Monday, October 30, 2006


Saturday's Melbourne meetup was a total blast. But before i get to that i would like to first thank you ladies for the comments you left me from my last post. I am really thankful for these words, it really has been a great help and put abit into perspective for me. I am no longer worried now that i may be over scrapping, it seems to be something that hits us all at some point, so i will do as you all recommended and take a mini break from it - its already been a week so hopefully if i put it out of my head the bug will bite hard again with in a couple of days.
I really love this blogging network, i love the way we all have a little space to just get what we need to off our chests. I love the way that there are ladies out there that are able to read a little about ourselves and then leave the inspiring comments that they do. The support network is truly just amazing. After the crappy stuff lately over silly things like competitions and such its a big boost to morale to blog hop and see the uplifting comments and praise that we all leave for each other. I know for a fact that the words left for me last post were definetly uplifting and it really did lift my day as well. So my aim now is to try a little harder each day to do the same. I have my favs that i visit regularly - they are in my links. I love nothing better than to pop over to each one and just read a little about someone else's day. So if your not in my link leave a little message for me and i'll do a link up (lol - that is of course if you'd like to link up - not the most sanest person). If leaving a comment for others has the same effect that me reading my comments does then i will be making a big effort to surf round a couple more. Okie will stop the rambling now - really just wanted to say THANK YOU!!
Okie now for the Melbourne meet. What an awesome, awesome time meeting Lorrie and Michelle was. Here's a pic - from left to right - Mel, Michelle,Lorrie and myself. They are a fantastic pair of chickies, there was not one moment of that awkwardness that you sometimes get meeting new people. And the Paperific show was a ball, sooooo much new stuff out there at the moment. So yes i ummmm bought a little bit lol. Steven if you read this then just think how much cheaper scrapping therapy is compared to 'real' thereapy. Fell in love with the Autumn Leaves stamps - the Rhonna Farrere range, but for the life of me i could not find the swirls range.....defentetly keeping an eye out for them though. So yes Saturday was a great day.
As for other news round here, well the kiddos were super good yesterday, really really helpful and just seemed on their best behaviour - so that made Sunday a great day. Rylan has started an extra day of daycare today. So he now goes two days a week. Poor kiddo was just sooo upset when i dropped him off this morning, he really worked himself up and it almost got to the point where i was gonna bring him home again. But the carers assured me that he settles right down within ten minutes and does normally have a great day, will see how it goes i guess. If it doesn't work for him then i will cut it back to one day, but really am needing this extra day especially now that i have to start hitting the packing hard. Thought i'd include some pix of him now and when he was first born - lol no layouts to share and can't have a totally boring blog.
The first pic was taken while we were still at the hospital, he seems so tiny now but he definetly was not a little baby - he was a real little chub at just over 9lb. Though he was the smallest of my three he was the quickest to put the weight on and has always been a little chubber. These other two pix i took the other day. He has just grown up so much, and at one and a half now he is no longer my little baby but his own little man with heaps of personality. He can be extremely stubborn at times (with me as his mother i would expect no less lol) and yet so so sweet, he loves his cuddles and kisses.
Well thats me done for now, will update again soon. Take care ladies and chat soon..............

Thursday, October 26, 2006

zero motivation..........

Well theres not a whole lot to share with you ladies, sorry but life really is boring round here at the moment, very busy - yet boring all the same. Haven't scrapped much, actually only a double of maddy's school sports and thats it - and even thats not really that great, it all just seems flat at the moment. Its like the motivation is gone, seriously, I just cannot seem to bring myself to sit down at my desk and scrap. Its not that the mojo is gone, seems worse than that really.The ideas are there but I don't seem to have the passion to go for it. It has me really worried to be truthful, scrapping is my outlet, its what i do to be me, so if i can't seem to do that then what do i have?? There's so much to be done, i have committments that have to be done and i just cannot do them. Anyone else ever felt like this?? What have you done to help overcome it?? Do you just make yourself sit there and do it or do you give yourself some time off? Have spent the last couple of nights reading, it used to be an old passion of mine, no book would ever go unread in this house, so that is what i turned back to. That has helped keep the mind occupied at nights, its just so quiet here once the kids are in bed. I don't speak after 7.30 at night, there's just no one to talk too and i'm sure it would look really wierd to sit here and talk to a computer screen.
I don't think this is just something that happened over night, its been a gradual buildup over the last few weeks. I can see that I'm not totally into it, my layouts no longer have the depth to them that they used to, quite frankly its been a while since i have done one that i just loved.
A friend and i are having a meet up with some of the melbourne girls from Embellished, we are spending the day at Paperific. Am seriously hoping that something there gives me back the 'need' to come home and scrap something. Maybe a mini shopping trip for new goodies could be what i need - I seriously, seriously hope so.
Well have been tagged by the lovely Micaela so will do that while i'm here as well,

1.Things that scare me:- Car accidents,

2.People who make me laugh:- my kiddos (they're so good they can make me laugh and cry at the same time lol), comedy shows such as 'thank god your here,and the national debate ones with different comedians

3. Things I hate the most:- people mean/cruel just for the sake of it,malicious gossiping, KFC - always (every single time) mucking up my order!!

4. Things I don't understand:- why children feel the need to ask the most obvious questions,

5. Things I'm doing right now:- updating blog and watching clock so am not late to pick up maddy - gonna be late if i don't wrap this up soon lol

6. Things I want to do before I die:- I want to have gone right round australia, to have toured europe, to have met my grandchildren, would love to write a book

7. Things I can do:- Scrapbook, draw/sketch, change a nappy with my eyes closed lol,

8. Ways to describe my personality:-honest,caring, stubborn (very lol)

9. Things I can't do:- can't put a book down midway through a chapter, can't seem to ever get through my 'to do' list, ever. Can't cook a roast to true perfection - always either just under or just over done.

10. Things I think you should listen to: that little inner voice of reason, your children - never fob them off for anything

11. Things you should never listen to:- dismal people - they only try to crush your happiness

12. Things I'd like to learn:- ummmm.... the 'right way' to raise a child lol - anyone got a manual, professional photography, extreme car driving - now that would be fun

13. Favorite foods:- anything savoury - am always game to try something new,

14. Beverages I drink regularly:- coffee or water

15. Shows I watched as a kid:- punky brewster, alf,

okie now to tag someone..............hmmmm -okie Jo and Peta (see if your total opposites like my sister and i lol)

Well it seems even blogger is being a pain in the butt and won't let me upload the only layout i've done - will share it next time.
Okie then - take care and will chat soon...........

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Not a whole lot goin on...............

Just a quickie today guys, haven't really done a whole heap so is not much to share really. Did a big clean up on Saturday, the shed has now been organised and a big skip bin full of junk has been carted away. Kids rooms have been minamalised and just waiting on some boxes to start the packing not looking forward to it.
Have uploaded some layouts, the first is the one i tried to upload last time but blogger wouldn't let me. Was havin a down night so just sat there and scrapped and this is what came out, was good therapy really.
Second layout was one that has been laying around half finished for absolutely ages. Had bought the Heidi Swapp snowflake mask but hadn't been game to try it. Eventually just went for it and i'm kinda likin the way its turned out.
Third layout was for another One Hour challenge at Embellish sunday arvo. Is a little plain but i kinda like the way it turned out and might just leave it like that. There not the best pix i've ever taken but they were of Rylan shaking his groove think lol so they had to be scrapped.
Have done all my little make and takes for my final class at Hobbysew in Echuca. I have a class that i'm teaching there this Thursday, taking over as the owner has to go into hospital for a day procedure. Is a card class, not usually into cards so hopefully will go smoothly - and hopefully instructions aren't too difficult to understand.
Well i think thats about it for today, lol like i said haven't really been up to much - just trying to stay sane.
Till next time guys, take care and will chat soon..................

Friday, October 20, 2006

Some more pix.............

Hiya guys, have been slack in keeping up to date I know. So this will probably end up a really long post, sorry guys.
First off Maddy had her junior school sports today and she did absolutely fantastic!! Those long legs of hers were a great help lol. She ended up winning most of her events.......she lacks a little co-ordination for the throwing events such as discus and shotput but definetly made up for it in the running, hurdles, three-legged race and the highjump, highjump by far her best event for the day. Was soooo proud of the kiddo, she put all she had into the day and was just so excited. Even nicholas got in on it - he was invited to take part in the three legged race as they were one short. He and his partner did fantastically the first stint but took a tumble second time round. Was just a great day and I'm sure we won't hear the end of it for a while from Maddy.
Have been keeping really busy through the week, just so much to do and seems like so little time to do it all. Was ask to take part in the 20:40:60 challenge for Scrapbook Creations and have done the layout for it now - was a really cool kit they sent out. Am also working on another challenge/feature for them so that has been fun as well. Cathy at Scrapgenie has decided to do class kits so have had some fun playing round with them, need to get my butt into gear though and do a couple more for her.
Have also started the Elsie Challenges at Embellished, have only just posted up the first challenge so take a looksie if your interested, the girls there are gonna make this a blast for sure.
So have done the first example layout for that as well.
So have definetly been keeping myself busy. Have ordered a skip bin for the week so will be making a start on the shed over the much to be done in there, but am just gonna be ruthless - if i don't need it and it can't be donated to the salvos or anything then in the bin it goes. We really need to cut this household's contents by half for the move in January and it'll not hurt to do so. We seem to have accumulated so much over the years and a lot of it is not needed - so out it goes (also see this as a good chance to get rid of the old stuff and replace it with much newer stuff when we get up there lol...............but shhhhhhh don't tell steven lol).
Both the boys have managed to take a couple of big spills in the last couple of days, Rylan has the biggest lump ever on his forehead and Nick has one as well on the side of his head.............I guess it's true what they say..........boys will be boys!! But they both got over it fairly quickly and are back to playing at top notch speed like they normally do.
Well thats the quick update for now, have to get going soon to pick up Maddy from school. So take care guys and will chat again soon...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

OFF TO THE SHOW..................

This weekend was the Annual Shepparton Agricultural Show and the kiddo's were really excited to be going. We headed out after lunch yesterday hoping the rain would hold off for a few more hours. Thought i'd share a few pix. Didn't get anywhere near enough, was hard to juggle Rylan in the pram, three over excited kiddos and keep a good grip on my camera - while watching my handbag lol.
But the kiddo's had a ball, they loved these two rides here - the teacups and the giant shark slide. We left to come home for some dinner and then hearded back there later that night to watch the fireworks. Was worried how Rylan would take it with all the loud nioses, but not a peep out of him, he sat there and watched the whole lot. So thats the show done for this year - had a major headache by the end of it but i can handle one day a year for the kiddo's to have some fun. STEVEN YOU OWE ME SOME MAJOR TIME OUT - I'M ADDING IT ALL UP.....BELIEVE ME LOL.
Did the layout Friday night, was in a crappy mood and just sat there and scrapped - this is how it ended up. Was good to do though, helps get it all out - especially when you have no-one to talk to. (okie, won't load for some reason....will share next time )
Better get goin guys, kiddo's are trashing bedrooms as i type.
Take Care and chat soon................

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Keepin Busy.....

Well has been a busy week for us here. We had a friends birthday party to go to on Saturday night. Was a costume party - kids were easy as they have some dress up stuff already. I finally decided on a costume - Charlie Chaplin, not very out there but it came together well. Was funny lookin by the time i did these big eyeliner eyebrows and actually a bit scary with how guyish i looked LOL. Managed to get someone to take a pic of the three of us together, not easy when kiddo's are running around like maniacs lol. But it was a great night, heaps of people and heaps of the funniest costumes as well. Clown was a hit with the kiddo's, actually i don't think the poor guy got a minutes rest from them all night - well until the kids crashed for the night anyway.

Nick also had an kinder friends birthday party to go to last thursday, it was his first 'school friend' party he had been to so he was heaps excited. They had it at the local hungry jacks, which is brilliant i reckon - all contained in a small area and then someone else cleans it all up.......definetly will have to look into it for when the kiddo's have their birthdays coming up.
Then Sunday afternoon was a friends son's birthday over at Kidstown playground. This is one awesome playground......think is supposed to be biggest in Australia once finished. Kiddo's were buggered by the time we got home, which was good for me as they all crashed pretty early that night.
Maddy has a school friends birthday to go to tonight - she is sooooo excited by it and has given me specific instructions to buy the 'best ever ' birthday present.....hmmmmm.....will see what i can pick up later on for her, hopefully its pretty cool.
So yes has been lots of birthdays this week.Its kept us all busy and made the week go a whole lot quicker. Managed to get some layouts done at nights. Love this pic of Rylan, not sure what the look is about but is just soo looks like a 'busted' look lol. Was done for the new Orange challenge posted up at the Designing with Colour blog ( will add it to my blog links when i remember lol). Used the orange Heidi Swapp tape to frame the pic, seems to draw you straight to the pic.
Second layout was a quick one i did for Nick. Was looking through my gallery at Embellished and realised I hadn't done a layout for him in quite a while. Started out as a take on the round three Idol challenge - Minimalist theme - but kinda exploded lol, i like the result though - very Fun. Embellished Idol is still going strong, the ladies are just producing some stunning work and the round three layouts are just unbelievable, each and everyday I'm amazed at the standard of work uploaded to the gallery. WELL DONE LADIES - YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Last layout is another Scrapgenie one. Really likin this one, its the cutestpic of Rylan and Chevy (friends dog). He soooo fascinated by dogs at the moment and just chases after them whenever he see's one callin out 'DO DO' - sorry not sure how to spell it to sound the same, is supposed to sound like dog but with no G on the end - he's just the cutest. Love the papers have used for it, very funky and the colour scheme is sooo versatile.

Well thats about everything i think, sorry for the long ramble guys. Take care and will 'chat' again soon...........

Friday, October 06, 2006

Soooo bored.........

okie haven't really been doin all that much besides getting kiddo's off to school, kinder or daycare - have lost the motivation to do any scrappin so will share a couple of maddy layouts that i haven't uploaded before. They are for this months DT challenge at Embellished - to use Vellum. Was fun to try and use an old item in a new way. I had a patterned vellum so just cut the butterfly's and flowers out. Did this for the second layout as well but added some kindyglitz to it for a little extra sparkle. Also used HS ghotst letters as a template to cut the title out of vellum. Seem to be really likin the scalloped edging at the moment, adds a little fun to the layouts i reckon, but could be getting a little overdone now so will ease up LOL.

The third layout is a Scrapgenie one, again using the ornamental papers - really do like this range, very soft and sweet. I did use the pic of steven and the kiddo's taken just before he left but am not quite likin it so will have to scrap it again at some point.
There's not much else to share - sorry guys has been really boring here. Kids and I have caught the flu, so we're all tired and grumpy. Okie, hopefully by the next chat i will have something interesting to share LOL. Thanks for dropping by guys, chat soon...........

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saying Goodbye.....

Well Steven has left - he left yesterday morning just before i took the kiddo's to school. It was hard to say goodbye, the boys were okay with it, they gave their daddy heaps of cuddles. Us girls took it a litte harder.......maddy seems to understand it all a little more and was crying as she gave cuddles, me ......well i'll just say that i was a bit of a mess. They say that what ever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...........well i think that i'll be the strongest i've ever been by the time the four months are up. The last couple of days haven't been too bad, the kids are just being fantastic, they are trying to help out heaps and don't even seem to be argueing that much between themselves, what ever pep talk steven gave them before leaving seems to be working a treat........ mind you its only been two days, so we'll see how long it lasts. Managed to get a couple of quick shots of them all together with their dad before we did the mad dash to school, was a little late .....oopsies.

So have been keeping busy, house is as clean as its ever been............ but am sooooo over house work lol. Am working on a layout at the moment, its giving me a bit of grief - doesn't seem to be coming together to well, but will just keep going with it i guess. If i don't like it then will just stick it in the back of an album lol. Don't you love the times when it all comes together so easily, seem to have used up all those for the time being though. It's like the wells dried up, just cannot seem to get into it. And because am so stubborn i just keep scrapping and not really liking what i'm doing......bit silly huh?
I did scrap these two layouts for Scrapgenie.............there not too bad i guess, the surf one of Nick is a little plain. Saw the curls idea in a mag and really liked the look, so thought i would just convert the look to did not pull it off lol, but i'm eager to try it again on another layout and hopefully will work better next time round. Liked the way the flutterby layout was coming together but then it just kinda fell flat if that makes sense, it need something but just was nothing to add so its staying as is.
Round two of Idol over at Embellished is going fantastic, the layouts the ladies are coming up with are just AWESOME!! You have got to check them all out, each one that is uploaded is just brilliant and the spins that they each put on them to make it their own is just fantastic. Okie, won't be lazy, here's the Round Two Gallery to have a looksie. AWESOME JOB LADIES, bring on round three i reckon.......and won't that be an interesting theme!!! Cannot wait to see their interpretations of it.
Well i think thats about everything from the last few days, thanks for dropppin by and will chat again soon.