Friday, June 30, 2006

ITS FINALLY HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well its finally here, the weekend of the Scrapanalia retreat. I have never been to one before so am not knowing what to expect, not even knowing what to pack for it LOL. So much stuff i would love to take - JUST IN CASE!! - and not much room to put it all. So have set the limit, and will only be taking my tote, a couple of shoulder totes and my embellishment case - THATS IT!! - if it doesn't fit then it stays home. Am serious, will not be leaving extra bags in the wagon of stuff that MIGHT be needed, nope not at all, if it doesn't fit it doesn't come. OKAY, if i say it enough times then i might listen to myself LOL. Am not quite excited bout it yet, more nervous about missing something, hopefully once i hit the road today around Two - ish, then the excitement will build.It about a 2 and a half hour cruise down the freeway, so plenty of time to drive down with the stereo cranking and build up the excitement levels, well am hoping so anyway.Here's a pic to show you just how much is going, if its not in here ITS NOT GOING, lol still trying to convince myself. And seriously, if i don't get at least THREE OR FOUR layouts done this weekend i will be banning myself from all retreats in the future, so that should be a big incentive for me to get something done.
Well thats it from me for the rest of the weekend, better get going now have heaps still to get ready and have got to seriously clean out the car, is looking like a major junk heap lol, oh well one of the perks of having little kiddies i guess, everything looks like a junk heap myself included at the moment LOL.

okie, till next time
take care and scrap heaps!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Well i am just in such a great mood, i have had a fantastic last few days (touch wood). So much good happening round me and i love seeing everyone, myself included, just soo happy. I believe when your feeling good you attract good, so am trying to keep this mentality for as long as i can.
First there was email from Ali for DT possie at Embellished, then couple of days ago there was two emails from Scrapbooking Memories mag wanting two of my layouts, then there was the sudden burst of activity at Embellished, then another email from Scrapbook Creations mag also wanting two of my layouts (not same two thank goodness), and then this weekend is my first ever scrapbooking retreat. Just sooooo much good going on and its hard not to be caught up in it and just feel great, excited, overwhelmed, craving more. Ever heard that saying..... When you smile, the world smiles with you..... well thats it, when your positive and showing it, then the people around you reflect and absorb that positiveness. Well i'm absorbing it from all directions at the moment lol. The kids are in good moods in the morning as i'm in a good mood (21 day challenge to thank for that one), Ali is just brimming with excitement for the site, you can feel it through the screen and its infectous. Steven's in a great mood as there's no work friday due to a stock take thingy (hey whatever makes you happy no matter how small hey?) and do i dare say he's actually looking forward to the weekend with just him and the kids, hmmmm might need to be a little worried there LOL. this will be a great opportunity for him and the kids to spend alot of quality time together, lol being serious here.
Am well into week five of no smoking and going well, no longer sitting back after a layout thinking 'smoko break' so those habits must be nearly broken, well lets hope so anyway. And have even dropped about two kilos somewhere along the way in last couple
of weeks, might not seem like much, but was really worried about putting it on when i quite smoking so good to see thats not gonna happen.

Well thats all for today, will leave you with my first two entries in my journal for the 21 day challenge. Am going really well for it, but real test will be next week i reckon, when Maddy's back at school and we're all back to early rises again. Oh well, will cross that bridge when i come to it i guess.

till then,
take care and just keep smiling

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well am slowly but surely falling behind again.
Yesterday was Day One of Embellished's 21 Day Challenge, somehow i must of missed that post, but i'm sure it will be okay to take today as Day One. Will be doing my entry for it tonight after work so will share next post i promise.
Am supposed to be getting my gear ready for this weekends scrap retreat at Lancefield. Have no pics sorted as yet, no idea what items i'll be taking and there's no way i can get some swapp cards made in time - this last one not entirely my fault, only got email with these final details last week, so really wasn't time to do the swapp cards anyway. But thats ok, have never made a trading card before and would hate to be handing out some really crappy ones LOL. Oh well, i guess i still have two and a bit days to organise for this - wish me luck, will be needing it i think.
Still have yet to do the samples for my classes at Hobbysew, but am hoping that they will just be an arvo job when i get back from retreat, there's not much to them. Also have to finish last couple of layouts for the Chatterbox comp, was sooo wanting to have this finished before going away but i don't think its meant to be. But i better be getting it done the first week of July or I know i will miss the deadline.

Well there is one thing i managed to get done last night, this layout :
I love this pic of Luna Park in Saint Kilda, i took it on our last visit there way back in like November last year i think. It is such a fun place to visit, unfortunatly there seems to be a major price hike every so often and this place, whilst free to get in, is just such an expensive place to visit now. Quite sad really as it has a lot of fun memories for us all. Oh well, some things are just destined to change i guess, so now i will have to keep an eye out for other really fun places for us to visit.
Well thats about it from me, hopefully by next update i can scratch a couple of things of the TO DO list - fingers crossed hey !! .

till then,
take care and laugh at least once every day,

Monday, June 26, 2006

okie, just another quick little post to try and upload a pic of a layout. For some reason i couldn't add it to my original post so am trying now. Still heaps for me to figure out bout this blogging business, and no doubt it will take me forever LOL
Okay, well here goes, if it works there should be a layout here:

Look out, it worked!! So maybe i just blabber too much and use up some limit in both words and pics, who knows!!

okie, really goin now,

chat again soon,


Well I got some exciting news today from miss Ali, she has invited me to become an official Design Team member for Embellished Scrapbook Shoppe, YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! How cool is that, am so excited at being part of the team at this FANTASTIC site. It just continues to grow and grow and it is fantastic to watch and be part of at the same time. Just hoping that I can produce some fantastic layouts for her.
Speaking of which, I have actually done a few lately. Just some really quick, simple and REALLY FUN layouts for myself. Nothing much too them, yet I love them and think they are fantastic - if i can say so myself LOL. I think it really is a great photo that MAKES a layout, and at the moment Rylan is providing his mummy with some fantastically cute ones. He is at such a great carefree age, if he wants to do something
then he does it (not always good i know), really is a lesson to be learnt there. Here are a couple of pics of him, he just loves the slide.
I read a really great quote today, sorry cannot for the life of me remember where, it went something like " What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?" And that i think sums it all up, what would you attempt? It really does make you think doesn't it? What would i attempt? Hmmmm really not sure there, there is so much that i would love to have a go at. Maybe Iwould attempt writing. I used to love writing stories when i was younger, and to write a great novel would be a dream fullfilled i reckon.
Well thats about it for now, if you like you could tell me what it is you would most love to attempt, i would really love to hear it.

till next time,
take care and dream big

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Did another trip to Echuca today, to get some practice on teaching classes -watched one being taught by Helen. Was good to see that they are all pretty relaxed and laid back, not to stressed over what is taught as long as they have something to attend. Sat down with the owner, Karen, to plan some class topics - we did pretty good i reckon, have planned right through to the end of the year. Will be doing a structured class every third thursday of the month - they have just a coffee and crop session on first thursdays - don't think am so nervous now to teach. Have the class topics, have met the ladies, now just need to produce some samples and class plans and will be set to go, first class will be the 20th of July and will be doing an Altered monogram class - should be HEAPS of fun.
Have done a few layouts lately but unfortunatly cannot share as they are for either the CBX comp or for Scrapgenie Design Team work. So really i don't have that much to update with in that area LOL.
Also haven't taken any pics lately so can't even share a cute pic with you all. I don't seem to have done all that much lately have i and yet i feel that i have been on the go non stop, am feeling totally buggered. Have these huge dark circles round my eyes, i seriously look like a raccoon, lucky i wear glasses so is not too noticeable to others.
Think i should just sit down at my desk, pic out a pic i love, or hate even, and just scrap something for me, maybe somehting about me, just something that i want to do. Just go a little crazy with it, try something a little different, maybe thats what i'll do over the next couple of days, really take my time with it, no rush needed. Will see what happens.

Well thats it for me today, no layouts to share, no pics to shared and nothing else really exciting to share lol, so will say goodnight then
till next time,

take care and kick back

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just a Quickie

Well not much to update, worked today so there was most of my day taken. Maddy had her first birthday party for a school friend to attend and she was just SOOOOOO EXCITED. That was at lunchtime, by the time i got home at six tonight, she was still SOOOOOO EXCITED lol, she come rushing out to meet me and was chatting a mile a minute about all the games they played and all the yummy food she ate - must of ate heaps coz she pushed away most of her dinner which is unusual for her. Funny how someone else's excitement can rub off, just listening to her put me in a REALLY good mood and brought a smile to my face, am really glad she enjoyed herself.
Got another layout done tonight using the design kit Ali sent, loved the papers but it had this little window thingy in it that completely stumped me to start with (thanks for the challenge Ali LOL), but it all came together nicely in the end, will try and upload a pic tomorrow, need good light. Will share a pic of a layout i did yesterday of maddy in her footy gear, she's just too cute!!
So will leave you with that, is late and need some sleep,
till next time,

take care and find joy in the simple things,

Friday, June 16, 2006

Just testing photo upload

Well have deleted a couple of pics from previous posts to see if the probs are due to reaching some set limit. So will try and upload a pic of the layout i finished yesterday, its the pirate dress up one of Nicholas. Here goes.......fingers crossed for me


Ok just gonna push my luck a little and see if i can upload a pic of nick in his pirate costume........

Look out, two in one night, must have hit a lucky streak.

Well thats it from me, was just testing out my theory ...... and it worked, so from now on i guess i'm gonna have to resise all pics and not upload too many, bummer hey?

ok till next time

take care and take big calm breaths

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Yes I know, I have been very slack!! But to be honest i really haven't had the enthusiasm lately to do anything, let alone blog. Have just wanted to curl up under a doona on the couch, unfortunatly being Mum to three little kiddies prevented that. Just cannot believe how tired i have been lately though,all i want to do is sleep, even if i have just woken up from sleeping,I have these huge dark circles under my eyes, i truly look as if i haven't slept in months - WIERD!! Should be getting enough, have even started going to bed at a decent hour (before midnight) and still, am struggling to keep the eyes open and the mind functioning.
Anyway not much to report on really, has been a truly shitty week and am not going to relive it sorry, just so not worth it.
I think the highlight of the week was a dress up day at Nicholas' kinder on tuesday. Was fantasy theme and of course Nick chose to dress up as a pirate - he is hooked on them. After much OP shopping i was able to come up with this totally gorgeous outfit, not that i'm biased or anything LOL - HE'S SOOO SPUNKY!! Loooooooove the little vest with the fringing, snug fit on him but he loved it as much as i did - bargain to at just $1 !! Did a layout tonight using one of his pirate pics, will share it next blog though.
Maddy has footy day tomorrow, so has to dress up in team colours. Scoured the shops today for collingwood items, managed to get her a beanie, scarf and wincheter all for under $20 - Not bad i reckon, all has logos on and such, can't wait to get some pics of her dressed up. Been trying to teach her how to chant footy style, you know, that mindless screaming guys do at the footy - 'GOOOOOOO PIES!!' don't think she'll ever get the hang of it though, she's coming out with a whispered version,and is too shy to really put some oomph into it LOL.

Well thats about it for me, hopefully things are on the up and up round here. Slowly getting some scrapping enthusiasm back - Yes Ali,did get a layout done tonight LOL, will share in morning in the gallery.
If you ever find yourself feeling slack, just give Ali a shout out, She's fantastic at giving you just the right kick up the butt to get going again LOL. Thanks Ali, was much needed.
Ok time for bed for me

take care and kick back,

PS- am really having probs with posting pics, couldn't upload an extra one last time and won't let me upload any this time - If anyone knows what could be wrong PLEASE help out this computer illiterate person - would really appreciate it

Monday, June 05, 2006

Quick Catch Up

Well its been nearly a week since my last entry so an update is well and truly overdue. Think I'll start with the most recent and then work my way backwards - till i get to a stage i just no longer remember LOL.
First up, today is now officially TWO WEEKS since the no smoking started - YAY FOR ME - I've been told the first two weeks are the hardest so hopefully its all smooth running from here on in. There have been a couple of days in there where i forgot to put a patch on after a shower, so have gone all day before i've realised i haven't and by then not worth putting one on for a couple of hours. These days give me a bit of hope for sucsess, obviously am over the wanting stage and almost past the habit stage if i'm not thinking/craving them without a patch on. But not about to get too cocky yet, has only been two weeks after all and this a ten year habit i'm trying to kick.
Friday night just gone i took part in my first ever Cybercrop at - and
let me tell you, I have not laughed so hard in a long time, i think we had around 15 people take part and they were just the best bunch of ladies to have a gas bag with. There was not a whole lotta scrappin goin on to start with. This was my first layout for the night - quick, simple, bright, funky but most of all FUN FUN FUN. It really is soooo Maddy and is a spot on indication of her personality, so whilst to others it mightn't be much to it to me this layout is precious as i think i truly captured the essence of maddy here.

The second layout for the night was a sketch challenge, this one took me a lot longer than the half hour the previous one did lol, but it was so worth it. Papers are by Daisy D, must admit
never really noticed them before but this kids range are just gorgeous and are really easy to use. This one is about my littlest little man, Rylan. Little bugger always makes it virtually impossible to get a good pic of him, but will let you on a little secret i've discovered since having kids - the best photos you'll ever take are those spontanious ones, the ones where you haven't planned for or prepped the kids up for - its the ones where you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. The angles are wrong, the lighting not quite perfect, parts slightly cut off - but i tell you what, the end result is enough to melt your heart and you just cannot help but be in awe of what you captured. The bottom left photo is one such photo for me, i absolutely love it and it just brings out the biggest smile from me when i look at it (doesn't hurt either when the subject is one that you just adore LOL).
And last for the night was the challenge of an altered cd. Was not going to do this one, was late by the time had finished the second layout so left it at that and went to bed. Couldn't even get motivated the next day, till Miss Ali came along with a great motivational technique - Good old fashioned kick up the butt lol (hmmm think there was even a small bribe involved as well ;0)
Was going to share a pic of my altered thingy but well silly thing won't let me upload the pic, not sure why, will try again when finished here but if not will share next time.
Also finally recieved my prize from the scrapgenie design team comp that i won like two or three months ago - yes i know, i a very impatient person LOL. But let me tell you it was more than worth the wait. WOW is all i could say as the courier plonked three huge boxes on my front door. And they were just chock full of all the scrapping supplies you could need, only prob now is where to store it all in an organised manner. ok was going to share a pic of this as well but still not letting me upload anymore pics, maybe there's a limit or something.
Well thats about it for now, have plenty of things that need to be done that will keep me busy, PO'd with this blogger thing for not letting me upload my pics so am going to go and clean to vent a little LOL

till next time
Take care and be spontanious,