Monday, May 28, 2007

Up and at em'.

Well I am back. Where have I gone I hear you ask .......... well I would love to say that I was off exploring somewhere, or on a mini vacation but alas I was doing none of this. I have been camping out on my lounge room couch sick with Toncilitis - terrible, terrible thing to have. It completly knocked me out for over five days, and my throat was just terrible. Couldn't eat or drink for a while there and ended up going up to the hospital to get put on a drip for fluids and some pain medication. But all is well now - have healed up and am feeling great. Did lose a few kilos, though have been told it will be back again once fluids are up fully - Bugger!! LOL.
Other than that, not a whole lot happening since I last updated. Have finished all my projects and such for the mags - YAYYY, got a little overwhelming there for a little while, but they are done and have been posted. Have been having a play with the June kit for Embellished - AWESOME, AWESOME KIT!! Keep an eye out for it, will be realeased at the start of the month and you do not want to miss this one.

So now its back to 'scrapping for me' for a little while - have missed it actually, being able to just throw things together on a page and if it doesn't work then so be it, it's not the end of the world. Classes have started back up in the new Embellished shoppe here in Rocky, am teaching two classes a week and am TOTALLY loving it can I add. We are getting a heap of new ladies coming in interested to do the classes on offer by Ali, Ang and myself. Really is heaps fun and the new class area is great to teach in ......... the whole shoppe is just FABBO and is doing absolutely fantastic.

I am happy to update on my little man Rylan .......... he is back to being his totally ADORABLE little self. He goes down no probs for his nightly sleep now and is back to sleeping through - thank goodness, don't know how much more lack of sleep I could of taken. His molars are still bothering him a little but nowhere near as much as they were before.

After being cooped up in the house a bit lately we decided to head up to the Botanical gardens for a little while Sunday arvo - Ali and Luke came along for a play as well. Here are some pix from our afternoon, the kiddo's always love heading up there to play in the playground. This time there was some Rainbow Lorikeets there and they let the boys get right up close to them before they would hop just out of reach. The boys (Rylan and Luke) spent a bit of time with them, following them round and trying to get right up to them.
Finally have a layout to share, it's not much unfortunatly, very simple but I love it just the same. REALLY love the photo of Steven and I. Is my sample for the latest Elsie challenge I have posted up in the Embellished forum.
Well thats all for now. Better run and fix afternoon tea for the kiddo's. Is it just my kiddo's that are always so starving in the afternoon, or is this normal?? I swear I pack them each enough lunch to feed three kids and yet they are always sooooooo hungry after school finishes. Whooops, can hear them getting into the kitchen, better run.
take care and will chat again soon,
Julie xx

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

some scraproom pix

Well what a flat out week it has been here. I have spent a few days helping out with some work to get the new shop ready for opening day .......and it is looking absolutely awesome!!! Opening day is tomorrow with a opening special weekend this sat and sun, so if your in the Rocky area over the weekend pop in and check out the new store .....very, very classy.

Scrapping wise I've still been working on all the projects/features I've got due by the end of this month, am mostly done just one more feature for three layouts to go so am not too stressed over that now. I'd love to share them so i could get some feedback but can't unfortunately so will just have to share some pix of my newly rearranged scraproom. I have a huge area to work with so most things have a home, just a few little fiddly things to find places for and then all will be right. Have started painting the cupboards and such in a nice fresh white so that definetly helps brighten up the room. You'll have to excuse the not-so-funky floor covering, there are plans to sand back and stain the floors to match the rest of the house but am still waiting for said plans to get into action - at least the not-so-funky floor matches the not-so-funky curtains lol. But I am really lovin the organisation at the moment, really helps with getting in and getting what i need done, trick will be to keep it looking so neat and tidy.

Not a whole lot else been happening here really. Rylan is still being very trying especially at night time when he goes down to sleep. He has always been really good to go to sleep, just a matter of putting him down in his cot and he'd be asleep with 10-15 minutes. But now you put him down and he'll quite easily scream for as long as you leave him there, this is really not the child I am used to. I sprung steven the other night, he's apparently been getting rylan back out of bed when he's screaming.Nearly sat on rylan when i was getting into bed the other night, had been out and had gotten home pretty late that night, went to get into bed and nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt Ry there, then little turdskie had the cheek to say - Hi mumma, I didn't quite have the humour he was expecting i think. Then again last night. Ry was mucking up again and steven and I were taking it in turns to go in and settle him again. Finally there was quiet so here i was thinking awesome,Ry's finally gone to sleep. Walk into my scraproom and here's Steven on the comp with Ry on his lap ........... not happy Jan. So now not only do i have to get Ry back into routine of going to sleep on his own, but also 'retrain' Steven to not take the easy option LOL. Ahhhh life with a toddler, awesome isn't it??

But you know what, if this is the worst we have in our life at the moment then I should be both happy and grateful. We have each other and we have our health and everything else is going great for us, so i guess in the grand scheme of life a little sleep deprivation really ain't so bad now is it?

Okie, well i better run - is bathtime here, which is not long followed by bedtime - any one got some spare earplugs by chance LOL.

take care and will chat again soon.

Julie xx

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ANYONE WANT .....................

............a Two year old Demon child. LOL, okie I joke, I joke. I wouldn't actually give him away, tempting though it may be, but demon child he is none the less. My little man Rylan has undergone a complete and utter turnabout in his personality. This last week and a half has just been so full on with him. Gone is the quiet, content and happy kiddo - instead he is now a sooky, clingy and non sleeping child. In his defence he has been a little sick with a flu or some such, but even when not well before he has never acted like this. Last week he was waking an easy five or six times through the night, something he has never done - not even as a newborn. The last couple of nights have been better and he is pretty much sleeping through again but the days are not much better unfortunately. He is just so short tempered at the moment, the slightest little thing wrong will set him off and he'll just cry, cry, cry. Occasionally he'll throw himself on the ground and cry whilst kicking his chubby little legs, if it wasn't so tiring at the moment it would really be quite funny in a way. So I'm sticking this pic of Rylan up to remind me that he's still my beautiful little bubba and that this is only a stage ...............only a stage!!!!
Other than my possessed little man, there's not a lot else been happening round here. Have done a move around in the scrap room, maybe a new look will produce some new ideas - hopefully. Will try and take some pix once it's all set up nice (and neat) and share them in my next post. Well thats about it for now, here are some layouts that i can share:
till next time
take care and chat soon
Julie xx

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Anyone giving out some spare time by chance???

Well it seems that I have gone AWOL again over the last couple of weeks. I always have good intentions of keeping up to date with things but sometimes it seems that no matter how hard I try I just tend to fall behind with it all. But I am here to update now ......... finally LOL.
Wow, now to remember all that has happened over the last couple of weeks.
First up the biggest thing - Embellished's first ever retreat has come and gone this past weekend ...........and what a truly awesome weekend it was. The company was the best you will ever find hands down!! It was great to be able to get away from home for the weekend - not that i didn't miss my kiddo's, but it was great to get a little break from it all. It was just a blast and so FULL ON!!! Seriously, I don't think I have ever felt as tired as I did Sunday evening, could easily have flaked for a week i reckon. BUT MOST FUN I HAVE HAD IN A LONG TIME FOR SURE. So thank you to all the ladies that attended and a HUGE thank you to both Ali and Ang for all the hard work that you guys put into it. Unfortunatly i don't have any pix (gasp!!) but you can see the ones Ali has uploaded to her blog here!! I don't think i have laughed so much in a long time.
Second big bit of news from the last week is - that Embellished will be opening up a shopfront right here in Rockhampton in the next couple of weeks, it has been so exciting to watch this develop over the last couple of months. I wish both Ali and Ang all the good fortune they can handle ........... I know that this store will do awesome, I have seen a little of their plans and a little of their stock range and all i can say is : ROCKY BE PREPARED!! This will definetly be one shop with the lot.
This will also give me the opportunity to continue teaching at the new shop, with plans to teach two classes a week - am totally looking forward to it. So I have been busy busy getting to work on about six weeks worth of classes so that all will be ready on opening day to book straight into the classes that will be run - both Ali and Ang will also be teaching ............Inspiration will abound from this store!!!! So if your planning on visiting Rockhampton you must stop in and see the new store - will be opening 16th May. More details will come after or closer to opening day.
So have been busy with the class layouts, am also working on a few projects for a couple of the mags. So scraping has kept me busy lately. But my general home life has also been busy around here. Maddison's school work has stepped up a couple of notches and so am trying to help keep her on track with out overly frustrating her ...........trying LOL. Rylan seems to be going through a growth spurt i think, always hungry and crying at night because his legs are bothering him, am thinking he might be getting some growing pains in his legs - actually that reminds me that i need to pop out and get him some panadol for tonight. He has been so restless through the nights these last few days - we are both in need of a decent sleep i think.
Well thats about all i can remember at the moment, still working on catching up on sleep from the weekend. Can't leave you with any recent layouts unfortunatly but here are some I did a couple of weeks back. First is just a double to take care of all our Easter pix and the next two are both layouts for the BTB journey at Embellished. If ever you are in the need for inspiration then just check out the Beyond the Blue gallery at Embellished - some serious, serious talent and inspiration happening in there.
Till next time (not too long hopefully), take care
Julie xx