Thursday, August 31, 2006



LoL.......just be thankful you can't hear me singing, this song.....well these two lines have been going through my head for the last hour or so while i pack. Yes well try to pack anyway, just get so distracted and seem to go off on a tangent. But am getting there slowly, sort of packing and cleaning as i go....... i like to come home to a clean house when we go away, not chaos, just makes settling back in so much easier.

So in about twelve hours the Heard family will be hitting the road, on our mammoth 1700 kms (give or take a little) trip to Rockhampton...... bring it on i say!!! I love hitting the open road, i am totally in my element, just cruisin along - especially at night, then everyones asleep and its just me and my self, well till i get buggered and its time for a shift change and then everyone wakes
up lol. But am so excited to be going, I feel we all really need a getaway, well steven and i really, what could a 6,4 and 1 year old need to get away from lol, and it will be great to spend nearly two weeks together as a family - no hassles of work or school schedules, just us till we get sick of each other.
So Ali get the kettle ready - well Saturday Arvo anyway lol - coz garanteed i'm gonna need the biggest coffee you got by the time i get there LOL - soooooooo cannot wait to catch up Missy!

Well thats it guys, not much more to update you with. Here's three Scrapgenie layouts i did last week - i like the first, not so sure on other two, can be hard at times to stick to only their product.... but am getting the knack slowly i think - well getting inventive at least lol.

And if maybe you could just send some keep safe travelling vibes our way i would truly appreciate it. Thanks guys, will try and update while we're up there but if not then will do a HUGE update when we're home again. Take Care................

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Playin Catchup

Well its been nearly a week since i have updated and while i know i've been pretty flat out all week I can't actually recall anything that i've done that really stands out LOL.
I did FINALLY get around to booking our accomadation in Rocky for our trip up there - cannot believe its getting nearly time to go, this time next week we will be there - after one very, very long drive, gonna have to stock up on some panandol i reckon lol. The kids are just soooo excited to be going, they are sooo longing for the ocean - i over heard them the other day planning what they had to pack to take with them, the MOST IMPORTANT being their boogie boards and swimmers LOL. I would so love to live beside the ocean one day - i just know that we would love it sooo much but unfortunately its not something i see happening any time soon or for many many years for that matter - one day maybe . (i know Rocky's not on the ocean but its only halfhour to Yeppoon, which beats the four/five hours it takes us to get to the coast from here)
On the scrapping front i have managed to get a few layouts scrapped in the last week, i have uploaded three of them here. Out of the others - ones a DT layout for Embellished , three are DT layouts for Scrapgenie and the last one's a layout i did about rylan but am not sure if i wanna keep it for my Elite team Entry or not, its good and i love it but out of the three that i've almost finished two of them are already about Rylan so i really wanna mix the themes up a bit and at least get one done for each of my three children LOL. So i think i will hold off uploading it just in case i change my mind or run out of time at last minute ( can be slack at times lol). I will share the Scrapgenie ones when i get round to scanning them and once the September kit has been released at Embellished then i will share the two layouts i have created with it.
Well i think thats about it guys, not too much goin on round here really, did do a mini spring clean here today so is feelin a little less cluttered, well for the time being anyway. Actually speaking of spring cleaning i have started a CONTINOUS SWAP at Embellished. Its a great way to 'claim' something someone else has offered and then you just have to offer up something of your own for someone else to claim - thats the really simplified version lol, for full rules and explanations just check out the Swaps thread in the forum here.
okie guys thats about it i reckon, thanks for dropping by and will TRY and get another post in before we head North in like five days - BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Glorious Weather!!

Well what an awesome weekend it has been here. The suns been out and shining, the sky's been crystal clear and it even seems like the birds are extra chirpy lol. So now that we have already been away for our snowtrip I am well and truly ready for summer to come. Nothin beats a lazy summer day, and with the weather we have been havin the last few days I am sooo lookin forward to it and all the fun that summer brings - camping trips,mangos, river cruisin', bbq's with friends,mangos, lounging out the back after dinner in the evenings , and more mangos lol - SO CANNOT WAIT!! It was great to get outside and have a bit of a play with the kiddo's. Quick game of backyard cricket with Nicholas, pushin maddy on the swing (though she can swing herself, lazy little bugger lol) and Rylan, well he's a bit of a crazy kiddo and just loves to run around with the occasional squel thrown in LOL. And since i only had to work three hours on Saturday i feel like i've had a whole weekend to myself......and it was awesome!!!
Managed to get TWO layouts done on the saturday night - which is really good for me, and then got two more done yesterday - one of which was for a one hour challenge done last night over at Embellished (and since was done at night couldn't get a GOOD pic to share sorry)
First one i did Saturday night was this one of maddy goin down the snow run on her butt, lol i have no idea why she didn't have a board but she thought it was heaps fun and well.... i thought it was heaps funny to watch.
Second layout was the one of Rylan being rylan and running away from me when i get the camera out - he really does not like the cannon - must look scary pointed in his direction or something. But he's cute so will forgive him LOL.
The third layout was done quickly through the day yesterday, me playin at 'clean and simple' again - really liking it at the moment. Just about Nicholas and his sudden infatuation with the Playstation. And the last one is of my little man rylan again - this time with his face full of spaghetti lol. The title 'Mangiare' is Italian for 'eat'. The pix just reminded me of all the times i heard 'mugia, mungia' while eating spaghetti at my grandparents place, really good times with everyone gathered round the table (and i mean everybody, was always a crowded table), its something that i want for my kids to experience at my own table while they are growing - lol, maybe not sooo much the spaghetti, but definetly the good times. So yes, definetly a busy little weekend for me.
So thats about it from me, was a lovely lovely weekend, though it seems like the flu has decided to do one last round though before the finish of winter, both maddy and rylan were pretty crook with it last night - both struggling to get to sleep....and both crying. You just feel so helpless as a mother at times don't you? all i could do was give a little nurofen and a lot of cuddles - and i must admit at like two in the morning its a real struggle to give those cuddles. But oh well, its what we mums must do, and they are both lookin really good today,will see what tonight brings - only sleep hopefuly.

Thanks for stopping by guys, much appreciated and will chat again soon.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finally some time to scrap..........

Well what a week it has been here. Feels like i haven't had the time to just stop for a minute to catch my breath, RUSH..RUSH..RUSH. Worked MON,TUE and WED nights, had my class to teach for hobbysew yesterday so had to make up the class sample for next month to take over with me.....unfortunatly i forgot to take a pic of the layout to share, got that done during rylans morning nap tuesday, but that was pretty much the only scrappin i have got done in the last week, well till last night anyway LOL.

I had a bit of a play with my september DT kit from Embellished as well - fun, fun, fun. Got one layout and there's still heaps there for another as well, sorry can't share this layout either until the kit has been released - keep an eye out for it though at Embellished, is not too far off and is a fantastic collection to play with.

Love the pic in the first layout here, the one with Nicholas and the statue of the pigs butt - Nick loved it, he was laughin sooooo hard when he came across it in a little tourist store in Bright on the weekend, definetly was a scrappy moment LOL. Is another bright and cheery layout, am lovin usin the brights at the moment. The pp's here are from SweetWater collection i think, they were the leftovers from my canvas book/shadow box thingy i made for hobbysew a little while ago, really cute papers.

The other layout - one with Rylan and his first paddle pop - came together really quickly/easily this mornin while rylan was down for his nap. Love the Gin X papers , really reminded my of the rainbow swirl ice-cream he was eating. And boy did he enjoy it lol, the last pic of him crying was the result of us trying to take the finished stick off of him lol....he was not too happy, he probably would've tried eating the stick as well. Even got out my decorative edge scissors for a little play... well should say Maddy's scissors, gave them to her for when she has a scrap.....looks like little tiny bites out of the pp. And the buttons are just for a little fun deco, really love usin them at the moment.

Well thats all for now, is really late and have to work in the mornin so best go to bed.

thanks for dropping by and will chat again soon

take care

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


just wanted to share some pix from our weekend away. We all had an absolutely awesome time. The weather was just amazing, I don't think i have ever seen the sky soooo blue before. The company was fantastic and am sure everybody had the best time. we ended up going up to Falls Creek this year, little further away than Mount Hotham but was good to go somewhere different . unfortunatly there wasn't a whole heap of snow like most years, apparantly one of the worst snowfalls since the late seventies we were told......but you know what......there was still plenty up there for us to have a great time. There was enought cover for the kids to get their boards flying down the hillside and there was a great grassy patch for us adults to sit back and take five on to watch the kiddo's.......who would of thought that sunbaking would be possible on a snowtrip LOL - even got a tad bit sunburnt, busy chasing the kiddo's with the sunscreen i forgot myself. But awesome, awesome time, I always love our getaways, and with such a great group of friends it probably doesn't matter where we go we'll always have fun. I did get a complete group shot this year - YAYYYY - just blogger wouldn't let me upload it the cheeky bugger, but am sure you'll see a layout of it soon LOL.
any hoo that s all for now
take care and chat soon.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Headin off.......

Well the weekends finally here and i should be packing the last of our things for our mini getaway. Stevens planning on leaving around 1.30 - 2 ish, hmmmm not too sure on those times, most of its all organised just have to pack it up ready to go.At least the kiddo's are behaving which helps, little man rylans down for his nap, nick's on the playstation and maddy's just drawing picture after picture, so i'm just havin a coffee break and then i'll get to it.

The kids are just so excited now, they just looooove the snow and always look forward to going. Although judging from the weather reports i've been hearing theres not a whole lot of snow up there thisyear, apparantly one of the worst seasons in the last couple of decades, lets just hope there is enough snow to run a couple of toboggans down a hillside.Went out and bought an extra memory card for the camera this morning, so am planning on taking heaps of pix, not just of my family but of the other three families going as well - my goal this year is to get that elusive group shot that has everyone in it - we always seem to miss one or two people everyyear, will see how we go i guess.

anyway, nearly finished my coffee here so better go and finish packing, here's a couple of layouts i did the other day....really love the 'JOY' one. Its a pic of when Rylan was 6 weeks old but i have journalled it to include that age plus the age he is now, nearly one and a half. Am planning on going back and scrapping some of my favourite 'older' pics over time.

Anyhoo, that all for now,

take care and will chat soon,

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Ever noticed the harder you try to do something the less likly you are to get it done. Well thats the trouble i seem to have had the last few days. Have these motivations to scrap, some great ideas in my head but try as i might i just can't seem to get it together. And it doesn't seem to be just scrapping related either - the house is looking shabby, theres a couple of piles of washing to be done and folded, the car seriously needs a good clean for this weekends getaway. And it all just sits there waiting for me LOL, seriously though if i was motivated enough i would of got it done. Just feelin a little mopey coz i can't seem to shake this really stubborn flu, has been a good week now and still it lingers.
And then guess where this weekends getaway is to? The snowfields here in Victoria, hmmmmm snow and flu...seems like a good combination LOL. The kids are all pumped to be going and it will be little man rylans first visit up the mountain. You should see him in his snowsuit....he is just the chubbiest little marshmallow ever..........and he hates it, he cannot seem to walk properly in it due to all the padding, will so have to share pix after the weekend. Bit nervous about taking my new camera up,not sure that i should or if maybe i should take my little kodak up. The Cannon will take some absolute awesome pics though, any ideas??.........should i take or not, can the cold wreck it in any way??
Okie so these are the layouts from the last few days, not DT ones, just for me layouts. The first one with all the flowers was for the challenge posted on the Freestyle blog - sillouette challenge. It was originally on a goldie coloured background but went a little too far with the doodling and wrecked it, so cut everything out and used this red pp from Daisy D's as the background - nto quite the same effect as the original but i still like, its a fun layout and not only do i like but so did maddy, she loved the idea of having wings i guess lol.
The second layout is using another one of maddy's 'dancing' pix - can you tell i really loved them. Again not quite going the way i wanted so just kept it simple and tried to let the colours be the focus - not too bad a result. The third layout was another really quick and simple layout, not much on here which is unusual for me, but really really like the way it ended very clean and i'm not a clean scrapper,so i like...maybe should do something like this everynow and then to mix it up a bit. I find if Iscrap the same techniques over and over then I lose a bit of zest for it all, so am trying to mix it up a bit. Time will tell if this works.
Maybe when i'm feeling a little better my mojo might return - should anyone happen to have a little excess then please, feel free to share.
Well thats all from me tonight guys, is late and i'm tired. So till next time, take care and will chat soon..........

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sharing some more work

Just wanted to share some layouts that i have done for Scrapgenie this week.
But first i just wanted to thank you LOVELY LOVELY ladies for the encouragement and congrats you all left for my last post...... it really did mean alot to me and put me in just the best mood, so again, THANK YOU - you ladies are swesome!!.

Okie so have started playing with some of the scrapgenie goodies sent out. The first layout with nick and rylan is using Scrapworks Riviera range - very fun, very bright and cheery....perfect for this pic of my two cuties.

This second layout with my gorgeous little miss was done with the Prima Petal Poetry Collection and the Prima Candies Tin - very soft and very whimsy..........but oh sooo pretty LOL.

And lucky last, using this cute pic of little man luke (ali's son), is done using the Sunwalls range from Chatterbox, with the transperancy letters(which i matted onto c/stock) and Journalling kit. Again very bright and cheery and really easy to use.

Well thats about it, not much happenin from last couple of days, am hoping to do some more catchup work over the weekend, both scrapping and house.....things are starting to look a little run down round here - too many quick tidy ups and no really good, old fashioned clean ups. And with this warmer sunnier weather it kinda puts you in a really motivating mood......feel like you can tackle all jobs at once...LOL, i'll just be happy to get the floors done and catchup on all the washing for today.
Off to tackle them now,
so take care,
and will chat soon......

Thursday, August 03, 2006

sharin some work

Well there's not a whole lot to update about from the last couple of days. Have done a layout for Scrapgenie, just have to take a pic and will share it next time, the range of papers are more me so am having heaps of fun with them.
Ali and I have been setting challenges for ourselves the last couple of nights. First night was a photo swap challenge, she scrapped maddy and i scrapped lukesta. Was heaps of fun and really liked what i came up with here:
Have used Urban Lilly papers and think the brown spotted one is a CBX paper, am really lovin the spots at them moment - they are everywhere!! Totally love the layout Ali did for Maddy, is just gorgeous!!

Last nights challenge, when i could finally think of one, not easy finding a topic/theme to scrap, was an OTP challenge. So i started on this shadow box thingy that i've had sitting round for a while now. Found it in the Reject shop and thought it would be pretty cool to alter, unfortunatly its just been sitting in the same spot for ages till last nights challenge. Have used the Chatterbox papers from my Embellished DT kit, i think they work nicely with the white background, well i hope so anyway. Was fun to do and i like how this has turned out as well, not as hard to do as i thought it would be. Is good to have something to keep for myself, most things like this that i alter are usually gifts, but am slowly building up a few nice things for myself.
So my news from the other day is that I'm going to be the 'Artist in the spotlight' for Scrapbook Creations in issue soo excited. LOL, i did say its probably not a big thing to some but i am excited by it and can't wait!!
Well that all for now
will chat again soon.......

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


OMGOSH was yesterday a great day for me...........and i sooo needed it lol. I had another layout accepted into SC - the sookie lala one about rylan, also had a layout accepted that wasn't mine LOL, but it was about my little man so thats ok - ali has the original so they forwarded the email onto her. I absolutely loved the layout when she first did it and i subbed it for some call up back then, hoping to surprise her when it got accepted, well never heard anything back and forgot about it till yesterdays email.

I then had another email from SC about another totally exciting offer...............but i won't share just yet till its confirmed LOL - but i thought it was really exciting and have been smiling since i read the email.
I also found time to scrap a layout yesterday - just a really quick one for Nicole's 'Black Pearl' challenge at Embellished. You had to google a name generator that would give you your Pirate name and then scrap your interpretation of it. Well my pirate name is "Pirate Prunella the Fashionalbly Late" -LOL ....almost suits to a tee. So this is the layout i scrapped for the challenge, i think it is fantastic and it was HEAPS of fun to do - little tongue in cheek humour never goes astray lol, and as i said when i uploaded it.....if i could of found a frumpier pirate wench then i would of used her, but i don't know......those legs kinda do look good on me LOL!!
The first layout (FINE!!) is the matching one to go with the other maddy layout i uploaded the other day, the first was the happy layout, nice cheery colours to emphasise it, this one is the grumpy layout with the black background so is not so cheery. Between the two, they show her extremitites really well and i'm happy with how they both turned out.
And the last good thing yesterday - before i had to leave for work, was that i had a box of goodies show up from Scrapgenie for some more DT layouts - AND MY GOODNESS WHAT A BOX LOL. I'd take some pix to show but won't for two reasons - 1 if i laid it all out for pix it would probably get trashed by little man and 2 I'm too lazy lol - it would take a few pix to get it all and i just can't be bothered doing it. Will start sharing my layouts for Scrapgenie here though from now on.therewere a couple of really awesome things Cathy included that i can't wait to use. The first was one of the new Prima kits, with gorgeous flowers, rikrak and jewels in a see through container - is BEAUTIFUL!! There was also some really funky AMM chipboard monograms and a new ribbon stack from Prima, plus a couple more packs of the spotted flowers from Doodlebug. Theres too much to mention but suffice to say there's enough there to keep me out of trouble for a while lol. So hopefully i get to be a busy beaver for a while.
So in the world of scrapping all is going really well and its all very exciting.
Home life on the other hand is not that crash hot - am really finding my self to be pretty grumpy last couple of days, i'm not too sure what its all about. The littlest thing seems to pee me off and it really is just piddly little stuff. Am wondering if it has something to do with starting the final stage of the quit patches - they are the tiniest little thing ever and you kinda doubt they are doing anything at all, on the other hand you don't really want them to be doing much coz the course is almost over, so who know - is prob me just being tempermental - it happens.
Two other 'family' things happened today. First is i had to take Nick to the dentist as he had a sore tooth, well news not good. He apparantly has a couple of other teeth that need fillings and the one they worked on today is pretty deep so they've put a temporary filling in for the time being - something to do with trying to build up tissue or somesuch. Here i was thinking i was doing the right thing by letting them brush their own teeth at night - the whole responsibility thing - and all along i was ruining their teeth. Have made another appointment for Maddison to have a checkup next week with Nick as well - Fingers crossed her teeth are ok.
The other thing for today is that my tax finally came back YAYYYYY!! Mind you though, they sent me a check instead of transferring electronically - i must of buggered up my account n's or something. Anyhoo so i have a pretty cool check sitting there but alas, i cannot spend it....I'm using it to clear up all our little crappy loans, like GE cards, credit cards and such. There's nothing i really need to buy so feel i should do the right thing with it instead of wasting. And by clearing all these little things up it clears the way to put extra money aside for our holiday to QLD next month.
Well thats about it then, if you read through all that, Thank you., once i start is hard to turn me off lol.
take care and chat soon......