Monday, September 24, 2007

Feeling better.

Well it's been a little while between drinks hasn't it?? Would love to say that I've been flat out with something really cool and exciting or even that I've just been to busy with life to take a chance to update, but I haven't unfortunatly. I have spent the last week really crook with Toncilitis yet again. Besides the one night I spent up at the hospital for some antibiotics to be given through an I.V most of my time has been spent huddled up on the couch sleeping.
But am getting over it now, starting to feel better - still a little dizzyness at times but I think that's just because I've been laying down so much - and have been up and about quite a bit today. Well I had to really, today is the first day of school holidays up here, so had to try and keep the kiddo's busy somehow. I did end up cheating this arvo though and took them down to the local video shop to hire some movies, figured if I could get one more quiet day in then I should be feeling fit as a fiddle. The kiddo's have made up a list of fun things that they'd
like to do over the holidays so I'm aiming to get most if not all of the items done. It's such a cool little list - doens't have heaps of big ticket stuff on it - more places they'd like to go and play at for a while or go and see - lol, one of them was to go have a milkshake and a donut for lunch one day .... sounds ok to me as a one off.
So that's about it for now - nothing to share, this is the first time I've been online in over a week - kinda cool actually - and I doubt I'll be on a heap over the school hols either. There is one cool thing I can share today actually - look at the pressie I got in the mail today:
It's from Cathy at Scrapgenie and they are just gorgeous - An AMM handbag and a matching AMM
purse - how cool are these!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH CATH
Y!!! THEY ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL!! I couldn't believe it when I opened up the parcel and saw these - thank you, thank you, thank you.

Okie, well that's all for today then, time for me to serve up dinner, another thing I haven't done in ages lol, take care and will chat soon
Julie xx

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SC layouts............

Two posts within days - lol, I must be feeling motivated. But the reason I wanted to blog today was because I finally got my hands on the latest copy of Scrapbook Creations, have been hanging out for aaaaaages for this issue. I had quite a bit of work in it - five layouts for a paint feature, three for a Spring journalling feature and two just in the quick grabs galleries. So I was all excited to get it home and have a read through. Open it up, flicking through, flicking through and then saw my first feature ...... was so disappointed. The printing colours were totally skewiff!! It's like they went overboard on the orange ink. So just wanted to share all the layouts in their original colours, believe me, the kiddo's did not need extra bronzer added to their skin lol. So here they are:
The paint feature -

The Spring journalling feature - The two layouts in the Quick Grabs section - This layout wasn't in the mag - it was done for the Colour challenge competition they had not long ago. Had to chuckle when I got it back, normally I like my layouts bottom heavy yet this one sits up near the top - must of been having my own skewiff day that day lol. But I like it still - love the colours and the pic is one of my fav's.Okie, well that's all for today - just wanted to share.

take care and will catch up again soon

Julie xx

Monday, September 10, 2007

Out and about.

What a great week it's been - busy and full on - but oh so fun!!
Will start with my birthday last Wednesday - was just a great day all round. So many birthday wishes from friends - both reallife and online. Steven took the kiddo's out shopping and they bought me a new Dean Kootnz novel, a mudcake and little Nicholas bought me a snickers bar, the kiddo knows me well. My Rocky friends - Ang,Ali and Jo - bought me bottle of perfume, Still by JLo - has such a gorgeous scent to it. The phone was ringing late into the night from friends back in Victoria - was such a great chance to catch up with everyone back home and find out how they've all been doing and all the going ons. Really am looking forward to catching up with them when we head back just after xmas - have been missing them all so much.
Steven has been home for the last four days whilst they make some changes at his workplace - lol, think he's going a little crazy from not having anything to do. Has been great having him home though. Normally he gets home late in the arvo from work and the house is chaotic with the afterschool madness that hits. So has been really good to just chill together, go out for coffee on our own and take the opportunity to just connect and chat.
He went out fishing with workmates on Sunday, so thought I'd get the kiddo's out of the house and go exploring the coastline a little. Was just a brilliant day, the kiddo's were so happy to be running along the water edge and exploring rock pools that we found. I enjoyed sitting back and watching them have fun. The only rule I had for the day, was that they were not to get wet, feet were ok, but not to get their clothes wet. Uh-huh - check out the second pic in the second row of the photo collage ......little man Rylan went charging through the waves and took a nose dive LOL. But it was a great day and he dried off in no time. So all up, we visited three seperate beaches between Yeppoon and Emu park. Figured the kiddo's would be buggered afterwards, but no it's just not that easy some days. Ry wanted to see the 'mamals' as he calls them. So we headed back to Rocky and went for a visit up to the Zoo and gardens. We got there at a good time as they were just about to do all the arvo feeding times. Kiddo's loved seeing the chimps being fed. After a romp in the park and afternoon tea at the garden's kiosk we headed home for some down time. Steven didn't catch any fish - sad for him, but I didn't mind, not sure I could handle cleaning fish.
Today has been a quiet catchup day. After a busy weekend the house needed a good clean up and organising. It's done and it feels good to sit back and know that we're ready for another week.
Have been doing some scrapping in the evenings the last few days. Had a bit of a spell from it at the start of last week, got back into reading at night. Love sitting in bed at night, snuggled under the doona and getting lost in a good book. Tackled quite a few books and now am finding myself wanting to switch and get back to scrappin in the evenings.
Well thats about all for now - Ry's waking from his nap and it's nearly time to go and get the kiddo's.
So will leave you with these layotus I've done recently.
Take care and will chat again soon.

Julie H xx

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Father's Day!!!

Not a whole lot to share this week, has been pretty quiet round here. Just the general house cleaning, kiddo watching and some scrapping going on.
Steven had a great Father's Day yesterday. He scored a sleep-in whilst the kiddo's and I cooked him up a huge hot breaky. Then they all went bounding in to wake him up, wish him happy Father's Day and give him his pressie plus some sloppy kisses and heaps of cuddles. He did score a few pressie's earlier on in the week as they each made him something at school/daycare. LOL - Ry made him some cute choccies, then proceeded to eat them himself once he gave them to him. After lunch we all headed up to the Botanical gardens for a wonder round the zoo and a run round in the park. Got some gorgeous pix of Steven and the kiddo's, and was just a fantastic afternoon. Didn't finish off Father's Day so brilliantly though. Put Ry down to bed at seven like always. Within the hour he was awake again and just full on screaming. Could do nothing to settle him down, went to give him a dose of Nurofen to help with the pain - he was tugging on his ears something cronic so figured that was where the pain was - but as usual, when you really need something it's not there .........had run out of Nurofen after the last two weeks of flu in the house. Tried putting him in bed with me to see if that would help settle him, but he'd dose off and then start screaming again, so at 9.30 Ry and I drove up to the hospital to get him checked out. They really are good up there with the little ones, they get them in as quick as they can. So they get him in to check all his stats and the poor kiddo starts screaming all over again - he just doesn't like other people to touch him I guess. They gave him a dose of Nurofen and a dose of Panadol together to help with pain and the temperature that came on whilst we waited for a doctor. Turns out he has ear infections in both ears the poor kiddo - probably due to some blockage from his flu a couple weeks back. Also got some antibiotics to help clear it up.
So have stocked up again on both Nurofen and Panadol so as not to be caught out again next time and Ry's doing a little better today. He did flake it on the couch this morning after dropping the other two kiddo's off at school and he's still asleep there at the moment - lol, I know better than to try and moving a sleeping child.
Thank goodness Spring is here, am totally over Winter and all the bugs it brings.
Not much other news I'm afraid, life's a little quiet at the moment - just the way I like it lol. It's my birthday Wednesday - actually I was reminded by Maddison about it yesterday, knew it was coming up but wasn't really paying attention to the dates to be honest. So her and her daddy must of been talking about it, wonder what they've got planned. What I'd love most is just a nice quiet family dinner at home, laidback and peaceful, prepared by someone else would be even better lol.
Onto some scrapping. Start of another month so that means new kit time at Embellished. This months kit is just gorgeous!!! Had a blast working with it. Here are some of the layouts I've made using it - have kept a couple aside for upcoming challenges and such.
This next layout was a sample for round 5 of Embellished Idol. Challenge was to create a layout using no traditional adhesives. Was such a fantastic challenge - really got the mind thinking. Used staples, brads, paperclips and masking tape to hold it all together.
This last layout is a just for me layout, using some of the new Basic Grey paper. Really happy with the way it turned out.

So that's all I've got to share this week. Might head into the lounge room and curl up beside chubb for a nap. Speaking of Chubb, he was weighed last night and he is 19kgs!!! So I feel justified in the nickname Chubb LOL.
Will chat again soon, till then,
take care
Julie H xx