Friday, December 29, 2006

Ate, Drunk and was Merry!!!!

Well Christmas day has come and gone. It was a contained chaos and mayhem, but also so much laughter, love and joy. I love christmas day, it truly is the one day of the year when all problems are pushed aside and we can all share in the love of our families. I have long given up on trying to get those 'perfect' christmas pix, instead i now just sit back and snap away madly, just happy to get the pix that really reflect our christmas'. LOL, its usually full of a happy madness, chaos and LOOOOTS of mess.....I would have it no other way. Here's a pic of the tree area christmas eve, all pretty and calm before the storm of three excited kiddo's is unleashed.

Well Steven is home now - the kiddo's were so excited when we drove down to the airport to pick him up Christmas Eve. Never has the two hour trip to melbourne felt sooooooo long. They asked the same questions over and over and over -'how far is melbourne?', 'what time does the plane get there?', ' will we get there in time?',and of course the ALLL TIME FAV - 'are we there yet???? We got there like nearly two hours early, but it was fun to walk round the airport and have a looksie in all the shops there.To top it off we then waited in the wrong area for steven to come out of - lol, we were waiting in the baggage retrieval area, so the kiddo's had to wait just a little longer to see their daddy.Oh well, we found him in the end - the kids were squealing soooo loud, people were staring lol. What an awesome moment for them - i think that moment was all the christmas present they wanted.
So now Steven is home, christmas is over and we are one week from the start of a new life for us......It is a very daunting prospect now that we are getting so close to it. The house is slowly getting packed, my scrap room has been taken apart and I'm actually feeling a little lost with it all packed away. There is still soooo much to be done but we'll get there eventually, well we better LOL.
Anyhoo thats all for now, better get back to it.


Chat again soon guys,
take care........

Monday, December 18, 2006

Getting closer.......

Well what a usual it has just flown which has been good. But seem to have had a bit of good luck come my way as well. Nothing overly exciting, just a lot of little good things that have happened. So its kept me on a bit of a high for the last week.
The kids are like little walking count down machines at the moment - Nick especially. He's been walking around the last few days letting everyone know exactly how many days till christmas and how many days till daddy gets home. He's such a chatterbox and will just stop and chat to anyone, whenever he pleases.
Have done a few layouts at night once things have quietened down here. These first two were just some quick ones i did having a play around with paint

This one is my example layout for the new Elsie challenge posted up at Embellished - to scraplift a layout shape. And lastly, here are a couple more chrissie gifts i have made up. The flower boxes were for Nick's Kinder teachers.....they loooved them. The other pressie's are a quick and simple lollie jar and a couple of 'lolly trees' that are soooo easy and quick to make.

Well i still have a stack of packing to do, really haven't done anything the last fortnight....been too busy getting ready for xmas lol. So now i'm gonna have to knuckle down and really get into it. So since it seems that i only update here once a week at the moment (slack i know), I dare say this will be my last post before Christmas, so in that case.......


Take care guys and will chat again soon.

Monday, December 11, 2006

And the countdown begins........

Well its only fourteen days till christmas - my gosh hasn't the time just flown. This also means that its only thirteen days until steven flies home - the kids are just sooooo excited, they are counting down the days till his home and it has really kept them distracted from christmas. They keep asking when he'll be home instead of all the things they want for christmas.
Am nearly done with all the chrissie shopping i need to do, just have to get a couple of little gifts for my sister and brothers and then i'm done - oops nearly forgot, still have to make up a couple of teacher gifts as well. Maddy has made up her gift for her teacher and was so excited that she took it in for her today. I remember seeing in SM last year a little ribbon tree made up by the talented Kim Archer - hopefully i'm right, appologies to the original creator if i'm not. So when i came across this little metal spiral tree i thought it would be perfect for Maddy to make up for her teacher. Had to help her a little to start with - she wasn't double knotting so they were falling off, but she eventually got the hang of it. Here's a pic of it:

Here's a layout i was gonna share last post but blogger decided not to upload so will share this time. Its for this months Design Team challenge at Embellished - to use hinges - and this was my example. Love this layout and its one of my current favs.Also recieved my SS gift at the end of last week - was run through the forum at Embellished. And its just gorgeous. Don't have either of these HS products so can't wait to get playing with it. There was also a tiny altered mint tin filled with smarties - no longer full now lol. My gift was from Cat, and though i thanked her on the forum i will also thank her here as well.

Thanks Cat, loved the pressie and i LOVED the little altered tin, its just gorgeous!!

Have also done a couple of handmade gifts this year. The first one is a lunch pail tin that i altered for Nicholas and i'm gonna fill it with matchbox cars for him. Will be good for him to have something specific to store his cars in when he's finished playing with them. First time i've altered one of these lunch pails and must admit i found the handle and clasp aread tricky to cover around. But am happy with the end result. The other item is a mini clipboard that i made up as part of my sisters gift. She's pretty forgetful so thought would be handy to have somewhere to put her notes or to do lists. Here's a pic of them both:

So i've been keeping busy with my scrapping, unfortunatly this means that i haven't been so productive packing wise, really gonna have to step it up this week. Nick's face is healing well, he's home today but the sore has almost cleared up so hopefully he'll be back at kinder either tomorrow or thursday.Well thats about everything for now, thanks for dropping by and will chat again soon.

Take care......................

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mayhem and madness...........

Do you ever look forward to a certain time of day?? I know i do thats for sure - 8PM is such a lovely time for me, by then the kiddo's are in bed and fast asleep. There's not a sound in the house, no talking, no argueing.....nothing, and I have peace for the next three to four hours. Sometimes i get the urge to just talk to another adult but most times i must admit i am quite happy to sit and not say a word. I turn the radio on and if the mood strikes i sit at my desk and work on some layouts with the occasional net surf thrown in. Great way to relax after a hectic day. And i seem to have had my share of hectic days - I've had maddy home for three days with the flu, Nick caught some 24 hour bug friday and threw up in the supermarket, was not nice!! And then to top it off i've just spent nearly two hours waiting at the doctors office for them to fit me in to see Nick yet again.....he has now got - of all things - school sores - poor kiddo's mouth is a mess. But we now have some anitbiotics and some cream to treat it, so hopefully will clear up in a few days time. Only prob is its highly contagious so please keep fingers crossed that none of the other kiddo's catch it. Really feel it would be the last straw for me if they did. So crappy, crappy week here, lets hope things improve.
So as i said, come 8 pm i sit at my desk and i scrap, it helps to calm the nerves somewhat and has kept me busy. I have done a few layouts, but there not anything brilliant unfortunatly. I'm tired and run down and it shows, they are just scrapped layouts - no real depth behind them.
Will share though:
This first layout was done with a pic that i took of Nick at his birthday party - you can see the beginning of the sore near his mouth here, though at the time i had no idea what it was, wasn't till the second one showed up this morning that i thought "gee better get that looked at", bit slow aren't i??

This layout above was done for the newest Elsie challenge at Embellished - to add sparkle to your layouts. I used kindy glitz on colour the butterflies on the pp. Another pic i love that i manage to capture at Nick's birthday party. As for the title of this one, well thats what stuck in my head when i saw the pic lol, so just went with that.These two layouts above were for the current Product Feature at Embellished. DT were given the challenge of using the We R range of pp's with a masculine theme. These were my examples. I have decided to frame the one of my brother and give it to him as part of his xmas gift, he's been really sentimental lately and i think he will like it.These last three are my examples with the new December kit available now at Embellished. Was such a fun and funky kit, perfect for xmas pics but would work so well with other themes as well. Made a xmas wreath up by punching flowers from the papers and attaching to a cane wreath i found at a discount store, love the way it turned out.

Well thats about it from me today guys, think i'm gonna have a lay down while the boys are napping. Will try and catch up again soon.

Take care................