don't ever give me.............

......a pair of scissors with the expectation of being able to cut hair effeciently. Seriously......I totally suck at cutting hair. I thought i'd be able to trim the top of Nick's hair as it has gotten a little shaggy over the last few weeks. Really didn't think it would be that hard - WRONG!!!!! I ended up have to shave the poor kiddo's head, and let me tell you that poor boy does not have the right type of head for a shaved look. It has just made his little stickout ears look even more stick out!! Lucky he's at an age where it doesn't matter to him, he just told me he looks like that boy from nieghbours - lol, he was talking about 'Boyd' I think, so i just went with that and said yes i was making him look spunky like the boys on tv LOL.
Even little man Rylan didn't escape the wrath of the scissors. I was unsure of what setting i normally run the clippers over his hair, for some reason i really thought it was a number two so went with that. NOPE, i do not use a number two, i actually use a number four. So poor boy has hair so short you can see the whiteness of his scalp through his hair. My poor, poor boys. Not sure if i am game enough to take a pic to share, will see if i can manage it by the next time i blog. LOL, Maddy said she needed her fringe trimmed, this is something i normally do for her, but after the fiasco with the boys I told her she was probably better off waiting for another day - can you imagine poor Midskie with a shaved head..............not a good look for a little girl LOL.
Well the older two are back to school tomorrow - YAY!! Not that i haven't enjoyed spending extra time with them for the Easter break, its just that its been soooo much extra time LOL. Did manage to get them out of the house a few times in the last week and they ended up being pretty peaceful days for all of us. The one big think i noticed on their time off though is that they LOVE to annoy the crap out of each other. Seriously, why do kids get so much enjoyment out of peeing each other off? Nearly sent me bonkers........ well more bonkers anyway. So am looking forward to school tomorrow. The house is in dire need of an thorough tidy up, and to be honest i just need a little extra peace and quiet i think.Hmmm hope that doesn't make me sound bad LOL - but as a mum i really value quiet.
On the scrapping front have been kinda busy and kinda in a couldn't be bothered mood, really weird actually. One night i got like three layouts done and then i didn't feel like scrapping again for days, just bludged around at night. But is good to take a mini break every now and then - well thats what i told myself anyway. Here are some of the layouts I've done:

Okie better leave it there, little man has just woken from his nap and better get lunch happening. Take care and will chat again soon - hopefully i am game enough to share a pic of the boys next time LOL.

Julie xx

Monday, April 09, 2007

Exciting news......

It has been a flat out week and a bit here in the Heard household. First up a HAPPY EASTER to everybody, hope the bunny has brought a heap of choccie to your house - hope also that unlike me, you have not yet made yourself crook from it all LOL.
Okie onto the biggest new of last week - well two bits of news that were very exciting. On monday my sister gave birth to her first child, a daughter that she and and her partner have named Brylie. She wieghed in at eight and a half pounds. My sister went over her due date and ended up having to be induced. Was so very exciting following it all between Sunday and when Brylie was finally born Monday arvo. So i am now an Auntie and my kiddo's have a cousin - YAYYYYY!!!!!Here is a pic of Brylie - and the layout that i have already scrapped for her LOL.
Then out of the blue on Friday morning we get a phone call from Steven's dad saying that his sister has had her first child that morning. A beautiful little boy they have named Damon - he was two weeks early but still weighed in at eight pound five ounces. Soo exciting isn't it. Sad to though that we can't be there to visit and to hold the bubs. By the time we get to meet them at christmas they will both be about nine months old - no longer babies.Here is a pic of little Damon:
We ended up spending half of yesterday with friends down at the beach at Emu Park. Was a really great day and was happy to be able to spend it with the fantastic people that we have meet up here in Rocky. Was a really fun day for all, and the kiddo's all loved the egg hunt Ang organised for them. Some pix of our day:

Arn't they just the cutest.We've never done a beach egg hunt before and the kiddo's had a total ball.
Thanks Ali, Jo, Ang and families for a really special day.

The new April kit for Embellished has been released and is TOTALL YUMMY!!! Check it out, this is one kit you don't want ot miss - is awesome!!!!! Here are some of my layouts using the kit.
Here is my layout for the BTB journey at Embellished this week. The topic was to scrap your mentor/support person. Steven is this person for me, is always there with the support when i need it most. there is a letter hidden in the music file for him
And these layouts are just for me layouts.

Thats about it for now i think. There are a heap of layouts i've done over the Easter weekend but well, I've been too lazy to take pix to upload LOL. Have a feeling i'm not going to be geoutting a whole heap done over the Easter break with the kiddo's home but that is good i think. Will be great to have a break from it and get out and about with the kiddo's, staying cooped up in the house with them all is the quickest way to become insane LOL.
So till next time, take care and will chat agian soon.
Julie xx