Wednesday, November 29, 2006

FLAT OUT!!!!!!!!

WOW!! What a flat out week we have had here. Will start off with Maddy's play. What an awesome,awesome night. ALL the kiddo's did a brilliant job and some were just absolutely adorable. Couldn't decide which to take out of the camera or video camera, so i did the only thing i could think of in the interest of fairness.............I left Rylan with my mum and took both LOL. Probably was best to do it that way as the plays went for just over two hours and i seriously doubt he would of sat there quietly for that long. I did have to pass the vidie camera to Nick when maddy's class came out so i could get some pix, so hopefully he kept it pointed at the stage lol. Will see how it looks when i put it on to tape i guess. Maddy was a beautiful flower for the night - silly blogger won't let me upload the last pic of just her. Awesome night all round!

My little man Nicholas turned five yesterday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!!!!! Decided at the last minute to make up a cake for him to take to kinder yesterday. IT WAS BRIGHT!! Guess thats what i get for letting him choose his favourite colours lol. He was sooo proud of himself for turning five, every time I spoke to someone he would whisper (loudly) "mum tell them they have to say Happy Birthday to me, quick, tell them".The kiddo cracks me up sometimes lol. Here are some pix from his kinder........he will be having his proper party at Hungry Jacks this saturday.

Also got round to doing my Christmas photo shoot of the kiddo's. Seemed to be really lucky this year, was just so quick and easy and i got some of the most beautiful pix of them. Did have to bribe Rylan with a candy cane though - so most of his pix are of him sucking happily away on it lol - still very cute though.

The December kit for Embellished will released shortly - here are some sneak peeks for it. Awesome papers, awesome kit.................but you'll have to get in quick for it, numbers are limited for this one. Had a heap of fun playing around with this kit, once it has been released then i will upload the things i made up with it.
And lastly - I have put up the new Elsie challenge in the forum at Embellished

It was to convert a pic to black and white and make it the focus of the layout. This is my example of the challenge here. Really happy with the way it came up.

Okie, better scoot - Maddy's is home sick today, and from the sounds of it Nick must be down there annoying here - better get down there and put a stop to it before they wake Rylan ......oooooh the joys of Motherhood LOL - wouldn't swap it for the world would we. Thanks for dropping by and will catch up again soon

take care.......................

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bring on Christmas..........

I LOVE Christmas.....every year i look forward to it so much, but never more than this year. Steven flies home christmas eve and though the days are flying past already, i wish they would go a little quicker. We really are missing him soooo much and him not being here has been extremely difficult for all of us. That saying ' You never really know what you had till its gone' is ringing very true in these ears thats for sure. Love ya Hun and missing you heaps!!
We got round to putting the chrissie tree up on Saturday, the kids love decorating it - lol they were trying to decorate it as i was putting it together, couldn't get Rylan into it though. He grasps the concept of taking the deco's off, just not how to put them on LOL, so the bottom of the tree is looking a little ragged already but oh well, is the season to be jolly as they say.
Have done some present shopping already - for the kiddo's of course - just need to take care of a few little extra gifts for family and to make up some cute thank you gifts for maddy and nick's teachers. Not too sure what to make up for them though, so hopefully i think of something soon.
Been keeping busy scrapping at nights. Got a couple of layouts to share with you. First one is for this fortnights product feature at Embellished - was to use the Gin X range with a Birthday theme ....... and as always the Design Team excelled. Check out the layouts here:
The second layout was for the latest Elsie challenge at Embellished, it was to make you own Patterned paper and this was my example for the challenge. Used a MM flower foam stamp (the circles) to stamp with Aqua paint over the strip of white cardstock, then just used an orange pen to doodle around some of the circles. Pic is of our melbourne meetup at Paperific - from left to right : Mel, Michelle, Lorrie and myself. Awesome day, Awesome ladies!!
Last layout is just one for me - havin a play with the new MME Bohemia papers - LOVE THEM!!
Maddy has her first school play on tonight - want to take the video camera so i can capture it all for her dad but will mean that i won't get any pix though......hmmmm tough decision......I know i could take both, but will have the boys with me and don't really want to be keeping tabs on them as well as both gonna have to decide on one of them. Will see where my loyalties lay when i'm walking out the door i guess lol.
Well thats all for now, thanks for dropping by ladies and will chat again soon
take care..............

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sharing some pix...............

Another week gone...........and another packing weekend comin up. Have Mum coming round to help out again, has been great havin her help out......she's one of those people that just get in there and do what needs to be done. Have also pulled the xmas tree out from the shed today so will put that up tomorrow - just need to head back into the shed and try and track down all the tree deco's.
Nicholas got his kinder photo's on Thursday so just wanna share some here so that his dad can have a looksie as well.
They are super cute Steven and he was just so chuffed with himself....... lol, actually his exact words were " yeah, i look spunky don't i mum?". Nick'll be soo happy that you get to see at least some of them, he's been showing them to everyone that drops by LOL.

Last night was the Junior school sleepover for Maddy, she has been so excited about this for weeks. Picked her up when school finished yesterday, came home and packed all her things up, had dinner and then took her back to school for the night. Sounds like they all had a great night, Maddy is pretty tired today though and is being a bit of a pain in the butt..........okie, maybe a lot LOL.
Have put the new Product Feature up in the gallery at Embellished. This time i chose the Gin X range of pp's with a birthday/age theme. The girls all did an awesome job with it and the layouts all look awesome . Gotta have a looksie, they did fantastic!!
Rylan's doin a lot better now - he did get a case of gastro as well - but is on the mend, so thanks for the well wishes ladies was much appreciated!
Haven't been scrapping much, done the couple of layouts for the product feature and some cards and thats about it, hoprfully will get the chance to do some this weekend.
Well thats about everything covered from the last few days, nothing terrible exciting sorry.
Take care and will chat again soon.............

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


To the ladies that made the For Keeps Elite Team. Did a little blog surfing the other day to try and see if i could find a couple of them and have to say that after seeing some of their work, For Keeps mag should be looking good for the next year.
Recieved my layouts back Friday (how quick was that!!), well actually i recieved four of them back. When i finally stopped panicking about where it could be and actually read the letter they sent,I found out they are holding onto some for publication, so that is not too bad i guess. I won't upload them here as i already have a bit to share, but they are uploaded to my gallery at Embellished if you wanna have a looksie. They have FK in the title so you'll know which ones they are : here they are
Haven't done anymore packing - been busy having a play with some Scrapgenie kits. Here are some of the layouts, first set was Bobunny's halloween range and i made two layouts and a set of cards with it. The other layout was made with Gin X papers - very bright and fun, layout a little simple though but i like.
Have posted the new Elsie challenge in the Embellished forum. It is to 'Play with paint'. This is my example layout here. Love this pic of Rylan and decided to do a layout about all the nick names the poor kiddo has. Really happy with the way it came together.

Poor kiddo is still fighting the flu he's got, been waking him through the night so we're all a bit tired and grumpy here at the moment. But he's sleeping ok through the day so he's getting the rest that he needs - shame i can't though LOL - oh well, all part and parcel of being a mum i guess.

Still playing around with the December kit for the Embellished kit site , is such a gorgeous and funky kit for christmas. Make sure to check it out next month. This months kit was awesome and i know Ali has a couple left if anyone's after one, be quick though, they'll soon be sold out.

Had a layout in this months Scrapbook Creations - a pirate one, "seek your riches" - but haven't had the layout or the contributors copy turn up yet. They normally are good and you'll get them before they actually hit the stores, so not sure whats happened. Anyone else had their contributors copy show up yet, hoping my layout hasn't gone AWOL.

Little man Nicholas will turn five in a couple of weeks, and me being the slack ass mummy at the moment totally forgot all about it. Normally am on the ball with kids birthday parties. Have decided to cheat this year and have his at Hungry Jacks. They can do all the prep and cleaning lol and at only 5.25 per child i thought it was a real bargain - that includes the party room, a themed setup, hellium balloons, kids meal, activity book and crayons, little gift bag with stickers and a hostess for an hour and a half for games. Can pay an extra 8.50 for an ice-cream cake if i want but not too sure on that, i have always made the kids their birthday cakes but i guess it will depend on how i'm going for time.

Well thats about everything for now, thanks for dropping by guys, thanks also for your comments - always love reading them.

take care and chat soon..............................

just editing to fix the link to my FK entries - should now go to the right place lol.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Nearly tree time..................

Thank gosh its Friday, schools over for the week so no mad dash to get ready for another couple of days. On the other hand its another packing weekend, yay (shame you can't hear the sarcasm there), but at least i don't have to look presentable for that lol.
Rylan has caught a spring flu, the weather is just so ridiculous at the moment. So very hot through the day and then just drops at nights where you still need to have like three blankets on the bed. Or else it'll go from like 33c one day right down to 17c the next, no wonder the poor kiddo's not well. He's had a temp thats been waking him constantly the last couple of nights and the only thing i can do for him is to give him a little kids nurofen. He won't let me hold him, won't lay down in my bed, nothing......just wants to lay in his cot and just grizzle till he goes back asleep again. Lookin like another such night tonight. Maddy and Nick are still up - watching the hulk no less - so hopefully that means they might sleep in late in the morning, fingers crossed lol.
Will work on clearing Maddy's room tomorrow, wanna make room to put one of the couches in there so we can put the xmas tree up the following weekend.Yes a little early i know, but when i was pregnant with Nick he was due around start of December so we put it up a couple weeks early, just something we've done every year since. Sadly there will be no lights outside this year, this is really a dismal point for me. I LOOOOOVE my xmas lights and usually go all out with them but will only be the tree this year. Oh well, will save me all the muttering i normally do when its time to take all the buggers down lol.
Have scrapped another couple of layouts, just quick, simple ones - really like the 'Geared up' one, simple but cute.
Well thats about all for now ladies - hope you all have an awesome weekend and can't wait to hear what you all got up to.
take care....................................

Monday, November 06, 2006


Well another busy week here in the Heard household. Well i know i've been busy but for the life of me can't remember what it actually is that i've been doing lol.
The kiddo's all got their hair trimmed on Friday, Maddy and Nick are always eager to get theirs trimmed, Rylan on the other hand screamed the store down. But we'd been in and out for over a week and was determined to get it trimmed this time - he was lookin like a shaggy sheep dog with the fringe over his eyes. Twenty mins of torture thats for sure, not just for him or even me but for all the other people in getting their hair cut. Finally she finished and all three were looking nice and neat - here's a pic of the kiddo's - excuse the dirty faces lol they were raiding the strawberries in nana's garden.

Also did a little more packing on Saturday - managed to get another six boxes packed so that was good. Two boxes just for my albums, both scrap ones and normal photo ones - man are they heavy, Steven since i'm packing the boxes you can load the truck LOL. So is slowly starting to look a little barer round here. Planning on doing Maddy's room this weekend, well if i can find the allen keys needed to take her bed apart - Steven ??. She seems to have merged herself into my bed so i guess there's not point in leaving her room till last.

Have been scrapping again - YAY! A couple were for challenge examples and one for a product feature for Embellished. The product feature was the new lilykate range of papers and scrapped a pic of rylan when he was still in the hospital - really happy with the way this one turned out, one of my favs for sure i think. Here's the thread here if you wanna looksie, the DT did an awesome job with their layouts and we all have our different styles which is great.

Well thats about it for now, can't seem to remember much else of my week but the days are flying which is good.

take care and will chat again soon...............