Thursday, March 29, 2007

Still here.........

Yeah its been a while since i've checked in, but I'm still floating around doing the same old, same old. Up early in the mornings to get the older kiddo's off to school, Ry and i spending the day together and me trying to scrap in the evenings - like i said, same old,same old.
I would like to thank you ladies for the kind words you left for my last post, it was uplifting to read them and i thank you for that. The problem has been resolved and unfortunatly the decision has not gone my way. Steven led a very convincing arguement, and whilst i knew from the beginning in my mind that he was right about this, it just took a little longer to convince my heart it was right. I'd be lying if i said there wasn't pain and sadness but I have had two weeks to sort through it and i have now come to the place where it is ok - still a little sadness to it but I know its the best path for us. So i can now say with only the tiniest tinge of sadness that there will be no more babies for the Heard family ....we have been blessed three times and i have much to be happy for, it is now time for us to look to our future and make it into what we want. We have many plans of where we want our path to go and the time has come to work towards that.
Kinda feels good to get it out in the open, makes it that little more final and I kinda feel that its over, dealt with and all wrapped up neatly if that makes sense ....feels like i can now focus on being me again instead of being all mopey and down as i have been the last couple of weeks. Also gives me the opportunity of thinking where i want my own personal path to lead to. I plan on looking for part time employment for now but once little man is in school i want to take a more focused direction .......I want to work in a specific area, one that i wake up each morning glad to be going to if that makes sense. I have some time up my sleeve so if need be then i can do any necessary study for it now whilst Ry is still little and at home. Its all kinda exciting really .....they say the possibilities are endless ..........I believe they are right.
So that is where i am at right now. I've come out of my sadness and am feeling bright. This is starting to flow over into other areas of my life as well now.The last few days have been just fantastic for us.
Love being mummy to older kiddo's, they are at awesome ages and so fun to be around and the games are just the funniest - how do kiddo's think these things up LOL.
Steven and I are back to being comfortable around each other again, no avoiding each other so we could avoid the issue .....has been great.
Am excited to be scrapping again - last week I thought it was all rather boring and was wondering if i really had much longer in it, now all excited with it, new ideas running through my head and eager to clean out my area and get back into it. I have scrapped a little over the last couple of weeks, but i really think they are flat if that makes sense, looking at them now though and i think i don't mind them at all.
So theres my last couple of weeks, feels great to have caught up again, its all out there and dealt with and life is feeling really fresh at the moment.
Thanks for dropping by and will not leave it so long again for another chat - oh by the way, if you'd like to leave a little note on what you do for work, i would LOVE to read about it - tell me what is great about it.
take care
Julie xx

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What a week

Well what a week and a bit i have had here. Some of it has been awesome with some exciting news and other days i have been so down i just can't seem to shake it.
Would you believe it all started with a layout i made up one night. At first it made me sad, then it made me really angry ..........i can't really explain it too well, its just how i feel about this issue. Why do some decisions have to be so black and white. Here i am on my side of the fence determined not to budge and there is steven over on the other side, equally determined not to budge - and worst of all, there can be no comprimise this time..... it either is or it isn't.
I have told him how i feel, exactly how i feel ....laid it all out for him and he has done likewise and told me his point of view. The sad part is we can each see where the other is coming from but we can't seem to find the way to fix it. It has seriously gotten me so down this week that i can't sleep at night and my moods are just so whacked through the day..........How do you find the way to meet in the middle when there is no middle to be found??? It is starting to put a strain on us, just when we were doing so well. The move has been an awesome thing for us relationship wise, we no longer have the arguements that we used to, we no longer feel like just two people living in the same home - we feel more 'together' than we ever had for years. It scares me that we maybe heading back to the point we were once at. Yet i still can't seem to let it go or give in. This is something that is sitting very solid in me, and even though i know it is starting to cause probs i still cannot let it go. I don't believe one party has the right to call final judgement on something that is permanent - and that goes for either of us.......hence our problem. Maybe time will be the trick to it, maybe after a little more time for one of us to get over the emotion behind it then maybe a decision can be made. Here's hoping anyway.
So that has been the biggest thing for me this week, its kinda good to get a bit of it out.
As for scrapping, well i have done a little so will share some layouts - but some of them are older ones that i never got round to uploading.

This is my layout in the current SC for their 20:40:60 challenge - colours were a little bit bright in the mag - a lot more subdued and distressed in real life. Was a great kit they sent out and i had heaps of fun playing with it.

These two layouts are from a crop i attended over the weekend. The first one was for an impromptu one hour challenge we held and the other was for a 30 min photo swap. The pic of my three kiddo's was scrapped by the talented Ali Russell - LOVE IT!!
And these two are just ones that i've done a little while ago but never got round to uploading. Just some quick and simple ones for no particular reason.
Well thats it for today - sorry for the downer post, but i think i really needed to get a little of it out and its helped a bit i think.
thanks for stopping by, take care
Julie xx
editing to add - well maybe there is hope for middle ground after all. I have had a chat with an awesome friend and being that she is not emotionally involved with the matter she was able to chuck some extra thought my way and i think she may have given me another tactic to approach with. Thanks heaps Ali chick, really appreciate (and needed) this arvo's chat ...... you really are the voice of reason at times ;) Feeling heaps better now and hoping for a more positive outcome when i chat about it to steven later.......wish me luck!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007


Okie well I can finally share all the work from the last couple of weeks that i was unable to before. The start of the new month is always a busy time scrapping wise. So many new things being released. Will start with the new march kit for Embellished 'Palette of Autumn'
Loved the richness of colours in this kit....beautiful,beautiful papers from We R Memory Keepers. Here are my sample layouts for it - if you'd like to pick up a kit then check it out in the Embellished Shoppe. The shoppe has been revamped and is looking awesome, plus there a heap of specials so check it out.

The new product feature is now up in the forum. The DT was issued the challenge of having a play with Heidi Swapp's plastic letter range, here are my samples for it.

here are some Scrapgenie DT layouts, using the Bobunny Shabby princess range of pp's:

Here is my latest Elsie challenge sample layout - to use decorative edged scissors

These are just some 'for me' layouts, having a play with some different things.

And finally some playing cards. Melissa is running the Emily card challenge in the Embellished forum. Here are my cards so far:

Well that brings me all up to date with my scrapping and such. Other than that life here has been pretty good. My most exciting news though has got to be the special words my little man has just learnt to say. Was putting him to bed last night and told him 'love you' like i always do....well he pulled out his dummy and said 'wuv you' back to made me sooooooo happy to hear him say these words. He is just picking up new words like a sponge, he can now also say his own name - he is too cute!!!!

Okie well that is about everything i think, sorry for the mammoth post but i like to keep them all here on my blog. Thanks for dropping by and will catch up again soon.

take care,

Julie xx