Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Getting out and about.......

Just a quick update for today, somehow I've gotten lucky and am sitting here on my own. Mum and Louise have gone for a walk to the shopping centre, Steven's sister Julie and her partner have also gone for a walk somewhere, Anne-marie and bubs are down for a sleep and Rylan is also down for his nap. So is really quiet here at the moment, after a week of noise and everything being hectic it seems a little odd to be honest LOL.
It has been awesome catching up with everyone from back home, and it has been absolutely fantastic watching the kiddo's meet their little cousing Brylie and spending time with the family. I have gotten to cuddle my little niece (TONNES!!) and will be taking her out shopping in the next day or so for a spoiling session - she is just sooooo little, you really do forget how little they are and just how quickly they grow before your eyes. By the time i see her again at christmas she will be nine months old - she will not be this tiny again, so am making the most of it whilst i can. Spending time with Brylie has definetly been a highlight of Mum and Co coming up to visit, but it is also making me so very clucky and wishful. I know decisions have been made and I am happy with that, but when i hold her I can't help but long that I was holding my own little bub. The little baby smells she has, the little sounds she makes, the GORGEOUS little smiles and laughs she gives me just make my heart both swell and ache at the same time. I gave her a bottle this morning and she chucked a little on my shoulder when i burped her - i did clean it up but sitting here i can still smell the little milk smell on my jacket, even that makes me stop for a sec to just ......not sure of the word.....saviour maybe ??....... sounds wierd doesn't it - sitting here enjoying the smell of chuck LOL, oh well, guess I'm just a wierd person.
Man, you should see little Rylan with her - he is just absolutley adorable. He is quite taken with her and gets little things to put beside her : her dummy, a toy, a blanket - whatever he thinks that she might need lol. Or he'll just lay beside her on the bed, on his side watching her ..... it really is a beautiful sight. He is just so gentle with her, never tries to pick her up, is just happy to be beside her. Maddy is like mother hen, she's the one always wanting to pick her up and hold her - and Nick ..... well I don't think he's too fussed about her LOL. He did say she was pretty, but thats been about it, goes about his business like normal.
No layouts to share this time, have done a few but they are for next months kit at Embellished so can't share till it's released. But will say that Ali's paper choice this month is just BEAUUUUUTIFUL!!! So keep an eye out for it at the start of July.
Will share some of my favourite pix taken over the last week.
ABSOLUTELY LOVE this pic of Rylan and Brylie -- arn't they both just gorgeous!!

Here she is giving me cheek already :)

Taken on a trip to the Botanical gardens - don't you just love the little bald patch she has happening LOL.

And this is how Rylan has spent part of his week LOL. Most of the time when Mum or Anne-marie talk to him, he gets all shy and will drop to the ground and hide his face. This kiddo is as stubborn as they come, he could stay like this for ages.

Okie, gonna run and enjoy the rest of my quiet time. Thanks for dropping by and I'll catch up again soon hopefully.

take care

Julie H xx

Monday, June 11, 2007

Birthday wishes and chaos descends ;)

First up I have to say:
Yep today is his 32nd birthday.......... and the poor bugger had to work it. But the kiddo's and I are planning on a super yummo dinner for him. We picked him up some funky black and white canvie shoes for his present - love them!! and I know he will too. He's been getting text messages all day on his phone from friends back home, so I know that will cheer him up heaps when he gets home this arvo. Back home we would of had a big barbie with friends, so it is a little sad that it will be such a low key event - but will try and make it special for him none the less, the kiddo's are working hard on some cards for him, and we're about to head out and try and track somewhere down to get a cake from. Totally forgot that nothing would be open today being a public holiday so wish us luck in our hunt for cake LOL.
Well it seems that the Heard household is in for a very busy, very hectic time. We have family decsending for a visit - how long this visit will be who knows. Tomorrow night my mother, two sisters and little Brylie will arrive for an extended stay - there is no departure date at this stage. But I am looking forward to seeing them after nearly six months of being away, and YAY will finally get to meet my little niece - be prepared for a barrage of pix of the cutie LOL. On the 16th Steven's sister and her partner will also be visiting for a few days - so yes, we're gonna have a full house for a while. But I don't think i would have it any other way. I'm from a huge family so have grown up with a very full home and the chaos that comes with it at times.
Okie well better get going if I have any hope of finding somewhere that has a cake - a yummo Mud cake would be just perfect wouldn't it.
Will leave you with these layouts - all of them have been done using paints and inks to make the backgrounds for them - TOTAL FUN and oh so messy!!! have done a few more layouts but have been a bit slack and not taken any pix of them yet - so will have to share them next time.
thanks for dropping by and will chat again soon,
take care
Julie xx

Sunday, June 03, 2007

June already??

Well it's the start of June already ........ how did the time fly past so, so quickly. We are almost half way through the year, which means that we have now been up here in Rockhampton for five months!! Man, it really is going by so quickly isn't it?? And we are all still totally loving it up here. Back home we'd be rugged up in coats with heater going already, but up here, we're lucky to have had to wear long sleeves maybe once. This is definetly our life style up here. We will be having an influx of rellies over the next month. In two weeks Steven's sister and her partner will be coming up for a visit and then about two weeks after that My Mother, sisters plus others will be visiting for about two weeks. Am dying to meet my little niece Brylie!!!

Well being start of the month, that means that a new Embellished kit has been released, and I stand by my convictions that this is BEST KIT to date!!! Totally YUMMY range of papers and all the little bits and pieces in it are awesome. Here are three of the five layouts I've done so far with it - the other two layouts are on display in store and I forgot to get pix before I took them in unfortunantly. Have had a total blast playing with this kit. Here's a link to get your own piece of OHH LA LA!! Be quick ......... the kits have been selling fantastically!!!!

Come 8pm each night, the kiddo's toddle off to bed and then the rest of the night is mine. It is my own little quiet time to get into my scraproom and create till my hearts content. I do occasionally get a little scrapping done through the day while Rylans down for his nap, but it's not a whole lot really so I look forward to my nightly scrapping. I usually try and aim to switch off and head to bed at about 11.30pm, so that is three and a half hours of uninterupted scrapping time ............. and I'm loving it!!! And since the 'Big Tidy Up', everything has it's own place and it really has helped with keeping the mojo flowing, just have to make a big effort to tidy up after each scrap session LOL.This is what my desk looked like after today's session .......OOPSIES!! Can I convince anyone by chance to maybe tidy for me LOL, it really is the sucky part of scrapping isn't it?

So the next few layouts are just for me/havin a play layouts. The photos on these layouts are some of my absolute favourites lately and that certainly helps make scrapping them heaps easier.

Well that's all for now ladies, it's late and I need to get myself off to sleep but thanks for dropping by and having a looksie and will catch up for a share again soon.

till then, take care

Julie xx