Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Man talk about having a hectic weekend, only just now starting to recover from lack of sleep. Had the midnight madness crop friday night so didn't get home till about 12.30. Wasn't a bad night, work wise, got two layouts done - which really isn't bad for me. I'm usually too busy gas bagging to scrap much, so was really happy to get the two done, will share them at the end.
Saturday day, steven and i helped move my sister's things into her new unit - ok, so really steven did all the moving LOL, i helped by keeping the kids out of the way. Took them down to the park by the lake for a play and a bit of a kick with Nick's soccer ball. Then had to come home and get ready for the 30th that night. Was good to get a little dolled up, not something i really get the chance to do much so was different, felt good too. Thought i would struggle with the no smoking at a pub,drinking and surrounded by heaps of smokers. But nope, still have not given in and must admit there really was no temptation there. Was having a blast on the pool table, discovered the secret to winning - KEEP DRINKING - so you can just imagine how good i was at pool after a few hours LOL. Lets just say was not well later that night(or rather early next morning).
Got woken up Sunday at 6.45 to get ready for our trip to Science Works Museum - we had to meet up with every one else at about ten, so had to be on the road by 7.30. Steven did a fantastic job of getting all the kids dressed and ready while i stood in the shower trying to get some life back in me. Man if i ever see a Cruiser again it'll be too soon, those little drinks are very deceptive. Was able to sleep all the way to Melbourne though, so by the time we got there was feeling heaps better, with a bit of help from a macca's brekkie run lol.
The Science works was fantastic, they kids had a ball being able to touch and play with all the gizmos.
And there was just heaps to see and do. Was a bit dissapointed that we didn't get to see the planitarium or lightning show, but with rylan in his pram, it just would have been too difficult, and was worried about him being in the dark with all the noise, so maybe next time. Funny thing is though, Maddy has a school excursion there in about two weeks, and have volunteered to be a helper, so hopefully we might be able to do the things we missed sunday. We decided to all head over to Crown Casino after finishing up at the museum, was not a great time there. Kids (all 8 of them) were tired and cranky by then and starting to muck up, so parents decided to start heading home, but stopped off for dinner at La Porchetta near the Vic Markets first.Was a lovely place, lovely HUGE meals and even the kids all behaved for us adults to enjoy it. By the time we got home it was about 11pm.
So its been a pretty action packed weekend here, hopefully this one coming will be a lot more slower paced. Well thats about it for an update, time for me to hit the sack, will leave you with a pic of the layouts from friday night.

Take care and rest much

Friday, May 26, 2006


Well another Friday here, not working tonight or tomorrow night, so I have a whole weekend to enjoy - and at the moments it's looking pretty packed.
Have the midnight madness crop at LSS tonight (that is if not cancelled again), tomorrow steven and i are helping my sister move into her new unit, Steven is already running bets on how long she stays out of home this time - NOT NICE STEVEN. The Sat. night we have a friends 30th to go to. Mums watching the kids for the night (well half of anyway), I went out shopping yesterday for a new top and accessories (will be feelin pretty funky), so am really looking forward to catching up with old friends. Most of us (friendgroup) from highscool will be there, haven't spoken to some in years so will be just fantastic to catch up, see what we're all upto.
Sunday we are taking the kids up to the Melbourne Science Works Museum with a group of mates (four families, be like a convoy lol). We all went not long ago to the melbourne museum together and just had a blast, so much more fun when you go with a big group, so hopefully have just as much fun this time as well.
Well seems like soccer fever has hit, everywhere i look its all about the World Cup and it seems to have invaded my home as well. Its all I hear from Nicholas, soccer this, soccer that - he loves his sports, its always one straight after the other (football not long ago, cricket before that). Here are some pics of him. He is such a cutie.

They had the friendly match on last night between Australia and Greece, let him stay up a little longer to watch it all. Had to go out and do the shopping when it started so i missed about half of it, but apparantly Nick was a bit of a crack up at the start. He was unsure of which team he wanted to go for, so would be yelling out 'go greece' and then five minutes later would be yelling out 'go aussies'. Wish i had been there to see it, by the time i got home he had settled on the Aussies or the 'yellows' as he called them. Hopefully they don't broadcast the World Cup at like two in the morning, or if they do then at least show repeats through the day. Nick is hooked and told him there would be heaps of soccer on soon, so hopefully he will get to watch it.

well thats all I have to update with at the moment, hopefully heaps more after the weekend. till then

take care and party hard LOL

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Change of lifestyle

Well, I've done it. The time has come to make the change I feel and so with that thought I have have given up smoking. Had my last one early Monday morning and then bought some patches for a little extra help. Must admit there's no real temptation to sneak one in, not one for cheating- I've made my choice and will do my best to stick with it. The kids have been fantastic about it, they understand that mummy might get a little cranky and their behaviour has been absolutely fantastic, they really are doing their best to help. My other support is the lovely ladies (and glenn, LOL) from Embellished, they truly are a great supportive network, always have an encouraging story/remark to share. Big HUGE thankx to Ali, she chats with me everyday, encourages me to keep going, I always look forward to our daily chats. So I do it for my health (those pics on the packs are just the grossest), for my children(hard to ignore when your four year old says he doesn't want his mummy to die), for my fantastic friends and i must admit there is another reason for this decision. :

I have wanted the cannon 350D for ages now. So all monies i save from not smoking will be going towards my camera. Hmmm, maybe i should alter a money tin, sit it somewhere i will always see it - might even be a good incentive to add all loose change to it as well. Will just have to see i guess, never seem to have much time at the moment, although i will say, that the house has never been cleaner than the last three days- house work really is a good distraction.

Have decided to go ahead with the Chatterbox comp. Had a hard time trying to decide on a theme, but have got one now. Did my intro page for it last night, but unfortunately the rules state it cannot be published in any form, so cannot share it just yet.

But i did get round to scrapping the pix from the Wunghu fete Ironman challenge. Also got my puzzle piece done for Jodee yesterday (part of a swap at Embellished). Really seem to have settled into a steady routine lately. Clean house in the morning, little scrapping and chatting online while ryskie down for his nap. Then lunch then little more scrapping, cleaning and chatting. LOL might seem pretty basic but am really enjoying it, i normally feel like i have to be in ten different places at the same time. Must be just a calm week for me, certainly helps with the no smoking. Well thats it for me, its late, I'm tired and just cannot shake this bloody headache. Will leave you with a pic of the Wunghu layout.

take care and be positive,

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The great Ironman challenge - NOT!!

Well had plans to go to an all day crop today at LSS, but unfortunatly it was cancelled - again. So we decided to head out to Wunghu instead for their primary school fete (Wunghu is a little country town about 20 mins from here). Now i know I can hear you think thats not that exciting, but one of steven's mates was entering the Ironman Championship and i just knew it would be a great laugh. And boy was I right. His mate is the kind of guy that just throws himself into anything and today was no exception. Here are some pics from the fete:

The first event was a 'drag' race, the contenders had to race down the track, dress in female clothing and then race back across the finish line. So they line up, theres a bit of pushing and shoving on the line, the horn blows and there off. Still pushing, pulling to try and gain the lead, there's a lot of hip and shouldering and then they reach the clothers basket. Theres a mad dash to try and dress in clothes that are about two sizes too small, such a crack up. Leeroy grabbed a pink hula skirt and bra, he was soooo pretty lol. then the dash back to the finish line, with leeroy just making it across first. YAYYY, first event down and with a win for lee.
Next event is the food eating contest. How gross is this, they have to scoff down a tin of COLD spaghetti, can of coke and a cold(and stale) jam donut - YUK YUK YUK!! Again the horn blows and there off, and let me tell you I have not seen anything this gross in a long time. The faces on some were priceless, many stumbled at the cold spaghetti, they just could not get it down, again first place to lee - and by a very big time margin too the bloody guts!!
And the last event was the so called mini triathelon - run down the track, grab a bike and pedal back. Sound easy? not likely! The bikes they had lined up were small kids bikes and the track was lined with all the primary school kids armed with water bombs. This event was hilarious!! There was slipping and sliding and all contestants were soaked, but EVERYONE had a ball. Well everyone except leeroy, he took a big spill and really hurt his shoulder, he ended up coming into town this evening to get it checked out at the hospital. Turned out nothing broken or fractured, just very very sore. Other than that, this really was a fantastic day, and it was good to spend it with my family and friends.

Did get a chance to do some scrapping last night. This first layout is of a pic of Rylan and the car that Steven and I bought him for his first brithday. Used some Heidi Swapp tapes as a border for the pic and then just added some letter stickers for the title -too easy! Love these tapes too by the way, just so simple to use.

This second layout i did was for Ali's sketch
challenge for this month. Photo is one of many that i took of Rylan in his new jumper the other day.This one is probably my favourite of the bunch. He was standing near a big bird cage just staring up at the galah on the other side. I think it truly is a beautiful photo, then again, I may be a little biased LOL. Was a great sketch design and this pic fitted it perfectly. Used the BG holy cow rubons for the first time, and i just have to say, they are really fantastic. Never have i used a rubon so easy to transfer, and they have such gorgeous designs as well.

Well thats me done for today. Am tired because i stayed up really late again -WHEN WILL I LEARN?? Till next time

Take care and Play Hard..........

Friday, May 19, 2006


How fast are the weeks flying past, we are already nearly half way through this year. I guess its just life - the more fun you have the faster it goes. And man, I must be having fun. My little girl Maddy - my own first baby to have held and cuddled close is now in her first year of school. Nicholas - feels like only yesterday that he would struggle to climb into my lap for kisses - is now a 'big boy' and doesn't like to be kissed goodbye anymore when i drop him off at kinder. And Rylan, surely i was only just pregnant and struggling to walk with my huge belly, is now over one - talking and walking and finding his own personality.
WHY IS TIME MOVING SO QUICKLY? It seems like some cruel twist of fate, to be given a gift so precious only to find that you do not have the time to enjoy it. We have built so many precious memories together as a family, yet there are so many wasted moments in there that should of been captured and enjoyed instead of being passed over for what we think at the time is important. And now that the time is passed, you realise what you thought mattered, really didn't at all, and that moment you gave away can never be returned. I guess hindsight really is a wonderful thing. And so while i still have some time up my sleeve - i'm sure it will be many, many years before my children find their own place in this world, I will take this hindsight and use it. I will make the most of all opportunities presented to me, and will build on the memories we all ready have.
I want to get to a ripe old age and realise that i have no regrets, that there is nothing i would of changed. So yes, i may have to work, or clean the house or do whatever other mundane chore may arise but if an opportunity comes to do something that would be of more importance to me or my family then i will grab it with both hands, and bugger whatever anyone else thinks.
I have a beautiful family that each day brings me great joy, I have some beautiful friends - some of whom i have never met in real life - that inspire and support me, and in the end, really, what else do i need. I am so thankful for what i already have.

If you read all that, then i thank you, it was something that i have been thinking alot about lately and i guess i just needed to get it all out and clear the air. My life really is good at the moment so i have no idea why this sudden bit of sadness. Lets just hope that i take my own words in and use them.

Well its late, and its pretty cold here. Think i might go to bed and snuggle up in the doonas - maybe even stick my freezing feet on steven's just to be cheeky ;)
Before i go I'll post a pic of the layout I did yesterday of maddys swimming photos.
Till next time

Take care and be happy

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Swim lessons

What a bit of a hectic last couple of days. Maddy's school class has swim lessons this week and so i volunteered to help get all the kiddies dressed and organised after their lessons - WHAT WAS I THINKING?? What a terrible, terrible task - never have i seen such disorganisation - and that first day i think maddy was one of the worse LOL. She somehow managed to lose her school pants!!!! Told her to sit in change room and would go and see if i could find them. Yeah right, within a couple of minutes out she came and was walking round swim centre in her jumper,knickers and socks (which of course were now soaked), eventually tracked down pants, got her dressed and ready to go. Never, EVER again will i volunteer to help with swim lessons.
On a more posititve note though, Maddy is doing fantastic with her lessons. She has always been a water kid, whether pool, beach or river, you cannot keep her away. So these lessons are very important for her. And since this is only for a week with the school, I have decided to sign her up for proper weekly classes at the centre. What she has picked up in just two days has been amazing to see, so with a little more one on one she should be full on swimming in no time. Here's some pics of my little water babe:

Love the first pic of her here, she really is doing
fantastic and trying soooo hard to learn

Well thats about it for me, besides working and picking up wet things for dripping kids, not much else has happened. Though i did manage to scrap a really quick and simple layout for nicole's challenge this week on Monday night. So I'll leave you with a pic of that.

till next time
take care and enjoy the simple things.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Wonderful Mothers Day

What a fantastic Mothers Day we all had today. Was woken to the smell of freshly cooked bacon and eggs, bacon done nice and crisp just the way i like it.There was plenty of hugs and kisses from the kids and steven and then they pulled out the presents. All i can say is wow, only rarely do i get gifts and today i felt like a little kid on christmas morning. All three kids made something at school/kinder/daycare for me. Maddy made a flower in a pot out of brightly coloured construction paper, Nick painted a cute little box that had a little bag of smellies inside, and Rylan (and daycare carers) made me a little cellopane bag with smelly bath crystals in it.

Steven and the kids also bought me this gorgeous hinged photo screen, its a beautiful reddy/brown stained wood. Now to get it filled with photo's - am thinking of doing most of them in black and white with the odd brightly coloured one thrown in, should make a great visual impact. Although am not sure how long it will last, Rylan took a fancy to it straight away and has already pulled it down on himself once today. Have put it beside the front door, think it looks great with the maroon door and light coffee coloured wall.

Another gift that steven and the kids gave me was a gorgeous layout that they made together. I absolutely love it and think they did an awesome job with it, am going to get a nice frame for it and hang it near my scrap desk. Here's a pic of it :

They used some of my favourite products on it - theres chipboard, prima flowers and a beautiful photo. Steven even searched the net to add a really lovely 'mother' quote to it. Maddy already loves to sit and scrap beside me, am wondering what my chances are of converting both Nick and his dad to getting into it as well. Could you just picture the Heard family sitting down to scrap together at the dining table - cute thought but not likely to happen any time soon LOL.

We put in a visit to both our mums - ended up staying for dinner at my mothers. Made up a pamper box for my mum - it included some pretty flannie jammy's, a coffee mug and coaster set, a box of Nescafes cuppacino and a box of chocolate peanuts. Would of loved to have made her something special but she's just not into it, and i know she would never truly appreciate it. Stevens mother on the other hand loves getting handmade items. Last year i gave her a set of altered frames and i know she loved them. Many times when i came across someone who knew her they would comment on those frames she had told them about LOL. This year i made her a pot of flowers that i had seen in the latest issue of Scrapbooking Memories. They had a huge range of ideas to make for mums but i loved this pot as soon as i saw it and knew i just had to make it. Heres a pic of it:

Well thats me done for today, hope you all had a really lovely and relaxing Mothers Day.

Take care and enjoy whats left of this special day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Layout For Nicholas

Well not much to say about today, spent most of it at work. Biggest highlight was probably that we flew through it and got to go home and hour early -YAY for small pleasures hey?
Managed to get a few things done around the house yesterday. Tidied up so house doesn't resemble a pig sty anymore, finally got my circle journal bound at printworks - just have to alter front cover and do the sign in pages and then will be ready to roll when needed. Also found time to complete the challange that Nicole set this week. It was to take some self portraits, edit if needed and then upload to the Embellished gallery stating all edits,camera and lighting angles.

Here's a couple of the pics, the little landscape one is just a
recrop of the larger one. I think they turned out ok, little
goofy looking, but not too bad - definetly better in Black and
White. Here's another pic of why not to take self portraits
when kids are around , you get mobbed LOL.

And last but not least, my absolute
favourite of all taken yesterday
would definetly have to be this one
of Nicholas and myself. It really
turned out beautifully and just looking
at his smile is enough for me to
produce one of my own.

Isn't he just the cutest.
Am so proud of being able to capture a shot like this.
Would also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Nicole
for setting the challenge, I would never have caught
this shot if i hadn't had a go at it.

I used this pic in a layout I made last night. I felt it was
very important for me to do this layout as I am still
feeling pretty guilty over my mistake thursday. Never,
ever again do I want to disappoint any of my children. So this layout in a way, was my attempt at trying to make it up to Nicholas, to show him how truly sorry I am.

So thats it for tonight, off to try and get some scrapping done. Will leave you with a pic of my layout.

Take care and happy scrapping

Thursday, May 11, 2006


YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT I DID TODAY???? Had the meeting lined up in Euchuca for 11am and so made plans for Nicholas to be picked up at lunchtime from kinder. So I dropped him off and reminded him that Nana would be picking him up today, kindy teacher looked at me and then said ' you won't be coming back later Julie?' ......OH CRAP!! what have i forgotten i asked. You won't believe it, I had totally forgotten that today was Nick's 'Mothers Day Morning Tea', I just couldn't believe it, I felt like such a heel and then to make matters worse I was saying so sorry to Nick over and over and then started tearing up and then trying to hug him closer so no-one could see the tears and then making Nick upset and so then tears running more - I FELT LIKE SUCH A SHITTY MUM!! I didn't even have the store's phone number to try and change the time and didn't know what to do and then Nick - god bless his little soul - asked could nana come to morning tea. When i rang her she was more than happy to come along but I am truly just so angry at myself for missing something this special for us both - whats worse is that when i picked him up this arvo from MIL's he come running up and said ' mummy - heres the present you didn't get today'. MAN those simple little words just twisted the knife deeper.

Since i dissapointed my little man so
much today, here's a couple of pics
of his
gorgeous smile to try
and make up for what i did

today......... doesn't quite do it
though does it???

As for the meeting, well must admit that that was a success. She did seem to like my work and also said that she would like for me to teach classes as well as being part of the design team. Hmmmm that sounds great in theory, but I have never taught anything before so am really nervous about this side of it. I have seen some of the things other people have taught at classes and their work is awesome, am so worried that mine won't even compare or worse - no-one would even want to
attend. Now how embaressing would that be???
Oh well, one step at a time i guess. The owners do seem really supportive though and while i wasn't really that excited about the opportunity i must say that it would be a great learning experience for me and definetly would help overcome these silly fears that i seem to have about my work. I guess we truly are our own worst critics.

Well thats about all i have today, if someone would like to award me Lousy Mother Of the Year Award then I accept it with head bowed in shame. I have MUCH MUCH grovelling to do to make it up to my spunky little man.

Take care and hug much.......

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Well another couple of days have come and gone. Same old, same old really. Worked last night and have to work again tonight - not much to say about it really, work is work i guess. Am lucky though in the fact that at least the hours are perfect for my family and don't have to worry about the hassles of finding a sitter for the kids.
Maddy had a pupil free day yesterday so got spend the day with me, something she was quite excited about till she actually realised what i do most days........Clean. She was not impressed about having to clean her room and then help out in the lounge, oh well such is life i guess. She may have grumbled - LOTS - but at least that room is semi clean for the next day or so.
Still have not finished altering the frame i bought, its sitting half finished on my desk. I swear its mocking me - 'AAAAH stuck aren't ya, bit off more than you can chew didn't ya, you know you won't finish me'. Hmmm thinking its about to get piffed out the window. But I'll persevere with it slowly, probably put it aside a few times to work on something else, but i will eventually get it finished. Probably in time to add next summers beach pics to it - thats the theme I'm going with.
Well thats about it, can't do much of an update when not much has happened around here. I have my meeting tomorrow with the Euchuca ladies - wish me luck, and hopefully next time round I'll have some more interesting news - if not I'll make some up LOL.
I'll leave you with this cute pic of Madd enjoying one of the last choccies from her easter stash, sorry no layouts to share - have been slack lol.
Take care and have fun....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Started out great

Well I must admit, the day started out great, think it just slid from there lol. Maddy had school and Nick had kinder, so was able to come home, put Rylan down for his morning nap and scrap. Finished the second layout I need for the meeting with Hobbysew on Thursday, they had asked me do a layout about myself and a heritage one as well, and to also bring over any others I had done and any OTP items.
Found the layout about myself to be challenging, its very unnerving to put myself in front of the camera instead of my safe place behind it. But once i started it kinda just came together, was quite happy with the end result. heres a pic

Photo's a little bit dark, but you get the point. Realise I'm really stuck on these journalling strips, I seem to use them all the time, really should learn a new trick.

The second layout - the heritage - came up looking ok as well, kept it very simple as not totally sure how a heritage is supposed to look. Here's another pic -

Really like the colours in this one - papers are Wild Asparagus, they have such a wide range and so many cute papers, don't use them heaps though as they cost a bit more than other papers.

So there was my morning, at 2pm I had to pick up Nick from kinder, was late as I couldn't find my car keys, Rylan put them in the bin - AGAIN. So got home and started another project, an altered frame, then down to pick up Maddy. Then..... DOWN HILL BIG TIME........ I cannot understand why children feel the need to annoy the crap out of each other, but Maddy and Nick seem to think its fun, even Rylan got in on the act for a while - walking around bugging the other two - really was kinda cute and funny in a way. Least it stopped the other two for a while LOL.Never have i been so happy to see Steven get home form work, kids always calm down when he's home - makes it look like I'm over exagerating about things.

Fast forward to after tea. Was in the lounge room and Steven calls out theres something wrong with Rylan - SO NOT A GREAT THING TO BE YELLING OUT AT TOP OF LUNGS - so go running down there and he says to watch Rylan - who's just standing there. So Steven walked off and called him. Rylan then starts to walk off and........falls down. So he get back up, takes a couple of steps and....down he goes again. So I kept an eye on him for about half an hour and still no change - falls down after a couple of steps. He's not in pain or anything, no crying - just falling. So off we go to the hospital and end up waiting for about an hour and a half in the waiting room. During this time Rylan starts walking around slowly, doing ok just limping now and by time finally get into the doctor no limp at all. So frustrating, really did feel like a bit of an idiot, over - reacting idiot. But oh well, least I know that he's all ok and it's put my mind to rest.

Certainly a bit of a mixture day, I had everything thrown in - Calm,peaceful - then noisy,cranky to frantic/panic then finally... back to calm and quiet (kids in bed for this stage LOL)

Well its late, I need to get some sleep. Take care and chill out,

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Couple of rushed days revisited......

ok, well its been a couple of days since i struggled to set up a blog account. I guess the hard thing now is updating it regularly.
Well Friday was a busy, pain in the butt kind of day. My sister's car was run up the rear end by some young kid on a mobile phone, silly boy actually said he was on the phone when he got out. To make matters worse, neither of them have insurance......(shaking head)....... why are some young kids just soooo stupid, mind you my sister is not that young - she's 25 - she really should know better. So she asked me if i could take her car round the auto repairers on friday to get some quotes for her as she couldn't miss work. Do you know what a hassle it is to have two young kids (nick and rylan) in a car driving round to various places?..... boy does she owe me.
On the up side, my mother did offer to watch the kids for a few hours friday night so that steven and I could go out on our own - we went out for tea and then got bored so went and picked the kids back up...LOL how sad is that?
Also did a photo swap over the net with my friend Ali, so that we could have something to scrap that night. Well Ali got hers finished that night - man, i have never seen anyone scrap as fast as she does - and posted it to Embellished's gallery. WOW, did she do a fantastic job with Rylan's photo, here's a pic of her layout -

I think she did an absolutely fantastic job with it, it's so bright and fun, truly my style of scrapping. I must admitt i did struggle scrapping her picture of Luke, was trying to capture a little of 'Ali style', but i guess the only one who can do perfect 'Ali style' is Ali herself, LOL. I am happy with how it ended up looking though, and Luke is such a little cutie. Here's a pic of my layout -

I only just finished mine tonight, just not a quick scrapper i guess. I liked the nice and soft colours i used here, makes a great change from the brights i'm always using, just hope Ali likes it.

Had to work after lunch today - from 12.30 till 8.00 - and the whole time i was there i just wanted to get home, settle into my desk and just scrap. I like my job and the hours are perfect for me but lately have noticed a bit of an undercurrent there. Just seems like someone is always bitching about someone else, why do some ladies just never quite get out of highschool mode? I just don't get it i guess. Oh well, not working till tuesday night, hopefully am looking more forward to it by then.

At least i finished one layout in the last two days, looking forward to working on something tomorrow. Did find some great news while checking emails tonight. Have an email from a lady in Euchuca regarding my layouts. She would like me to come for an interview this Thursday about the possibility of a Design Team position. Sounds good, would only have to get over there about every 4-8 weeks, attend a crop session once a term and teach an occasional class - ok all sounds good except for the CLASS bit, would have no idea how. Not sure if i want to do this or not, but hopefully decide by thursday.

Well its REALLY late and i should be in bed, boy will i pay for it in the morning when the kids wake me early, oh well i might learn one day.......

till next time, take care and scrap heaps

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just giving it a go .....

Well heres the first blog post i have ever made, not quite sure what i'm doing but decided what the heck, just give it a go. I must admit i find the idea of keeping an online journal to gather my random thoughts intrigueing (sp?). Sometimes the days go by in a whirl and just to be able to sit down and gather it all back in will be fantastic, kinda feels like I am able to rope the day back in to appreciate all over again.

Well here goes, about to hit the submit button and start something i hope will be a great experience........

BTW - here's a 'meet the family' pic. Maddison 6, Nicholas 4, Rylan just over 1, and Steven and Myself. Take care and will 'blog' soon